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Live Local.

Okay, I know we are supposed to be talking about reVolution on this site but I want to talk about reSolution. Specifically, NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.

Much of the political focus of our movement can be summed up with terms such as "local control", "decentralization", "personal responsibility", "liberty", etc... There is an emphasis on controlling our own lives and reclaiming stolen powers from an overreaching centralized entity. But it is a mistake (and quite naive) to think we can separate ourselves politically from the machine if we do not also separate ourselves economically.

I am not suggesting we isolate ourselves or run off and live in communes. But I am suggesting we remove ourselves from the "food chain" of the mega businesses (i.e. wal-mart, monsanto, shell oil, etc, etc). As far as I see it, we cannot defeat the political machine if we don't defeat the corporate machine that fuels it.

So you ask, "how does this tie into a new year resolution?" For me that answer is pretty simple. I have resolved this year to do as much as I possibly can to live within a "local economy". I switched my heating source from foreign oil to local and sustainable wood pellets (we have the great north woods here in Maine). I am joining a CSA (community supported agriculture...google it) for much of my food needs and expanding my home vegetable garden. I will try to purchase goods that are locally made.

It won't be the easiest or most convenient. But I will be keeping my FRNs in the local economy, I will be eating and living a healthier lifestyle, I will reduce my carbon impact on the environment, and more...

Anything I can do to strengthen and support the local economy will strengthen and support the political clout of my local area. Anything I can do to weaken the global industrial cartels will weaken the globalist politicians they are in bed with.

Anyone with thoughts on my resolution? Anyone with plans or resolutions they want to share? Ideas and comments are encouraged.

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