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ObamaCare is Dead!

Found this newsletter in my Spam mail from rightmarch.com

Since I donated money to Ron Paul and other liberty candidates, I get a lot of junk mail from other "conservative" PACs and organizations.

But this one made an interesting point:

ALERT: I'm sure you know that the U.S. Senate passed its version of socialized health care -- better known as "ObamaCare" -- in last-minute votes, in the dead of night, right before the Christmas holiday.

BUT -- did you know that, thanks to a parliamentary maneuver by Senate Republicans just before the recess... ObamaCare could be dead on arrival in the U.S. House of Representatives?

IT'S TRUE -- but WE have to make sure that it DOES die!

After Sen. Harry Reid was able to bribe and cajole 60 Democrat and Independent Senators to vote for "cloture" and pass the Senate version of ObamaCare, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) engineered an "objection to the appointment of the conferees". What that means is this: The U.S. Constitution, in Article I, Section 7.2, specifies that every bill has to pass both houses of Congress before it can be signed into law. However, it has to be the exact same bill that passes. That usually means that, when a bill is amended in one house (like the Senate amended the House bill, in order to get the 60 votes needed to pass it), a "conference committee" is appointed with members of both houses to "iron out" the differences, and then each house votes on the final compromise bill with no amendments allowed.

That's what usually happens... BUT NOT THIS TIME!

THIS TIME, Republican Leader McConnell (at the behest of Sen. DeMint) actually objected to the appointment of the conferees -- something that's almost never done. That means that the Senate ObamaCare bill must be amended on the House floor to gain the votes they need to pass it on the House floor. And because of Sen. DeMint's objection to the appointment of the conferees, there will be no conference, or conference report. Democrats can resort to a fallback: they can propose a motion to appoint conferees, but that motion is subject to filibuster. It would likely require three separate cloture votes just to pass the motion to appoint conferees! So -- the Senate bill goes back to the House, which will have to debate it all over again... including amending it.

If the House amends the Senate bill, they then have to send the amended bill back to the Senate -- where all the 60 vote margin cloture votes still apply -- cloture on the motion to proceed, cloture to end the filibuster, and cloture on any amendment.

And you can bet that the House WILL amend the Senate bill. There are PLENTY of disagreements among Democrats in the House over Harry Reid's compromise bill, in areas like abortion, the public option, illegal immigrant coverage, taxation of union health care plans, and the degree of subsidy available for purchase of health care. Any ONE of these can SINK Obamacare!

On abortion, the Senate bill contains massive abortion funding by virtue of the Nelson-Reid abortion language in the bill that allows states to force taxpayers to fund abortions with government funds. It also contains the Mikulski amendment, which would allow the Obama administration to define abortion as "preventative care" and force insurance companies to use taxpayers' premiums to pay for them. The House initially approved its bill on a three-vote margin only because it contained the Stupak amendment to ban abortion funding. Now, with the Senate's Nelson-Reid language and Mikulski amendment in place, a group of 10-12 pro-life Democrats led by Rep. Bart Stupak of Michigan may very well REVOLT on supporting the bill, unless the Stupak amendment is added to the Senate version of the legislation. And if the Stupak amendment is added, that would probably prompt some pro-abortion Democrats to vote against the bill. RESULT: OBAMACARE DIES.

On the issue of having a "public option" completely run by the government, there are a BUNCH of hard-core leftist Democrats in the House who have pledged to vote AGAINST any healthcare bill that doesn't include that public option -- which the Senate bill doesn't. The leftists themselves count SIXTEEN Members -- and the House bill only won by a margin of TWO VOTES last time. In order to pass the bill, it will have to be amended to include a public option -- but several Democrat Senators said they will vote AGAINST any bill that includes a public option -- and the Senate bill only won by ONE VOTE last time. RESULT: OBAMACARE DIES.

Leftist Democrats are also starting to balk at the idea that, in the Senate bill, millions of Americans will be forced into private insurance company plans, which will be subsidized by taxpayers. They see that alternative will do almost nothing to "reform health care" but will be a windfall for insurance companies -- and they HATE that.

Another real sticking point in this bill that can help us to KILL IT is a big one: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, and whether illegals should be covered. The final Senate bill prohibits any unauthorized immigrants from purchasing private health-care plans on the insurance exchange, whereas the House bill would allow them to buy private insurance but prohibits them from receiving any government subsidies to do so. When the White House tried to pressure the House to change its immigration provisions to resemble the Senate bill, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus revolted and threatened to vote against the legislation. While they managed to secure a victory at the time, the Senate put the prohibition back in -- which can KILL it in the House. If the House amends it and puts it back in, it will KILL it in the Senate. RESULT: OBAMACARE DIES.

GET IT? We can WIN this fight! With Senate Republicans now forcing Democrats to "ping-pong" the Obamacare bill back and forth between the two Houses, we can capitalize on the divisions within the Democrat Party itself! If we can STOP Reid and Pelosi from getting enough votes in either House -- that means THE BILL WOULD DIE!

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This is a call to arms !!!

Defeatism is NOT an option.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Just in case these numbers aren't on your speed dial

Contact the Speaker’s office at (202) 225-0100, the Senate Majority Leader’s office at (202) 224-3542, and the White House at (202) 456-1414.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Are you serious???

I guess you missed all the news about the congress is going around the conference committee thing and doing informal negotiations to get it passed quickly.

This is front page news

Everyone get on the phones and make sure this healthcare obamanation dies.

Obamacare is not just

Obamacare is not just socialized medicine, it is communized medicine. It would give politicians the power of life or death over millions of Americans.

Just as I have often said, firearms are much too dangerous to entrust to the "control" of politicians, so is health care. This criminal class who have the best health care money can but (at our expense) have a different plan for us. They will decide what, if any, health care we are entitled to, even though WE will continue to pay for it.

How can any thinking person support an idea like this? We pay and they decide. What do we gain from that? Are you so stupid as to believe that you are getting something for nothing?

Lets derail it!

I hope this is accurate and that we the people can stop this nonsense! It is really odd. Government action has created most of our problems in health care and now the propose to fix it with more government action!

I have called, e-mailed but maybe I may need

to find my hubby's fax machine and warm it up. (we have moved twice since I last saw it)

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

SteveMT's picture

Bump for truth efforts.

Thanks for getting this out.
This explains why all of the NON-transparency is going on with this piece of trash legislation....The differences are unresolvable. May all of this go up in a ball of flames, and the truth wake up people.

I love the sound of this

And if you haven't contacted your reps today what is your deal?? Now is not the time to be dropping the ball and hoping someone else has called !!!

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain

Message from CFL-Express your Outrage !!

January 7, 2010

Dear C4L Member,

Don’t let the establishment convince you otherwise: the fight to prevent big government from confiscating even more of our health care freedom is not over. In fact, the next three weeks will be the most critical time for you to make your voice heard.

Simply put, congressmen and senators are in a panic as polling shows Americans are turning strongly against Obama’s massive takeover of health care. Whether you’ve contacted your senators repeatedly or not, now is the time to act.

I’ve included contact information for your representative and senators near the end of this email because, if we are to bring real reform to the American health care system, we have to immediately turn up the pressure on Congress.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid know that the majority of Americans stand with us in opposing their power grab. That’s why they’re trying to skip the committee process and are instead working behind closed doors to take away more of your freedoms.

And their backroom dealing is making Americans even more outraged – especially since Candidate Obama promised an open process.

And this candidate of “hope and change” is deservedly taking hits for breaking his repeated promises to publicly air health care negotiations and avoid the kind of backroom negotiating that is going on right now.

To hear these promises straight from then-candidate Obama, click on the image below:


Obama, Pelosi, and Reid aren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. They’re just once again demonstrating how much they love politics as usual.

Prove to them you will no longer stand for it.

Contact the Speaker’s office at (202) 225-0100, the Senate Majority Leader’s office at (202) 224-3542, and the White House at (202) 456-1414.

And call your representative and senators .
Tell your representative and senators you not only want transparency in all the health care negotiations, you want them to oppose stripping away even more of our liberties by rejecting the Pelosi and Reid health care bills.

We can revolutionize health care in this country by increasing choices, bringing down prices, and expanding freedom, but we must first stop this latest bureaucratic nightmare.

Please contact the White House and Congress immediately and repeatedly!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. The fight is not over, but time is quickly growing short. Contact your elected officials and let them know you not only want transparency, you want them to oppose the Pelosi and Reid bills and reject this latest attempt at intruding into more of our health care decisions.

"Its easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled."
Mark Twain