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Breaking: Tres Sec. Geithner caught in scandal

I cant believe that we are not talking more about this.

Just out Today. Ka-boom!..Obamas golden boy, Geithner on the way out.

Basically, emails were found where now Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner told AIG (the holder of a ton of toxic credit default swap assets that burst the housing bubble) to hide how it was unloading (selling off) those toxic assets. So, in effect, AIG sold off these assets at full price, received a bailout and all was guided by Geithner, then head of the New York Fed.

The left is covering this as a need for more regulation but its plain to see that government working hand in hand with corporations is a horrible thing:



Our boy back in March looking into his crystal ball:

DIGG IT! http://tinyurl.com/yzs9wpl

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Hard at work!

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Big shock. The banksters are corrupt.

Scandals only work when someone with power gives a rat's you-know-what. People are pretty much used to corrupt public officials. It's fun to complain about this kind of thing while feeding the system more and more and more though, right folks?

We can solve that

by adding more regulations. Don't you already know that, Mike?

I find it incredible how "must have regulations" is engraved in brains of nearly everyone who, as you said, are used to corrupt public officials. Yet no one in that crowd can actually describe what the regulations are, who would implement them, how would they benefit us in long term, and who would ultimately go to prison if they don't work.

And most importantly, they never ask how come that the previous set of regulations, created for the very same reason as the regulations that are ahead of us, did not work in the first place.

You know who could regulate them? Sarah Palin

She'll save us next. haha
And how many people's 401k plans feed the beast weekly? It would be funny if I didn't live here. It's still pretty funny though ;)

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Time for a law: requires a public hanging

of elected officials and administrative office holders when they fail to keep the oath of office or defraud the voters and taxpayers.


This is big


For Freedom!
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It was on MSNBC, that is a

It was on MSNBC, that is a good thing.
I don't watch TV anymore, but it certainly is good when a guy from the HuffPo ends with "both parties are working for the bankers".

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I don't watch it anymore either, and I agree with you.

I get all the important TV stuff from here on youtube. Thanks to the poster's.


The clip

from MSNBC would be interesting to view (I don't have TV anymore). Anyway, I just did a search on youtube, but got no results...perhaps someone will post it later...

Bump for some interesting news...

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It is the second link in this

It is the second link in this article, just below HuffPo.
It is the Ed-Show with a guy from Huffington Post

Here's the link to watch the

Here's the link to watch the clip


Towards the end he says that both parties are owned by the bankers.


here: http://digg.com/politics/Geithner_s_Told_AIG_To_Withhold_Inf...

It's at 377 diggs

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Thanks, for putting this

important info on digg. dugg and hope others will digg it.

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dugg..and dugg comments too...

even the liberal on digg..seem to be diggin this one..

Thanks for sharing!

Why was this posted in the news yesterday, but I haven't heard of it?? Think the MSM is ignoring it???

I read this yesterday in Bloomberg.

It's huge news but I somehow don't think the lame stream media will bother to report it.

Double post.

Sorry. It didn't seem to "take" my first attempt.