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Drudge Report now includes Infowars link

Today marks the first day that Matt Drudge has posted on his renowned news website,The Drudge Report http://drudgereport.com/, a link to Alex Jones' flagship website, Infowars.com http://www.infowars.com/.

Now in the lower left column, alphabetically just three links below "Human Events" and two up from "Jerusalem Post", neo-cons and other frequent Drudgies can easily find an on-ramp to, what many are becoming forced to concede, is such a persuasive gathering of news and analysis, that at least Drudge has the decency to show them this recognition.

I'm going to wait a while to send him an email, so that I can link this thread, and thank him for his choice.

If you want to write directly, you can do that at: drudge@drudgereport.com

If you want to be part of this thread, he may read it if he opens the link.

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The tea party astro turfers...

Need to be taught a lesson, that they are not the republican base and never will be given the racist things they say. Now linking to Alex Jones and all this, divisive issues attempting to turn the "right against the left" as always

The Media is a criminal operation, not the commentators. The Media industry itself which in truth is a FOR PROFIT corporation made up of "HUNDREDS" of Boards of Directors in defense companies who tell the media pundits what to say.

Those that go off key like Glenn Beck, are quickly reigned in to continue the fake left/right war while the Globalist ESTABLISHMENT turns you into slaves.

Look up the FCC's 1980 decisions. The MAINSTREAM MEDIA will NEVER be your friend, it is your true enemy as they are run by the Fed just like Judge Napolitano says they are.

The only way to a "FREE PRESS" is eliminating the middle man of corporate personhood. Good luck getting any of that when it comes to CNN.

I really hate how the

I really hate how the teabaggers are crashing the teaparty.

Seems to be a designed move by establishment types to shift this back into a left-right debate with Maddow on the left and Beck on the right.

First, Limbaugh links to prisonplanet, now Drudge links to infowars. Does anyone really trust these clowns?

No ...

I see that at this moment Kurt Nimmo has the lead feature article at infowars about a Drudge story to return the favor.

Corporate Media

They are corporate media who is the enemy.

Commentators are not the media. They work FOR the media.

Corporate Media itself will always be flawed, as its run by the Federal Reserve, far too close to comfort and each executive is also on the board of defense companies & major israeli contractors.

Tsunami of Freedom

that is what I call it.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Drudge tries his hardest to

Drudge tries his hardest to avoid any links about ron Paul. On the day we raised 6 million, he had a link about the bunny ranch. I gave him a piece of my mind that day and swore a little. However, Drudge has been my homepage for like 10 years.

This is a step in the right direction.

The actual news content of Jones' sites is great

IMHO he should chill out the presentation a tad and he would more rapidly gain broader popular exposure.

I definitely respect his diligence, hard work and continuous commitment. Dude never relents, which is inspiring.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Haha, awesome.

First Fox News, then Rush Limbaugh, now Drudge. Alex Jones is slowly creeping up in terms of mainstream recognition.


smokes...all kinds of interesting news here today at DP...

Bump, bump, bump...

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I like drudge.

I like drudge.

I reserve the right to govern myself.