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TSA: Share Your Experiences

1. Once they were real nice to me when I left my cell phone in a scanning tub. One agent dropped everything to find my phone. I offerred him a reward when he brought it to me and he refused.

2. I was almost tazed because I asked the kid at the Au Bon Pain for my breakfast sandwich. No exageration. I had eaten my sandwich, was headed for the gate and stopped to apologize to the manager who was having a bad morning and misunderstood what I had said to the kid,(she had called TSA on me) While I was reconciling with her a TSA guy was standing behind me unclipping his tazer holster, then he backed away after he saw us talking. My wife was standing behind me so that's how I found out.

3. When we went to Philly for the Ron Paul rally there was a line over a quarter mile long in the airport waiting to get screened. Then a couple of agents opened another check point and rushed us through. They were really polite.

What's your experience?

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Depends on the city

When we traveled to Atlanta those in Atlanta were wonderful. Talk about Southern hospitality. They treated us like guests, not terrorists. Phoenix is the worst. Here is my account from my blog on my trip to Ecuador:
"At the Phoenix airport, which is notorious for harassing law-abiding citizens; there are so many security people at the check in, they are stumbling over each other. A valuable use of taxpayer money, I am sure. We go through Security and the big, white woman who could be mistaken for a linebacker from the L.A. Rams grabs my backpack and says "I have to look through this." "Ok," I say. I mean, I can't object, right? So, she proceeds to rifle through my belongings making me feel violated. She takes out a jar of shea nut butter and two, unopened bottles of Muscle Milk. They do their best to starve you at the airport so this was required sustenance. Because they look like material for making bombs, I assume, the linebacker tells me she needs to keep them. Oh, by the way, she also adds that she is tired and has had a long day -as if I should care while I know she is pilfering my things. I explain the containers are unopened. After she confers with some of the other drones she insists they are dangerous and keeps them. By then I am almost hyperventilating so I remove myself before they lock me up and later find me dead like some other poor, unfortunate woman who crossed their path. I am in tears while I contemplate the idiocy of thinking this is a free country. Other countries may have oppressive policies but at least they don't pretend to be free."


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I get rageful when they take stuff

No common sense.