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New liberty candidate for Congress in Pa - Patrick Henry Sellers

Check him out www.PatSellers.org

It was an open seat but current Congressman Gerlach just dropped out of runnign for Senate and announced he would run to keep his seat so the other R shills are starting to drop out so it will likely be lone liberty lover versus the GOP machine.

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Here's a list

compiled by a local C4L member, about those running in Pennsylvania:

Peg Luksik for Senate (PA) www.PegLuksik.com
Sam Rohrer for Governor (PA) www.SamRohrer.org
Jake Towne for U.S. Congress (CD 15) www.TowneforCongress.com
Pat Henry Sellers for U.S. Congress(CD 6) www.PatSellers.org
Tim Mullen for State Rep (Distrist 120) www.VoteMullen.com
Betsy Summers for State Senate (District 14) www.Vote4Betsy.com
Lou Barletta for U.S. Congress (CD 11) www.LouBarletta.com

This is my opinion only: Not too sure about how Patriotic Barletta is..."We" just want the incumbent voted out...
I do not know about Mullen--I have done zero research on him, and right now I don't have the time. Perhaps another Pennsylvania resident may wish to tackle that project?? Of the remaining people running for office, they are Patriots all...

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Thank you so much

another patriot to carry the sacred flag up high
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