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*Action Alert* Body Scan Images Can Be Colorized to Show More Explicit Body Parts

The images in this example have been proven fake by info warriors. A nude picture was inverted to black and white and a slightly opaque image was layered beneath. However, colorization (a longer process) can be used to get a generic black and white image and turn it into color.

Digital STRIP SEARCH - Inverted Airport Body Scanner Image Shows NAKED Bodies In Full Living COLOR!
This video shows how it is possible to take a black and white body scan image and turn it into a more explicit image.

Article at Infowars

This image has been making the rounds on the net and could be an effective tool at showcasing a new type of breach of privacy we can expect from employees of the TSA. Anyone in the world can expect to have their colorized body spread across the net. I simple demonstration at airports across the country can ensure that these steps are not carried forward. So you are not alarmed by black and white photos of yourself, how about if the image was in living color?

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Scans could reveal your surgical history

It's occurred to me that body scanners will show any kind of medical device or implants a person might have. How long will it take a TSA agent to differentiate between a colostomy bag and a bomb? What will be the protocol upon discovering a penile implant? Will some TSA agents relieve their boredom by betting on who has real t!ts?

And imagine what the tabloids would pay for a celebrity body scan revealing the extent of one's plastic surgery?! Or a scan of some political figure!! It's inevitable that some of these will end up on line!

Incidently, for what it's worth, here's a video of Ann Coulter speaking against body scans. (sometimes she's right)
http: // www. realclearpolitics.com/video/2010/01/06/ann_coulter_on_full_body_scans.html


Instead of focusing on women's photos to address this issue

they need to be showing what children would look like. Focus on the child pornography aspect.

This is a serious privacy and Constitutional violation and an insidious means to compile & save even more data. I can see it all turning into a big sex joke as a way of diversion.

In a propaganda article in the Metro, it said:

"They can refuse to undergo the virtual strip search at Terminal 2, opting for the traditional "pat down" search instead.

But the black and white image will only be seen by one officer in a remote location before it is deleted, Sarah Barrett, head of customer experience at the airport, said.

Most of our customers do not like the traditional "pat down" search, they find it too intrusive, but they still want to be kept safe." --

So this means if you don't want to be kept "safe" you can opt out of both the scanner and the pat-down???


Next, the women will be

Next, the women will be complaining they are being exploited with disclosure of information about these body scanners, because the writers of these articles are not including male pictures of the inverted images in the stories.

Check this out first

Guys the scanner photo of the woman is disinfo...

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Good find

with one caveat. I still think it is possible to colorize the image however with a little more effort. Just like the Turner Classic Movies is so famous for taking the black and white images of films shot in that medium any black and white image can be colorized. I just started attempting to colorize other images myself and didn't get the immediate results that this particular image had. However, with a little effort, I believe I will be able to have some samples to share in the days to come.

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