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Did Kucinich vote for the health care bill?

The smart "progressives" realize that this bill is just a bailout for the health-insurance companies (ie. all American citizens are now required to purchase insurance)...so did Kucinich vote for it?

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Kucinich's plan was single-payer

Like Michael I lived in Taiwan for awhile. They have a single-payer system as well. Now I'm not saying I'm for this, but here's what I've seen. Not all so-called "socialist" health care plans are the same. Canada's seems bad. I met many Canadians in Taiwan, and they said Taiwan's system is way better than theirs. I thought it was pretty good too. The gov't pays the doctors for their services. There is still competition, because the best doctors get more patients. You can also buy antibiotics at corner stores with no prescription.

They do this with 6% income tax.

And they buy a significant amount of military hardware (from us) to keep China at bay.

How do they do it?

I don't know.

American foreign aid

would be my guess.

he voted no. and it wasn't

he voted no. and it wasn't just because it wasn't a single payer bill. he gave an excellent explanation of why he voted no in a press release afterward.

He voted no.

He voted no.

but he voted for the

"Give Act"! Go figure, servatude to the HomeLand, uugg {

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He wants to look good to his constituants

He's hoping he'll be able to keep his job probably.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

that's a good thing. that's

that's a good thing. that's what you're supposed to be doing as a representative.

Only because it wasn't socialist enough

for him.