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Bill St. Clair on why the State survives

"The State can only survive as long as a majority is mentally programmed to believe that theft is not wrong if it is called taxation or asset forfeiture or eminent domain, that assault and kidnapping is not wrong if it is called arrest, that mass murder is not wrong if it is called war."

~ Bill St. Clair

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This is horrible.. what we need is anarchy, that way everyone can be free. Wait.. anarchy doesn't really work because we live on a planet with other people and cultures.. we'll have to have SOME kind of government, albeit a very limited one.

Good point! Let's hash this out.. first we need to declare out independance, then we need to write out some kind of constitution we can all agree with...

atrickpay atrickpay.. why do you continue to have the same discussion over and OVER and over with no real answer to the problem? Other people (better minds than yours, tbh) talked this over centuries ago and came up with something that seems to work, if the people actually enforce it.

But no... let's try anarchy, because people would REALLY enforce that... lol.

It's the same hollow argument you and your fellow anarchiphiles have posted over and OVER and over for years and years.

It still doesn't work... however, thank you for the critique of the current system.

Which would work if the people did something about it.

As opposed to your perfect system, which would keep the people in the country alive just long enough for some other country to take them over.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~


The question is the incentive structures of anarchism vs. archism. Which has a better incentive structure in respect to preserving freedom. You are saying that archism does? If so, what is your argument?

I've seen you post a few things against anarchism, but I haven't seen you yet put forth any arguments in defense of archism.

Well said