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The True Essence of Slavery

"Slavery doesn’t start with the slaveholders. It starts with the slaves. It doesn’t start when someone draws a gun and forces others to work for them. It starts when the others refuse to take care of themselves and their families, when they ask for someone to give them what they want—from cradle to grave. Freely. Slavery starts when a man abandons the responsibility to make decisions for his own life and let others make those decisions. The real essence of slavery is in the deliberate surrender of individual rights and responsibilities to others. Slavery is in the instinct to be a sheep and find others to feed you and shear you.

In today’s world, slavery is government welfare. Government healthcare is for those who never do anything about their own health. The government Social Security is for those who refuse to care for their own future. So-called free government education is for the children whose parents can make children but refuse to take the responsibility to educate them. Government regulation of the economic and family life of a nation is slavery. The government bailouts for irresponsible corporations and banks. The tariffs that protect inefficient domestic industries against domestic customers. The labor legislation that regulates employers and gives security to workers irrespective of their skills and work ethics. The government academic tenure for life for professors to protect them against younger and innovating competition. The government licensing regulations for whole industries to protect the old guilds against effective newcomers. The racial and ethnic quotas that favor people on the basis of their belonging to a group rather than their skills and commitment. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera."


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The individual who refuses to defend his rights when called by his Government, deserves to be a slave, and must be punished as an enemy of his country and friend to her foe. - Andrew Jackson

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Good stuff: I'm glad you chose the middle of the article to....

post here. That was the salient point and take home message to emphasize.

However, not mentioned at all in this story is our dependency on others for protection, as in the 2nd Amendment. Personal defense is an "Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera" that should have been discussed separately because that is the most important right that has been relinquished by the people.

People want safety, but they do not want to protect themselves. If everyone had a gun on the 911 planes, it would not have happened. If every one of the guys at Ft. Hood had a gun, that massacre would not have happened. The days of the old West had a clear advantage over life today. Nearly everyone had their own gun in clear view for personal protection and guns at home, too. The law was for the bank robbers, murderers, cattle rustlers, and keeping the peace.

Without phones and computers, and cars, the sheeple are nowhere. Three EMPs in the upper atmosphere would put us back into the days of the Pony Express. Will we be ready if that day ever arrives?

Thanks for the post.

Why didn't I write this? It is a wonderful article.

Beautiful and totally accurate. Thank you so much for posting it. Don't be so hard on yourself, I think you are a Great Samaritin!

I agree with most everything you are trying to say here

Becareful making a comparison to "african slaves" and your modern definition of slavery.

Over half the Africans that were taken (stolen) by force, by following kidnapped children, or by threat of mass crop protection; died en route in conditions you couldn't imagine with Hitchcock's help.

I'm a decedent of slaves (on one side of my family) and a the first generation of American born. Cuba and Ireland.

Don't compare the horrors of Corporatism to the horrors of Chattle Slavery -- less you are literally raped or your sons sodomized, and your "pretty" daughters used as side-cash prostitutes. If that's happening then yes Corporatist Slavery is equal to Chattle Slavery.

Chattle Slavery is 100% Theft of Wages and Life.
Corporatist Slavery (as we know it) is 80-90% Theft of Wages (purchasing power) and 20% Theft of Jobs.

You still have your life and ability to travel freely -- there are tremendous opportunities by comparison.

A billionair in the 1800's couldn't send messages or travel or purchase products from around the world as quickly or easily as we can now.

In the important ways we are even freer today then our Founding Father's (the Land Thieves and Slave Profiteers)!!

But we are hell-bent on as near to absolute freedom as we can get -- and this is a blessing of thought.


this may be one perspective on slavery--

but it's only one perspective.

For thousands of years people have been stolen into slavery and sold into slavery--

this *feels* like something written by a rich person who doesn't want to feel guilty about those who are suffering--

it does.

I feel very much like a slave in many ways. And I accept no government assistance; nor do I want any.

Economic factors can cause poverty--

it is possible to get caught in an economic system and not be able to get out, even if you accept no government assistance--

and don't want any--

this person has not been victimized or has forgotten what it feels like to be victimized and wants there to be no victims, but there ARE victims.

Now, we can either be enlightened victims who are trying to find a way out, or we can give up.

I am not giving up, but I am a slave--

and I am a victim.

And I am not getting or asking for government help.

I am tired of all this generalization.

But I am grateful to know what it feels like to be 'without'; I am more sympathetic to those caught in victious economic (and other) cycles in the world.

I wouldn't trade that for the comfort and security people I know who are vacationing in Hawaii for "business" this next two weeks have--

they are air-headed shallows.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

just adding something--

there are people struggling to feed themselves and survive financially right now who have worked HARD, subtracted themselves from the MSM (and tv), educated their own children--

and learned how to make everything themselves.

People like us still need roofs over our heads, even if they are small ones--

try buying something outright if you have no money--

it's a vicious cycle, and there are plenty of us IN it--

small as my mortgage may be . . .

home/self-educated as my children are--

homemade as my bread is . . .

I still pay out that mortgage every month--

I am a slave.

And let me tell you, when all your hard work just brings in enough and no more--

and someone tells you that you did this to yourself--

you want THEM to experience a wake up call to reality!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

this takes responsibility away from evil bankers and . . .

politicians who are sitting in easy chairs while WE work!


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

profound article

Thanks for sharing...lots of food for thought. :)


Did you know a good samaritan was a devil worshipper?

King of babylon was Satan.
Not trying to knock you
Jesus said who is your neighbor?
He was speaking about the good samaritan being our neighbor and to love them also, So neighbor I love you , I think the devil is a liar. Good christians are supposed to love the sinner, hate the sin,if more people did this people would not hate christians so much.
Just stating a fact thats all , Knowing is half the battle

Samaritans & Kings of Babylon

Samaritans were mixed-breed folks that the Israelis looked down upon.

They were decendents of both Jews and Conquered Peoples.

Many, many, many of them worshipped YHWH... but were unable to go to the Temple, save for the Court Of Gentiles.

They could not enter any farther, and could only sacrifice by proxy.

The devil-worshipper comment is not historically correct... the "Good Samaritan" was someone that on the outside was so despised, yet inside he was a good soul.


Nebuchadnezzar was ONE of the kings of Babylon... if you recall, he's the guy who had the dream of the Statue that Daniel interpreted.

He was a man.

BowShallEveryKnee ..."Just stating a fact", you say.

By what criteria is your disjointed post "a fact"?

The Bible


The bible is "a FACT"? ... oh, really!

"a FACT" is something which can be proven!

Unlike the bible, which is just a compilation of stories - many good stories, granted, but just stories, nonetheless!

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The Bible is a book inspired by God.

A fact is true, without any questioning or reasoning required.

2+2=4 is a fact.

If the Bible was a fact, why do so many people disagree on not only the nuances of meaning in the Bible, but also whether it should be believed at all?

It is a book of 66 chapters written by 40 authors and voted upon by groups of people who had a self-vested interest in their vote.


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What's Your Point?

What does your comment have to do with the article on slavery I submitted?

And, what does your comment have to do with me since I've been a Christian for over 45 years? The Good Samaritan you reference has nothing to do with devil worship. Jesus gave the parable of the Good Samaritan to teach several lessons, particularly that God's people are to show love without discrimination. I try to do that and chose my handle for that reason.

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father