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Sarah Palin just gave her position on the Fed

Right now she is on Glenn Beck for the full hour. Glenn brought up the Fed, its big profits, and how we can't even look into its books. He asked Palin a very open-ended question about it, something along the lines of "What is your position on the Fed, where do you stand?" This is a great, fantastic chance for Palin to score points with our crowd, and I'm eagerly anticipating her response. So Palin goes on talking about Enron for about 30 seconds to make some odd point about transparency, then she finally got back to the actual question and gave her position on the Fed which is........(drumroll)......"Glenn I think people like you are doing a great job talking about the Fed, and the fact that few people with your prominent position are talking about it is a good thing."
***awkward silence follows***

Well ladies and gents, there you go. Now you know exactly where she stands on the Fed. Very, very insightful comments by the former Governor. Must've been reading a lot of Hayek and Mises recently.

EDIT: The quote above by Palin is not exact, but an accurate paraphrase. Basically her position on the Fed came down to she thinks it's a good idea that people like Glenn are talking about the Fed.

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Started watching the full interview

At first, I was really angry.

Then, I couldn't stop laughing.

I haven't been able

to find an online video of the interview, but here's the written transcript: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,583028,00.html

Ruth- here's part one


Hopefully you'll resist the urge to punch someone a couple minutes into it ;)


I'm normally a pacifist, but your warning is appreciated.

UPDATE: I'm finding this to be more laughter inducing than anger inducing.

Having only read...

a few of the posts below, I will say that I'm not at all surprised that she has no concrete position on the Fed. The reason for this is because she declined an offer to speak at this years CPAC convetion next month in Washington DC. She did this because CPAC's main sponsor is the John Birch Society this year, and with this she has a problem. If she has a problem with Birchers, then she definetley isn't part of the Liberty movement and is hostile to it and therefore part of the problem. As a New American subscriber I can no longer give her a semblance of a benefit of the doubt. This woman is clearly against us.

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Jon Stewart comments...

actually, more of an indictment of beck than palin,
but wonderful to watch ... !

Jon Stewart: Palin Like A "Moose In Headlights" On Fox News (VIDEO)


Palin is a hairstyle

She has beautiful hair. Her can do advertisement for shampoo and make millions. Good for her and the country.

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She's So Dumb

How could anyone take this woman seriously? She wants to run for President in 2012, so she walked away from her job as the governor in 2009. WTF? She can't answer simple questions like "what's your position on the Fed?", "what magazines do you read to shape your worldview?", or "do you support the Bush Doctrine?". She's a joke! Please stop posting "Palin/Paul 2012" on websites, people. It's a huge insult to Dr. Paul. The fact that she's speaking at Tea Parties was a really bad idea too. She's jumping on the bandwagon and she doesn't belong on it anymore than Fox News did. She should've stayed on as Governor of Alaska and her political career should've ended there. She is pretty hot though.

I agree

we need to distance ourselves from Palin, but I haven't heard any news she's planning to run for president in 2012. I think all she's doing is making as much money as she can from her speaking engagements and FOX news gig while she's still popular enough among certain crowds.

Thank you

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Palin prefers UPS

Something about the brown shirts she finds appealing.

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I'm still PO'd that she didn't mention RON PAUL.

She put Glenn Beck high on a pedastal as being the MAIN MAN in prominince shedding light on the Fed.


She is literally too stupid to be president.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Omitting Ron Paul's name is a

Omitting Ron Paul's name is a CLEAR indication that she is part of the neocon machine.

Cut her some slack

She's probably never heard of Ron Paul!

even republicans

who attend town halls and senate candidate speeches know who he is.

You heard it hear first...

If the idiotic RNC nominates her in 2012 they will lose, lose lose.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

And If Ron Choses Not To Run Or Doesn't Get The Nomination


We have to look at all the angles and be prepared this time.

She has no clue what the Fed is

She's a laughing stock.

According to the transcript:

BECK: Where do you stand on the Fed?

PALIN: It's so ironic there too, especially that you bring up this private sector company Exxon. In Alaska, we saw what was going on with Exxon and we did have our own hearings on what was going on with this private sector company and how could the state of Alaska adjust some things to make sure that there was a share of the resource. Yet, you're right — nobody has even lifted a finger to go that route with the Fed.

And it's a scary thing. It's one of those things that we're thankful for, Glenn, that you bringing this to light. And I don't know anybody else who is — certainly nobody else who has a platform or megaphone like you do.


So, she said Glenn Beck is the only one talking about the Fed, or at least the only one who's in a position to get any attention. She apparently hasn't even heard of the Audit the Fed Act.

So she wants to loot the Fed

So she wants to loot the Fed like she looted the private oil companies?

Ventura 2012


I guess so.


The other problem with this statement, that seems to have been missed, is that Beck was "leading the witness" and she still missed what he was getting at several times.

In this instance he's trying to lead her to denounce selective windfall profit taxes on private wealth and use the oil companies vs. Fed as an example. She totally misses the point and contradicts him, saying that Alaska's taxes on oil companies operating within the state were the right thing to do, which is the liberal viewpoint. Note that he gets tripped up with that for a second and then moves on quickly.

This is the part that caught my attention

"the fact that few people with your prominent position are talking about it is a good thing."

Unless you left out the little word "a" before the word "few", I would be inclined to think that she knew exactly what she was saying. If I'm wrong, she's just not very bright, and so any way you slice it, it's "asta la bimbo" ...


I'm so disappointed

She used to be so intelligent back in the days she was in beauty pageants

Here she is discussing why some people aren't familiar with maps and when she realized Alaska was next to Russia


That one is even


I agree with your post

I agree with your post LeifEiriksson, Sarah Palin is an idiot who has the analytical skills of a 3 year old and not an original thought in her empty head.

How much that airhead is

How much that airhead is paying you for this post?


I could not believe Palin when she stated that Beck was the only one to bring light to what the Fed was up to. She's got to be the dumbest politician this side of the moon. Maybe she should have been listening to Paul during the Rep debates instead being McCain's arm ornament.

Sure way to tank Glenns ratings

She had no position, and when stumped she's off on an another tangent.Right now Palin's the liberals best friend, all conservatives will be linked to this moron. I bet she can't find her own ass with a flashlight,road map and GPS. But she is pulling down a lot of personal income to "advance the conservative movement" Real patriots would see the moral issue with this money grubbing poser