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HAITIAN HELP yeah,right

Huge news--all the food,water,etc
is still sitting at the airport.
Imagine that! There seems to
be a lack of communication and
coordination. Imagine THAT.

Nobody even has the incentive to load a car or truck and just
drive and hand out stuff.Another
disaster that's turned into a
cluster f--k, or so it seems.
Actually,though, THEY simply
won't miss the chance to lessen
the "burden" these poor souls
put on the World Order. In a warm
climate withholding water for
3-4 days should suffice,especially
for those burdensome injured
and sick

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I don't know what to think anymore

Seing all these terrible images from the city. The international response from political perspective looks all right, but there isn't much happening on the ground there.

Something doesn't seem right, it almost looks as if someone or something is preventing aid getting through from the airport to the city, on purpose.

I just saw an item on CNN where critically injured patient were just left lying, because the UN medical staff 'had' to be ecacuated for security reasons. These medical people themselves didn't want to leave their patients, but they were told they had to from higher up. Again, something doesn't seem right.

I think this tragedy will get a lot worse in the coming days.


Dianne Sawyer is in Haiti. Her network's
Doctor was explaining the situation while walking around Port-au-Prince.
At one point he sqats next to an injured woman when she grabs his hand and pleads for help.
He replies "I'm sorry,I can't""

In their defense

if they were to just "go out into the street" the aid workers would be beaten and looted, then the looters would be beaten and looted. There needs to be a structured system to dispense. Yes, people will die while they get their sh*t together, but that evil is less than the assured violence of a few strong, "healthy", machete wielding men possibly killing the workers and not getting ANY of the looted supplies to the people who need it most. Its a bad situation. Hopefully something will be learned and applied to the next disaster- and there will be a next disaster.

Sure it's risky

but,c'mon--there are SOLDIERS there!!
Ya don't think a few with M16's and M60's can't control a food and water hand out
while driving and tossing stuff out the window??


seems there should be at least a FEW stories of armed SUVs driving to hot spots and tossing a few bottles of water. It reminds me of the Titanic- where the nearly empty lifeboats waited too long to go back to the people for fear they'd swamp the boats. When they DID finally get to the people they were all dead. Its just a bad situation in Haiti no matter what way you look at it.

Can any links be provided saying supplies are being hoarded?


I most definitely believe what you are saying.

I haven't been reading many news articles about this, so I'm in the dark.

Is the mainstream news admitting that the military and other "humanitarians" are hoarding supplies?



Here's one


"Tensions are becoming dangerously high on the streets of Port-au-Prince as increasingly desperate Haitians search for food and water while tons of supplies remain stuck at the country's airport. "

Uh... where is Xe?

anyone seen'em?


over there >>>

They will let it come to a riot first.

This way they can justify 10 armed soldiers to one humanitarian handing out bottles of water.

The soldiers know how to kill people but they ain't so good at feeding people.

If they were they would already be distributing the supplies.

Instead they sit on the supplies at the airport and hord them for their airport camp; and for the other 100,000 gun toting soldiers about to para-troop in.

They are basically keeping the peace while people starve right next to them; just like in New Orleans.

What do you want to bet Blackwater is already on the ground over there shooting innocent/broken people for getting too close then saying... " That'l teach'em. They won't riot and come get our stuff now. "