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The other Haitian shoe drops...immigration to the US

There are now calls for the US to not only change illegal Haitian immigrants to legal.

"Reporting from Miami - In an attempt to ensure the flow of remittances to devastated Haiti, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Friday that the Obama administration would temporarily grant legal status to the tens of thousands of Haitian immigrants who were living in the United States illegally before this week's earthquake.

But Napolitano emphasized that Haitians living in the island nation would not be eligible for temporary protected status, and would be repatriated if they attempted to travel to the U.S. -- an implicit acknowledgment of the fear, thus far unrealized, that the earthquake could trigger a mass migration of Haitians to U.S. shores."

The second paragraph is really a way to (1) get US folks psychologically prepared for a mass migration of Haitians and (2) to make sure we are arguing about it, distracting us from more important issues.

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Aren't there any other places

Aren't there any other places in Haiti unaffected by the earthquake they can send them to?

I don't get it.

What does that mean?

As an American citizen...

I can tell you, we already support most of Mexico's population, we do not need Haiti's. I will not comply with any of this period, how about you all?