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Hm hm hm ,Barack Hussein Obama. Jobless rate for Blacks projected to reach a 25-year high this year

By V. Dion Haynes
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, January 15, 2010

Unemployment for African Americans is projected to reach a 25-year high this year, according to a study released Thursday by an economic think tank, with the national rate soaring to 17.2 percent and the rates in five states exceeding 20 percent.

Blacks as well as Latinos were far behind whites in employment levels even when the economy was booming. But throughout the recession, the unemployment rate has grown much faster for African Americans and Latinos than for whites, according to the study by the Economic Policy Institute. Moreover, the unemployment gap between men and women has reached a record high -- with men far outpacing women in joblessness.

The national trend is playing out in the Washington area, even though jobless levels are lower here.

In the District, researchers say, the unemployment rate during the third quarter of this year is expected to reach 6.1 percent for whites and 18.9 percent for blacks. Unemployment in Maryland is forecast to reach 6.1 percent for whites and 11.3 percent for blacks. And in Virginia, 6.3 percent of whites are projected to be out of work, compared with 13 percent of blacks.

The rate for Latinos in Maryland is expected to reach 7.6 percent. Researchers did not include data on Hispanics in the District and Virginia because the samples were too small.

Blacks, Hispanics and men have suffered the most mainly because they have been disproportionately employed in sectors hardest hit in the recession -- manufacturing and construction. For instance, the unemployment rate for blacks is expected to reach 27 percent in Michigan, which has been shedding auto industry jobs. Other states with jobless rates above 20 percent for blacks are Alabama, Illinois, Ohio and South Carolina.


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Just shows to me, the message he is sending out to his fellow...

United Negro college fund members...sorry but that is so wrong...why don't they have a United White college fund, or freaking Retard College fund??? I am so sick of the divisions created on color of skin, and it is by those of a different color (for the most part), it is those that feel they have less than others, and need to be treated differently. I am, and have never been a racist, but by god, I am tired of people saying they should have privileges because they have different skin color, oh and by the way, I am classified as a minority, but have never used it to get anything, all I have done is studied, and worked hard, and never expected anyone or any government to give me anything, if I could not do it on my own merit, I just worked harder, and improved myself in order to make what I wanted to happen in my life a reality, why can't everyone else???? I think Obama needs to ween those black people off of welfare, and programs, and get them to work for a change, along with countless hispanics, and whites that are on the dole as well.