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Former Clinton supporter Trey Grayson: "I am more conservative than Rand Paul."


By Jack Brammer - jbrammer@herald-leader.com FRANKFORT — Secretary of State Trey Grayson made his Republican bid for U.S. Senate official Thursday, declaring that he is the "more conservative" candidate in the race.

After filing his paperwork to run in the May 18 primary election, Grayson stood by a bust of the late U.S. Sen. John Sherman Cooper in the Capitol hallway and told reporters he is running for the Senate "because I think we need common-sense solutions to restore some fiscal sanity to Washington."

Grayson, 37, of Kenton County, said he knows he is in "a tough race" but that he considers himself "more attuned" to Kentucky voters than other candidates and "more conservative" than rival Rand Paul on issues that matter to Kentuckians.

Other Republicans in the race include Todd County businessman Bill Johnson and Oldham County teacher Brian Oerther.

Although Paul has raised about $1.8 million through online fund-raising blitzes, Grayson said he will have plenty of money to run his campaign.

"Money will not be an issue," said Grayson, who declined to say how much campaign money he is expected to report later this month for the last three months of 2009.

Grayson raised $642,857 in the third quarter, bringing his fund-raising total as of Sept. 30 to $1.2 million, according to Federal Election Commission records.

Concerning polls that show a tight race and Paul with a lead in some, Grayson said the only poll that matters will occur May 18.

If elected, Grayson said, he would like to see a two-year federal budget instead of a one-year spending plan, and he pledged to focus on national security.

Grayson said he has talked to U.S. Sens. Mitch McConnell and Jim Bunning about his filing for the seat that Bunning is voluntarily leaving.

McConnell has appeared at some fund-raising events for his campaign, and Bunning advised Grayson to "don't ever betray your conservative beliefs when you get elected, and I told him I wouldn't do that," Grayson said.

Grayson's supporters were expected to host "house parties" Thursday night in 95 of Kentucky's 120 counties to participate in an interactive, live Internet broadcast with Grayson from Kenton County. Lexington media personality Dave Baker was scheduled to be the moderator.



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I guess since the ~I'm more Kentuckian than Rand~ play...

...was a flop, he thought he'd try this? 8/

Heh, love your intro: "Former Clinton supporter Trey Grayson..."

Thanks ...

It looks like we have both been strangers to dp as of late.

We all have our roles.

Mine has changed recently, and I enjoy my new role much more.

How about you?

Your new role?

Do you mean a new role for you online or in real life? Glad your enjoying it either way. :)

I've been here off and on, bouncing between some transitional things and some new things. I admit a bit of anxiety on my part.

Online and in real life.

Change is good.

Embrace it.

Isn't that what our supreme leader got elected on?

Seriously Cricket ...

You have a great deal of merit and I am sorry for my personal attacks.

I wish you nothing but greatness on your journey.

Thank you, rhino. I really appreciate that. :)

I'm going to give you a cyber hug for that. *hug*

As far as my change, I have anticipation about it. But you know that saying, "waiting is the hardest part"? Well, there's truth to that. So I'm working through mixed emotions for a while, but believing it'll be worth the wait.

I'd appreciate some prayers if you have some to spare.

You have my curiosity up about your new roles...and you have prayers from me, too regarding them.

In life ...

kids growing starting sports, starting another business, just celebrated my 9th anniversary with my better half on the 13th.

Online ...

The dp is on the track that I wish it to be. Now I feel my role is to enhance dp. I used to hilight subjects so that the mods and the owner knew what kind of vile bigotry and collectivism was here. "Deal with it or it will destroy the site" mentality. Of course I let it get a little out of hand and made some very bad mistakes. Humans are like that. It looks like Mr. Nystrom is beginning to make some good choices with regards to moderators. And to be honest ... besides the money ... and the mission ... moderators decide success or failure.

I will pray for you tonight. Good Luck.

Congratulations on the anniversary.

Yikes, I just realized my silver one would've been 12/30. Married young. Didn't make it very far, though..but that was for the better. I probably shouldn't tell a Catholic that. Lol.

Best wishes with the new business.

Rhino, as far as the other...

Tonight you've acknowledged making mistakes and you even apologized to me. Those things are not always easy to do. You've shown humility here. Rhino, you've sown good seeds.

Expect a good harvest. :)

Oh god

If you too don't quit with the lovey dovey crap, I'm gonna hurl.

Eric Hoffer.

If you aren't paid for your wit ... You should be.

Don't be a stranger.

"Don't ever betray your conservative beliefs"......

He is now a conservative. Evidently, conservatism is not an ideology or philosophical way of life but an opportunistic verbal statement or a sound byte. Ridiculous! The fact that anyone would lend any credence to this label being associated with Mr. Grayson is absurd.