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Obviously wfaa has no idea who there messsn with....but they will!

An open letter to WFAA Sir I understand as an independent and free market media distribution outlet you are free to invite and exclude any Gubernatorial candiddate as you wish I understand that you are free to be a greedy media moogul outlet pig and it is not illegal to profit off of others pain .Even though k-bitch and Perrier stole this money they are paying you from TARP funds that were stolen from WE THE PEOPLE the taxpayer yes the same ones who are buying your Crap you are trying to hawk on your TV station.WE THE PEOPLE are very well aware of this and we are not going to let you Blackball our candidate Debra Medina by laying down , you do not know us very well but you will my friend you will, perhaps your clients such as WING stop or room store .com r H&r blockheads ,Kfart ,York PEPPER snout patties ,come see clay.com com r Smelloggs , r matriss firm dot com .Perhaps THEY might like to see Debra Medina included in the debate. Freedom of speech is a two way street my friend and its your G#d dam tV station anyway isnt it ! LONG Live the r3VOLution!

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You are right Belo has no clue the movement they have stirred up

DONT TREAD ON ME is no longer just a snake, its a giant hornets nest of 10,000,000 killer bees.

You leave it alone and treat it with respect and you dont get stung.

You mess with it and tease and taunt it and they will persist in chasing you down and stinging you until you are run out of dodge or until you are swollen to the point of bursting and no longer a threat.

We Texans, DONT TREAD ON ME, tea party, COME AND TAKE IT and 9-12 movement is vast and can overtake the republican party with or without Belo and their corporate special interests standing in our way.

I suspect this movement is so strong in Texas that we are about to witness a protest vote against all incumbents that may exceed 75% at the polls.

And as for Belo, I wouldn't want to hold stock in that company right now. They are about to loose a lot of advertizers.

Debra Medina is the surfer that is riding this wave into Austin at the moment and the other two are all washed up after the last debate.

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you shouls submit this as a letter to the Editor

think it would get printed?


This was obviously a very well thought out response on your part! Your overwhelmingly superior intellect certainly shines through here! Your clever use of tact and factually convincing argument, in an attempt to sway this ignorant mainstream media outlet, is a credit to all who support Debra! You have elevated the movement for sure! How could they dare ignore or exclude her now after coming across your truly profound and thought provoking essay! My only criticism is that I could actually understand the first few paragraphs - even with the spelling and punctuation errors! However, the second half of your statement, with all the clever name calling, profanity and babbling, yet well-crafted references to their sponsors, put it all into perspective for me! I'm still nauseous! Keep up the good work Cletus! Keep drivin' that bus! God help us and Debra Medina!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


My Dearest Scarrlett

I can see that you are women of great intellect with a true spirit of a Lady who values fighting for Liberty and Personal freedom for others. I can only imagine that you are as beutiful as you are thoughtful. Right now I am on the frontlines fighting for freedom Im contacting companies like eye masters and community cofee and all the other corporite entities like liberty mutual who are involved in this crime .For you see my dear Scarlett the r3volution reguires a proactive approach. I have every intention of getting Debria Medina in the debate within a week. With Love your secret chimp.

Dear Bonzo, I love chimps...you are cute to a point, however...

...your species has a very limited capacity for deep cognative, critical thought, and you certainly don't communicate well (except to other chimps of course)! For example, in the first line of your response, which reads; "I can see that you are women of great intellect", the word "women" is obviously plural and not singular. The interesting thing is, that after hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, you apes still can only crack open a coconut with a rock! The encouraging thing is that chimps like yourself are at least somewhat trainable in a very primative sense! Besides, we need primates like you on the frontlines to do all the heavy lifting...and you will work for bananas too!

Give my best to your friends Cheetah and Curious George for me!

You FavoriTe "women" friend, Scarrlett!

"Liberty tastes sweetest to those who fight for it, and most bitter to those who work to deny it!"


My dear Scarlett

It is just that I hvae always preffered women plural other then singular .No gramatical error there!



Alright Iregulars mount1

Sound the bugles wheres amy k wheres rattlesnake round up the horses WE ride tonite .Search for soft targets rpeort back to HQ in the morning But tonite we ride " Get there with the fastest and the mostest " General Nathen Bedford Forest.

what are you smokin' , man? I

what are you smokin' , man?
I don't understand a single word,
and it might not be because I'm not a native English speaker.

my dear AttilasDughter

The english language has lots of coded slang that not every secondary English speaker can understand but dont worry the persons I was talking to very well know what Im talking about. And by the way I have a terrible vice for a menthol cigarette occasionally but thats about all I smoke.