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A marriage between the "left" and "right," Howard Zinn and RP, two peas from the same pod when it comes to war

Well worth watching...


I think they would agree on most things with regards to foreign policy and wars.

Another that comes to mind ... General Smedley Butler.

A group of individuals worth respect.

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bump for last respects.

bump for last respects.

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1/16 1:30pm east

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Thanks for pointing out AJ's destruction

of Chomsky's credibility in part 4.

I'll give Zinn the benefit of doubt at this time. He's done some very original research and thinking on both war and the evil of a strong central government. Right now I think of him as an ally until shown I'm wrong by his current counter statements.

I at the moment

At the moment I have no problem with Zinn. I was thankful for his book "The Peoples History of the United States." It was an eye opener for me to get another side of history other than what is regurgitated over and over in school. He was a one of the strongest anti war voices during Vietnam and has been a hero getting blacks the Liberty they rightly deserve being American citizens. whether he is supportive of world government I don't know but until he does something blatant against liberty and freedom Howard is OK with me.

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Thank you for posting this.

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Very good! Thanks for the link.

I had read about some of these things about the Revolutionary War in Hamilton's Curse and the Civil War in Lincoln Unmasked both by Dilorenzo.

I also enjoyed Zinn's "People's History of the United States", although he tends to misunderstand the difference between mercantilism/corporatism and true free market capitalism where competition and risk work to level the playing field.

Free includes debt-free!

so what

the left has no organizational powers. when was the last time the left had a real grassroots movement that's worth anything? it's just one or two people giving some token support. i could imagine a bunch of their base as couch potatoes munching on chips and taking on food stamps while screaming for health care. i refer "the left" as to those who would describe themselves with those terms only. i'm not endowing an arbitrary definition of my own and thus not engaging in collectivism.

Bookmarked for later.

Thanks for posting.

I'm pretty sure Howard Zinn is

a NWO shill. Also, he, like Noam Chomsky, have publicly stated that it doesn't matter who did 911. In Zinn's case, it's coming from a historian!

we are the Remnant

Thanks. This was my first exposure to him

and I wonder if he would be so dismissive of people looking into what really happened on 9-11 if he was better informed himself. He gets credit for talking about blowback, but all his concern about "diverting" and "wasting" our energy pursuing answers is just nonsense. He's advocating ignorance.

Are you attacking the man to discredit his ideas?

Your name calling and labeling leaves me bored.

Free includes debt-free!

Shill or no shill ...

His comments about war have a great deal of merit.

Besides ...

How can you be an NWO shill and oppose war?

I am strongly opposed to many of his socio-political views, but JESUS CHRIST!!!!! This video hit me hard. I cried.

"If you fight violence with violence, even if you win, you lose, violence and tyranny wins."

"How can you be an NWO shill and oppose war?"

You just act like you oppose war, or fascism, or whatever it is they want to use to make people believe they're on your side. NWO shill Obama, for example, opposed war.

we are the Remnant

I would not put and have never put President Obama ....

in the same catagory as Zinn, or Nadar, or any of the other idealogues on the left. Demcracy Now is as far from being an NWO shill machine as the dailypaul is.

Do you really think that Zinn is not being sincere?

I am usually a good judge of character.

Tell me I am an idiot.

I looked into Zinn awhile back

I'm pretty certain he is a shill. I did a quick search for a lecture he did that I wanted to use as an example, but didn't find it. Everyone is entitled to their own views, but I would warn people to be on the alert when it comes to Zinn, Chomsky, Michael Moore, and Naomi Wolf (who is "against fascism").

we are the Remnant

Again you group Zinn with people I would not even ...

consider similar in the least ...

Chompsky, Moore, and Wolf.

Moore and Wolf deserve no respect what so ever.

Chompsky at one point, I have no doubt, had motives other than ideology, but individuals can change. Not that he has, but behavior, words, and actions should be rewarded or attacked... And chronology matters.

I grouped them because

I believe they are people who should be viewed with some suspicion, not because they are similar. I used Obama as an example of a NWO shill being against the war, not an example of someone who is similar to Zinn.

Again, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you want to put your trust in Zinn, it's ok by me :-) But personally, I wouldn't be surprised to hear ol' Howard pushing the idea soon that a world government would be the solution to end all wars.

we are the Remnant