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The Images From Haiti On TV Have No Affect On Me Whatsoever.

The images from Haiti on TV have no affect on me whatsoever. I have seen it all before. The TV Media is exploiting the Haiti Disaster as a Psychological Operation in order to tug on your emotional strings. Just look at the coverage. They have turned it into one gigantic human interest story. There is even going to be a telethon just as I have alluded to in a previous thread in the first hours of the disaster..

The event is being politicized in order to further the New World Order Goals. Please don't be brainwashed by the mainstream media propaganda. You already know everything you need to know about the disaster. You have all seen it before with the Sumatra earth quake tsunami and the Katrina disaster. The style of the coverage of the disaster does not change. The goal of the coverage is to distract you from important issues and take more of your rights and liberties away.

It's just like the devastation after a war. Who benefits from it? The International Banksters, That's who.

Why doesn't the Mainstream Media cover the greatest scientific fraud in history, Climategate?

If you need to watch something, please see the videos on this Youtube channel.

The Crowhouse Channel

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Why do the talking heads on

Why do the talking heads on TV assume it is the United State's job to rebuild Haiti?

What disheartens me

is how I can see the American people and others around the world rallying to support our fellow man in such terrible tragedies but then turn around and bomb and kill and maim and destroy people who have never done us any harm. And, yes, where is the media coverage of the villages that we destroy in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iraq? Where is the video coverage of the dead and dying and mutilated bodies there? Nowhere.

How can man be so kind and humane when it comes to a "natural disaster" but so inhumane and cruel when it comes to war? We need to wake up as a people, a compassionate people who sacrifice and give so generously during these tragedies and realize that we are imposing this type of devastation on people around the world every day that we approve of these horrible wars. Where is the outrage? When will people stand up and say "I will not be a part of this anymore. I am not going to war and I will not support any candidate who supports it." My heart breaks because we have so much good in us and yet so much evil.

And, yes, ADRA is an excellent organization to donate to. They will use your money wisely.


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It's a Red Cross Fund Raiser

The Red Cross fills it coffers when these tragedies strike. They use them as fund raisers. It's all pretty pathetic.

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i'm not sorry i missed all this...

i heard there was an earthquake...

i did see the before and after pictures of the beautifully ornate presidential palace...

china donated 1 measely million dollars...

private people in America donated 9 million (so far) through text "haiti 90999"...and this personal experience from me today in (please don't shoot me) wal-mart...a lady mentioned next to me that she was going to haiti with her church group to aid in the relief effort, she bought every water purifier tablets package on the shelf (about 10 packages @ $7 each)...this was one lady in one incident in one store (she had another lady with her buying separate items)...extrapolate that across America

wtf is our military doing there?

wtf are our tax dollars doing there?

with regards to the post below of this happeneing here next...a country boy will survive, my guns, ammo, and "don't tread on me attitude" will keep the new world order out of my neighborhood

don't believe me? bring your ass on down here!

i feel like i am a typical ron paul american...pissed, mad as hell, and NOT going to take it anymore

so, bottom line, fight and screw the main stream media new world order


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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9/11 Truth.

I'm pissed!

we are wasting our military and I don't even want to think of the money being spent down there, what benifit to the US is helping Hati?

our government should NOT be doing anything in hati in this situation, if you want to go as a part of a church or waste, errr, donate your money then fine.


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Please don't mistake my

Please don't mistake my coldness for inhumanity. I recently helped a homeless person by giving him a room and my home to use these past 2 weeks during the freezing cold snap in SW Florida. He now has another place to use for the next two weeks. I did know this person as he helped me hand out RP literature during the campaign. He is a Cuban refuge from the 70's and can't find work because of the International banksters and Wall Street.

What have you done lately besides giving money.

You won't get any sympathy

You won't get any sympathy from me about your "cold weather" is SW Florida, whatever the "F" that means. We won't get above 35 degrees until March. I love your idea of freezing weather being 35 degrees! Wish that was mine. At least I don't have to evacuate every 5 to 7 years either :)

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I have not watched anything.

Remember the telethon they had for 911 families? The Red Cross also had a big contribution campaign. Where did all of the money go? Didn't George what-his-face also host that telethon for 911?

This is just like the MD telethon. They are preying on the sheeple that they has already dumbed down.

I do not like it, and I will not participate.

Where is the U.N.? Sending the military to dispense supplies and maintain the peace is a reason for using our tax dollars.

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michalwise, I was hoping your OP would

disappear; I've been disturbed by your several posts on this tragedy, each one seeming to boast that you are impervious to empathy for the misery Haitians are experiencing.
What is this type of post doing on the 'Paul? Are we looking at Haitians as a collectivized mass to be ignored as abstract pawns of politics?
I do not see the value of such a post. And I don't admire your boasting of your empathy disabilities.

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what disturbs me, reedr3v...

is you!

americans, privately, will donate 10 times more (at least) than china's government will...we are a compassionate people

if there is money in the coffers to send to haiti then taxes are too damn high!

as insensitive as this post may be, and as insensitive as i may have sounded, this post serves a very good purpose in revealing the ways of the world vis-a-vis the new world order and it's impact on the american way of life and the chinese government's actual better reply to this effort than the american government (looks like china's reaction is more "ron paul" like than our own) since they send no money (virtually) from government

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

pitiful that large majority

Pitiful that large majority just sitting there, crying for others to rescue them similar to New Orleans scenes. Quilting is right, guard your heart michaelwise. These unfortunate Haitians are perfect example of country without light of liberty. Yes, they are in darkness. That being absence of light.

Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

You still watch TV?

You still watch TV?

I totally agree with you 100%.

It would be better if we could see the victims, men, women and children, of our violence around the world, the American solders coming home in caskets/body bags, the homeless Americans paying with their lives and the lives of their children for the banking industry profits and "bailouts", the permanently unemployed in this country. Our government has perpetrated all this.

And they do NOT want us to see that.

This on the other hand is endlessly useful to them. And I agree with some DPers that there is a perverted exploitation of these victims - to keep Americans watching! (And not watching what the other hand is engaged in.)

I feel bad for the Haitian

I feel bad for the Haitian people. There is only so much we can do. What really frosted me last night was the US donated 100 million, I was watching the donations from other countries and China donated a whole 1 million! They have 2 trillion in reserves and donate 1 whole million! anyway, Please keep watch on what is going on behind the scenes in our own government.. this tragedy could be used by the idiots in the government to do things that arte wrong since the spot light is off them.

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul

bad karma...

Technically, though it 'frosted' you, most in this group, the true libertarians -- and Ron Paul, would argue that the US should not have given 1 single penny to Haiti. It's not the role of government to forcefully take the money I worked hard for and give it to somebody else in Haiti, or the US for that matter.

Americans are generous. They will voluntarily give money to causes they believe in. You're really a liberal, aren't you?

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Generosity of Americans is

Generosity of Americans is unmatched. Heard last night that the various text message donations total more than 9 million so far! Then consider all the other charities involved.

Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

That is sad that it has no

effect, sounds like they were successful in desensitizing your emotions. We can hate what they are doing to us but when we lose compassion we become them. Just my two cents.

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I'm actually surprised

at the amount of graphic images of dead bodies they are continually posting - I don't remember this much from the earthquake in China last year, and certainly not from Katrina - it seems that after the first series of images were released, there was a blocking of these kinds of images. But with Haiti - it just keeps coming - bloated naked bodies of children, women, etc. It seems disrespectful.

They feel no connection to

They feel no connection to the dead as human beings. This is not meant to be racist, but if we look at the people we have always demonized in this country, its people with dark skin - muslims, mexicans, blacks . . . White people providing the images and the white people broadcasting them, feel no connection to these people at all. I believe its the same reason that relief efforts suffered during Katrina, the majority of the victims were black.

Historically, we have always looked at brown/black skinned people as "other" in this country.

Blessings )o(

It is kinda disrespectful of the dead, but...

People really need to see the reality of the disaster for it to sink in. Similarly, they should show much more of the death of war so that we back here in the comfort of our homes don't forget what hell war is.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


Just curious about the difference in coverage.


There certainly is no comparison of scale of this disaster with Katrina.
They are estimating the dead here to be upwards of 100,000. Katrina's estimates were mostly given in terms of dollars.
As for China .. arent most press releases coming out of there heavily stepped on?

I agree in part...

Of course this is a psy-op televised non stop to further the NWO and the masses will gladly give up what ever is necesary to handle these situations in the future. Me... I see this as another manipulated game. Yes, this is a re-run..... BUT, it DOES effect me, it breaks my heart and pisses me off. If it didn't I'd have to take a serious look inside me.

After reading the John Perkins Economic Hitman book, I wonder if this isn't just another way to exterminate a huge portion of the people, clearing some clutter so to speak. The big corperations will get the contracts to re-build this place and set grids up, bringing this country into a modern era. Our own unemployed will be happy to go there to work re-building and be grateful for the pittance they are paid. Many will become richer off this disaster than we can imagine.

As usual, we the american tax payer will pay for this yet again. But make no mistake, that could of just as easily have been us... will our turn come for this? The elite do not do something one dimensional, every calculated thing they do is multi-layered... is this part of redistributing wealth... of course it is.
It leaves me very unsettled, but wise enough to not get sucked into the drama & cautious enough to be watching closely.

"another way to exterminate a huge portion of the people"

You almost make it sound like the earthquake itself was caused by the NWO... you don't mean that do you?

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I said I wonder.... I didn't say either way because...

I don't know all the facts. Nothing is off the table with these freaks anymore. Technology is available for just about anything & everything even weather.

At the very best this is capitalizing on a disaster and using it for all that can be milked. As for the worst.... HAARP does at the very least raise the possibility.

What IS Lost In The Coverage ..

Something I find strikingly missing from the coverage is any conveyance of how screwed up the place was BEFORE the earthquake. The roads that they wish they had now to distribute aid never existed to begin with. Every road dead ends into a river with most of the population inaccesable by design. People lining up for food and water would be a normal occurance anyday. Here is hoping the sudden newfound interest in this place results in a real plan for a more sustainable way of life for the survivors, not just a pat on the back and a photo op for some politician.


There IS truth to what you say.

Over the decades, since the Federal Reserve was created, the banksters welcome such newsworthy events and I contend that the very reason those bastards have gotten away with a century of screwing us over is BECAUSE of world events which DISTRACT us away from what they are DOING WITH OUR MONEY.

They start wars for distraction...

They feed on natural distasters for distraction...

They must LOVE sports and popular, mindless TV shows for distraction...

Thsy are probably behind the creation of the Dept. of Education to keep new generations ignorant for distraction...

They know full well that any light shed on them will be short lived and then it will be back to business as usual.

So THIS is the truth in your statement.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

As soon as

I find a private sector charity who I trust to use my donation to help the people of Haiti, I plan to donate, just like I donated through the Popeye's Chicken chain during Hurricane Katrina. I welcome any suggestions from the members of this site.

Direct Relief International seems like a good one.

I researched it and they rank real high on the percentage of donations that actually go to victims verses administration costs.

They are the one I finally chose to give to and you can specify Haiti relief.

Here is their site...


"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

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ADRA is another ~

A supporter friend recommended this site to me, saying he has worked with them in the past and that they are good guys. Their main goal is helping to establish self-sufficiency ... and Charity Navigator gives them a four star rating with almost 96% of revenue going to their programs.



Please read my friend Anthony's column
for these poor Haitian people at The Sibyl:

“Sometimes, all you can do is pray. At this time, we are praying for everyone – not just our own ~ but everyone, the living and the dead. Not only that, we’re praying to all the gods, not only the Christian God. You know, you never know who’s going to come through for you in times like this; times when your very faith is shaken to the bone.”