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Bloggers, Finance Writers, Can You Help "Starve the Beast"?

Karl Denninger (market-ticker.org) is asking for support from "all financial bloggers, mainstream media writing or broadcasting on the financial markets and products and interested politicians to contact me at "karl (at) starve-the-beast (dot) org" with the explicit purpose of joining an effort to formulate cogent and real, tangible yet lawful actions that can effect positive and necessary [economic] change."

I don't always agree with Deninnger's views, but I think this project has some merit. For more information, see the link below. And please help out if possible. Thanks!


...WE THE PEOPLE have the right - and the ability - to take personal, lawful action with specific, lawful political and business-oriented goals, including permanent structural changes that will end "too big to fail" and "rip off the consumer on demand" policies, including the full reinstatement of Glass-Steagall which will END financial speculation and dealing in all of its forms by firms that have access to Federal Reserve credit and/or any sort of public backstop.

In the coming days and weeks I will outline specific, lawful actions that I hope each and every financial blogger, writer and columnist will take up and push as the key item for the remainder of this year and, if necessary, beyond - all with the intent of accomplishing these goals...

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