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Ron Paul promises to support Texas incumbents!


On December 30th 2009, I received an email from Dr. Ron Paul which concluded by him asking me to consider supporting Lamar Smith in his bid for re-election. I instantly thought to myself, "wait a second! Lamar Smith is a 22 year incumbent, two-time bailout voter, AND he voted for the War In Iraq!". This doesn't make sense. Couple that with the fact that a real liberty candidate, Stephen Schoppe, is currently fighting tooth and nail in a low funded raw grassroots campaign to unseat Representative Smith, and I became downright perturbed. I had to get to the bottom of this. I had the opportunity today at a CFL Regional Liberty Conference in Atlanta. Take from it what you will.

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policies over personal matters

The first important thing in Ron's strategy is "to get the message out".
To wake the people up.
To create awareness.

Remember, Ron has tried this as a third party candidate and failed. So he HAD to do it another way - attacking only the broadest issues:

  • overspending
  • big-government
  • FED-power
  • foreign wars

And emphasizing common ground with lots of folks.

He re-joined the Republican Party to get the message out.

And I would never have heard the message otherwise !

If you listen to Ron's statements from the 1980s
he was much more outspoken.

Today, he tactically limits the issues he speaks out against.

"I go after bad policies" he says, and not after particular "individuals" ;-)

Consider: To him it may be the hardest part of the job, to limit his statements to the main issues, no longer attacking the FBI for instance...

His unconditional support for Texas incumbents is still a bitter thing.


Peter Buchmann

Again I say what it teaches is another lesson in party politics

If I remember correctly, this video is the only time that Dr. Paul explained why he joined the Republican Party, if you have never seen it watch it all the way it is a very candid and open talk while he feels that he is amongst friends


I Have Always Admired Ron Paul

Admired him and supported him without flinching.

Now I can understand why he might feel obliged to support other Republican legislators, but it stinks if it means he will support Rick Perry over Debra Medina.

Dr. Paul

and Rand Paul and Peter Schiff are genius's they
are playing the cards dealt by the elite in the Republican
party and it is a lot different than everything we
have seen from past election promises and support
only to see when they get to Washington it is the same old
special interest groups again running our country.

It will not happen with the Paul's or Schiff when they
go to Washington it will be change that actually happens.

Smart move Dr. Paul

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

That was just a meh "letter

That was just a meh "letter of support" for Lamar Smith. As others said, and he says in the video Ron Paul HAS to make some sacrifices in order to have the influence that he does have. Do people want him to run as an Independent and lose his seat in Congress?

“Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” -George Bernard Shaw



Information about an important friend

Dear Fellow Texan,

As you know, America faces tremendous problems. I have dedicated my career to fight for solutions, but I need friends in Congress who will help and work with me in these critical times.

That is why I am grateful for the friendship of Congressman Lamar Smith. Lamar Smith is a thoughtful, intelligent leader who keeps his door open to me and is always willing to listen. As the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, Rep. Smith's word carries a lot of weight on Capitol Hill and I am glad to see he fights to take principled stands on important issues like Healthcare and Cap and Trade.

Congressman Smith made a point of reading both of my recent books, The Revolution: A Manifesto and End the Fed and I enjoyed our discussion. True intellectual exchange has become all too rare in Washington and I appreciated his effort.

Lamar is also one of the true gentlemen in Congress. I value Congressman Smith's thoughtful approach and consider him a true friend. If more leaders in Washington adopted his style of governing, I know we could break down a lot of barriers.

I am proud of my friendship with Lamar Smith. I hope you will consider supporting him in his bid for re-election.

In Liberty,

Ron Paul

Thanks for Posting Ron Paul's Reasoning!

That really helps explain what is going on.

That is as fine a letter as I have read.


Free includes debt-free!

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Republican Party Bylaws Require It

I've read the Republican Party Bylaws for California and even members of the county central committee are required to support those candidates supported by the Republican Party or they will kick you out of elected office!


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The Republican Party Requires It

The bylaws of the Republican Party REQUIRE candidates to support the Republican candidates or the Republican Party can kick you out!
I have read the California GOP bylaws and even members of the county central committee will be kicked out of their elected positions if they openly speak out against the candidates nominated by the Republican Party.
The Republican Party officials have made their bylaws to insulate them from any challenges. You either have to support them or be kicked out!
That's probably why Ron Paul has had to make a token statement in support of Lamar.


Remember - Ron is Under Cover...

Ron has been playing this game for a long time now. He's using the republican party as a way to make changes. You won't hear him say he became a republican because he was inspired by Bush, big spending and the neocon mindset.

You will only hear about him talk about past republicans that were fiscally conservative, for smaller government etc. I don't think there are many of those running. So it may be his way of giving in and compromising to stay where he is, otherwise he'd have to run as a libertarian.

It may also be that Ron was asking to support the lesser of other evils? Without having an actual conversation with Paul and asking more questions, it's easy to jump to conclusions.

Schoppe Responds to Ron Paul’s Email Supporting Smith

Austin, Texas, December 31, 2009 — Texas Congressman Ron Paul emailed supporters on Wednesday the 30th asking them to consider Lamar Smith for re-election to his US House district 21 seat.

Stephen Schoppe, who is filling to run against Lamar Smith this coming Monday for the March Republican primary, said “I really respect Dr. Paul but am disappointed with his email since Lamar voted for the $700 billion banker bailout. Compromises like this with Democrats have led to the financial disaster our nation is in today.” Schoppe is also encouraged that his campaign has spurred Lamar Smith to seek an endorsement from Ron Paul. “We must be having an effect if Lamar is kowtowing to Ron Paul,” Schoppe said.

Ron Paul’s staff has been quoted saying this was not an “endorsement” but the language in the email could lead a non-Washington insider to believing it was. “Since this was not an endorsement, I think it only fair that a similar email be sent to Dr. Paul’s supporters asking them to consider me as well. I believe Ron Paul supporters will be very pleased with my philosophy and agree with where I stand on the issues,” Schoppe said this morning.

Ron Paul ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 and has amassed a very loyal following by speaking for the restoration of constitutional principles and standing strong to his convictions.


Anybody have this email? I'd

Anybody have this email? I'd like to see the exact words of support.

Nothing to do now but make lemonade.

Here are the Texas incumbents. Any we should keep?


For the Republicans we should help a worthy Democrat in the Primary just in case.

Free includes debt-free!

Don't miss this:

In the case of the bailout, congressmen voted in support in exchange for assistance in getting reelected.
In the case of HR1207, congressmen voted in support in exchange for assistance in getting reelected.

See the difference?

In the former case, people had to bow down to the Bush/Obama party to preserve their political lives. In the latter case, they had to bow down to the Liberty Movement! Until now, RP was a voice, but He had little weight. If HR1207 passes, it puts him, and all of us, on the map.

"To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world."

Now its dinner time!

How can a sheep (especially the most influential one of all) stay amongst the hungry wolfs without being advertised as the main coarse? To have longevity in politics you must be a master strategist, forecasting changes and knowing who to trust. Now in respect to Dr. Paul no one, and i mean NO ONE, should place instant trust on any one person that he endorses in any election. That is left to the minds of the masses so truth may never again be placed in a centralized environment. It is important to study all candidates and all issues and discuss them thoroughly.

We should keep in mind that to represent requires an ability to communicate between two different communities (or worlds for that matter). All we see (or at least I do hailing from South Dakota) is the battles he fights at the national level. That one community. Rarely witnessing the fight that he must subdue every election cycle just so he may continue the good fight. In this era, our countries true worthy fight will be fought on ideological battlegrounds where our future victories will decided by our past defeats. Which is the wisest compromise to consed towards so we may continue to foster freedom in the minds of all?

I would like to think this is what Ron Paul is thinking but i am not him. Support Ron Paul on your own accord as well as everyone else. This is a freedom Dr. Paul hasn't the luxury to enjoy.

~Good Night, And Good Luck~

Ron has calculated reasons

Ron has calculated reasons for everything he does. The Ron Pual archives give us a window into his belief system. That said, I truly believe he is doing what is necessary to keep his seat in Congress. At this time he is moving toward "King Maker" status whereas his popularity and influence grows daily. There will be a time in the near future when he will have enough power to pick and choose his colleagues without jeopardizing his position in Congress. He will not have this power if he loses his seat in Congress.

Calculated reasons

is what trashed the Republican Party.

We may think we're picking the input parameters, but, as long as the establishment controls the algorithm, the game is rigged. The only choice is not to play.

Defend Liberty!

This Is NOT Good

The reason I don't like this is it could give people the wrong impression that Dr. Paul supports these progressive Republicans. The goal of any constitutional movement would be to develop a party that can get on all state ballots and have a charter that representatives have to agree to before they join and they have to stick to in order to join. Make it broad issues such as foreign and monetary policy.

This is where Indies will differ

with RP ....
enough with these career politicians ....
basing decissions just because someone is in your party -
is not enough....
vote issues vote philosophy ..... out with old in w/ new

for the House .....

Ron Paul is older than I am, and I am not young by any . . .


I think he knows that, at this moment, we are 'sunk'--

but he stays in congress and 'dukes it out'--

he faces down giants all the time, and he's only mortal.


maybe he has figured that in order to continue to teach others and fight on some level he has to agree to play politics.

I wrote a post almost opposite to this on another topic a while back about some guy called Brown in Massachusetts, I think--where I said something about integrity--

it felt different to me at the time; perhaps it isn't.

The fact is that Ron Paul tells people what he stands for and votes for what he stands for.

I have no idea how parties work--

I worked only briefly in two campaigns and that was decades ago--

I know it's hard. I sense that Ron Paul believes that people having the truth is more important than what is immediately happening, on some level, and in order to have an influence he has to be in congress--

I think he's always seen himself as a teacher and a leavening agent--

he does both in his present circumstance.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Take a deep breath, he did not sell out

RP is a Republican. In order to call himself a Republican he has to agree to certain things. It is not a compromise because he is not making a new deal. He is staying firm on a deal he already made years ago.
It was a good deal as he would not have gotten a 10th of the media coverage or allowed in the debates.
You can judge the man for laying the foundation of all these other candidates. When he made the deal there was little to NO liberty candidates. It is not like he is supporting McCain. He simply agreed to support Republican incumbents, remain silent or stay out of the Republican party.
I guess you can argue that was a bad idea, but you would have a difficult time holding water.

[Sarcasm Alert]

Yeah, this is the slippery slope whereby Dr. Paul finally sells out. I am sure he is going to chuck everything he has worked for over a 30+ year political career just to get elected.
[End of Sarcasm Alert]

Too many DPer's thrive on being offended, shocked, outraged, by the actions of the friends of liberty in America.
We eat our own young and then wonder why we are spinning our wheels.

Makes you kind of wonder who's side we're on.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I'm sure this whole thing is being blown out of proportion...

....Just trying to get a fix on our bench mark for truth and honesty, which up until this point I've been able to justify and argue against to those who berate RP...I'm sure it's nothing and RP deserves a day off. I hope he'll further explain his actions in the days to follow. If my wife had another mans cologne on her blouse I would ask her why and how.


He supports a guy like this when a person who is FOR liberty is running? You mean he does everything to get re-elected? That does make him a politician, not statesman.
I am torn in two tents here:
1. We really need him in Congress.
2. Should it be done whatever the cost?

I support Ron I really do, I just hope he knows what he is doing man, he may lose many supporters doing this, sad but true.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.
Teach a man to phish and he'll clean out your bank account.

No you are having a knee jerk reaction

Ron Paul made this agreement before any one started their campaign. He is not campaigning against them he is just not publicly supporting them. He would be a sell out if he did not keep his word

Ron will get attacked in

Ron will get attacked in media for this later on, they will use it against him when the time comes.

If you think about it this is far from a major issue, I think we can agree on that, but it does not look good.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.
Teach a man to phish and he'll clean out your bank account.

That is dissapointing

I am a die-hard Ron Paul supporter, but I have to say I'm rather disappointed that he has made this agreement.