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Understand Ron's Endorsement: those mad don't understand politics or the consequences of non-support

The biggest problem I see on a regular basis on this forum and other forums is the lack of understanding of how the republican party works and politics in general. If any of us really want to make a difference than take the time to understand the rules and strategy of the game you are attempting to play before you actually play it!

Ron Paul CAN NOT I repeat CAN NOT endorse anyone running against an incumbent republican. Ron Paul is a senior member of the house financial services committee if he endorses anyone other than the incumbent he could lose his seat on that committee that he has worked for to obtain his tenure! Is this what all of you complaining want?

Incumbent : Holding an indicated position, role, office, etc., currently

Tenure : The period or term of holding something

I can already see people saying; Ron Paul endorsed Chuck Baldwin for President against John Mccain so what you are saying is not true. WRONG! John Mccain was not an incumbent for he was running for President and was not an incumbent President he was only seeking to become President!

He has not sold out in any way, unless, you believe that his seat on this committee is not important enough to have a true voice of liberty sitting at that table speaking truth about our current financial system and our massive debt and spending that goes on in Washington! If you don't believe this is an important seat for our cause you would be dead wrong!

I am not going to go into great detail as to how this can happen to Ron Paul's seat because it is not my job to write a book report in an attempt to educate the ignorant, personal freedom comes with personal responsibility, so educate yourselves so you can understand how things work. I also don't want anyone taking my word for it, do the research and confirm it like you should with EVERY piece of information that someone claims is true, never assume anything EVER!

You also may not know what Ron Paul knows about this candidate he has encouraged you to support so, I would ask for a little latitude before you all start jumping to conclusions based on nothing factual!

Comments here are welcome and I may even answer some questions on this subject if I have the time, but please, as stated above, learn the rules of the game before you play the game or you are bound to lose every time you play!

In the mean time, you do not have to support anyone; however, I would suggest if you want liberty candidates that you look at and help the candidates and the people at www.retakecongress.com so we can all make real change that is so very needed in our constitutional republic.

Thank you,


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Thank you for spreading reality so well.

It is an uphill battle dispensing wisdom to the masses but Dr. Paul does it so well, and thank you, Neverquit, for doing your share in defending Dr. Paul.

Elections: Fight Neo-cons in Primaries and Statists in General

Please spend your time defeating statists after the primary. Is Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas a Neo-con or a statist? If a neo-con or neo-con lite wins then primary there is always the next election. We are trying to defeat neo-cons in Kentucky, but mainly in open seats.

We are focusing our energy defeating statists such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid etc., We can defeat the statists in incumbent races in the primary/general election and neo-cons in the primary. It is too late to defeat neo-cons or neo con lite in general election races. I repeat running a third party candidate does nothing, but elect statists. Folks, I have tried running as a third party candidate myself. This is the same old argument we have had for decades.

If you want a Neo-con defeated in the primary then go off your couch or sitting behind your computer screen and get to work! If you are already working as a candidate or on a campaign then please accept the results of the primary election win or lose.

Understanding the consequences of non-support

is what kept me a neo-con for far longer than I would have been otherwise. Rush Limbaugh explains the consequences of non-support very well. You should look into his archives and you'll find some very compelling arguments.

Defend Liberty!

I heard Rush Limbaugh being right once, and once only.

He said " I may be wrong about this but...". He was wrong about what he was discussing, but he was right about being wrong. Comparing Limbaugh's understanding of freedom to Dr. Paul's is like comparing a firecracker to an atom bomb. Rush is paid to have an opinion which is supplied to him by his owners and advertisers. Dr. Paul has opinions gathered from a lifetime of studying freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

Ron Paul made a deal..

we only know one side of it and that is HE agreed to support the incumbants for what in return? or under what possible threat? we do not know.

The point is HE made ( had to make ) the deal but he did not make it speaking for anyone but himself. In other words..he made a deal.. you and I did not and Ron Paul did not make one for us. I trust he knows we will support and vote based on the principles we know he has always espoused!

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

Ron Paul has educated us in the principles of Freedom

and Liberty----we are Big Boys and Girls and he knows we can be trusted to make our own decisions as to who to vote for.
I can't imagine WHERE Audit the Fed would be if Ron Paul was not on the House Financial Services Committee! He used his pulpit to educate, not only us, but ALL the members of the committee AND many in the halls of Congress!
Each time he spanked Ben Bernanke, he caused questions to be formed in minds and some AHA! moments.
I can understand strong unyielding opinions in one's personal life, but each one of us must make our own decisions and sometimes compromise is involved.

Very well said.

Very well said.


There is quite a fuss on Facebook about the "ambush" interview, too.
Ron Paul always answers questions honestly, and to call it an "ambush interview" infers that he wouldn't have answered this question if he hadn't been "ambushed"!

Some Do Understand

how the republican party works (or doesn't work)
and that is the point ... we don't like the republican party ... only those in it with the philosophy.

You are correct...

We want encumbant Republicans to view the RP movement as a means for thier keeping their jobs...so they will start voting for liberty.


Keeping it local allows us to babysit our "leaders" so they don't cut deals when we aren't watching. This union needs to split and will eventually. Then you will see real change.

What people miss

There is a huge difference between supporting, campaigning for, and not endorsing.
Ron Paul can simply not endorse some one challenging an incumbent. It does not follow that he is campaigning for him or supporting him. It simply means he can not endorse his opponent.



Weakest possible "endorsement"

Please CONSIDER supporting Lamar Smith.
Please CONSIDER erecting a monument to Benito Mussolini.
Please CONSIDER robbing banks for a living.

All reasonable suggestions. Consideration is good mental exercise no matter what you conclude or how you act. Always CONSIDER even the most loathsome of actions. Like the Socratic method itself, it can set up a useful turbulence in your mind and help to lead you to deeper truths.

The Good Doctor's Republican credentials depend on his adhering to partisan principles of mutual non-aggression. He has found a way to meet the letter of his agreement without compromising his principles.

Please CONSIDER cutting him some slack.

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

I noticed it too

It reads like they have a gun to his head.

I think Ron knows a lot more about politics than his grandpa image may reveal. I trust him completely on this one.

Great post

Figured it deserved a bump.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

self serving repeat bump

...though it's not like my ego needs any inflating...

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
West of 89
a novel of another america

Neo-cons are the Devil..

...but please consider supporting them.....??? Just tell us what was traded, we'll understand. Make it go away, just tell us what was traded, we're big boys and girls.

It might be politics but

Lamar Smith is a true to life, walking, P.O.S. in my best estimation. He is truly despicable.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Is there a copy of this request?

Could answer a lot of question.

Free includes debt-free!

Ron Paul Plays Politics

Ron Paul Plays Politics. Ron Paul knows how to play politics. Ron Paul knows the rules of the game. I knew it when he said why he is a registered Republican.

It's not like politics is a religion. Or your belief system is a religion. Go Ron Paul.

Paul is not my guru.

I will never support a neo con or a man that wants to run on his religion. Ron will be forced to do lots of things, that's why we must detach from him and create a clear message of Freedom and Liberty. We must show the neo cons we will NOT follow Ron Paul into their nonsense. We will NOT be bought or manipulated. We must stick to our principals whether Ron Paul does or not.

Fedor I Think You Might want To Rethink That...

I'm sure you know my general take on Christianity by now...
Washington as you clearly know is a festering cesspool of corruption controlled by the bankers, international companies and war machine (not to mention the control that Aipac has). It's filthy with corruption,intrigue,blackmail,and murder that we never really get the full story on...

That being known cut Paul some slack for he's has remained faithfully principled for around 3 decades now. And for being able to "play the game" so to speak for that amount of time with nary a real allegation of corruption is no small feat in itself...Look what we did concerning HR 1207 and the awakening about the Fed. and the general wake up call America is going through right now...look at all the states that are passing resolutions or legislation telling the Feds to back off on a myriad off issues from healthcare to firearms to medical marijuana...this is changing from a grassfire to a full blown firestorm...ALL DUE TO Ron Paul...all of it!!!

Paul is a shining example of how Christians should conduct themselves and when he had the third party forum and then endorsed Chuck Baldwin I knew I couldn't vote for Chuck because he's not at the stage of personnel development yet that Ron is where he is able to keep the Constitution above his religious beliefs...That day could come from Baldwin but he would have to sign a clear declaration attesting to that...

I think Ron could take the 2012 election with some serious hard work from us but he is going to have to declare soon and get the jump on things...We have to face the fact that even though the grassroots on the streets is very effective we need BIG $$$ this time around with a 5 star team from the best of the grassroots video makers and they have to be broadcast at the target areas at the target times so EVERYONE gets to hear him this time.And he'll need to do and old time speaking tour Nationwide with a Huge Rally/Party at the end making the Rally For The Republic pale in comparison.

He also needs to set his site up soon and needs the best tech guys there are to set up text messaging campaign donations to keep the money flowing in....

Ron Paul 2012

Thomas.. as you can see

Thomas.. as you can see above.. fedor is like a woman with a bad case of PMS (no offense ladies). He goea off on these half truth, reaching opinions and misses the whole point. He is the classic example of .. Hey Daily Paul look at me.. I'm somebody! most here see him for what he is. I dissagree with you on Baldwin. He would run the office of the President in the same manner Paul would. My first choice ofcoures is Ron, Next would be Napolitano, then Baldwin. Baldwin would be better then anyone else after those 2. Read his essays. I too think Ron could take the 2012 election. But we need to start raising money NOW. We need to start getting out the Ron Paul 2012 bumper stickers etc.

“Defiance of God’s Law will eventually bring havoc to a society.” - Dr. Ron Paul

Let Give It A Break rebelsoul Were All In This For Many...

reasons but the primary one is individual freedom and liberty.
The only reason you make a statement like the above is because of you and Fedor are diametrically opposed when it comes to religion...I tend to side with Fedor on this I think because I think we both fear a theocratic dictatorship coming to fruition in this country...and it's possible and that has to be guarded against at all cost's.

Remember when Ron Paul quoted Sinclair Lewis? "when fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."
Think a little more on that and try to see it from anothers point of view.

A blast from the past and food for thought:



This reminds me of the Right To Life People

The right to life people would tell me they were not going to vote for McCain because he only 99pct agrees with thier position.

So they let Obama in by sticking to some 100pct ideal - and then loosing the real world battle.

Fedor likes to stir trouble

Fedor likes to stir trouble and divide people here.

But you are correct with your assessment.

While I only made a brief

While I only made a brief comment on the other thread a number of points must be made:

1. While neither Baldwin nor McCain were incumbents McCain is a GOP member while Baldwin isn't. RP's comment on endorsing McCain was essentially, "I won't endorse someone whose beliefs are opposite mine."

It's disturbing, in multiple aspects, that this isn't the case now.

2. The general concensus among the key players in the liberty movement: Chapman, Jones, Stadtmiller, Celente, Viera, Griffin, etc is the vast majority of incumbents must be thrown out of office as they are compromised.

3. The effort to make real change becomes greater when congress critters who ignore the constitution get to stay in office.

Note: #1 is not throwing RP under the bus because some very unsavory events may have occurred behind the scenes we are not privy to.

Also, through no fault of its members the house financial services committee is impotent. The FRB can do and has done whatever it wants. They answer to no one. Congress has the power to change this, not the committee.

The problem is with thought

The problem is with thought process like yours, is that you are trying to goto the moon on a bicycle, that is not going to happen and if you think we will have real change in this country in the next few years you would be wrong.

Everything you stated in your comment really has nothing to do with my post.