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Why AFP Would Endorse Jim Traficant for Congress


Jim Traficant is unlike any other politician in this country today. Traficant actually talks about the U.S. Constitution and what it means and why (and how) it’s being ignored. He says that the tax system needs to be overhauled, that the IRS needs to be (and can be) eliminated and that a new tax system can supply all the revenue America needs to function without raping the taxpayers every April 15.

Jim also says that the Federal Reserve System isn’t federal— that it’s the creation of and controlled by international bankers and financial institutions that have no loyalty to America or the American people—and that the Fed needs to be abolished. He openly challenges the influence of the Israeli lobby—and other well-heeled lobbies and interests—in official Washington. Jim thinks it’s time that America bring its troops home from policing the world and engaging in fruitless and unnecessary foreign wars and put them to work protecting America’s borders and sovereignty from waves of illegal immigrants and potential enemies. Jim is someone who says things that need to be listened to and AMERICAN FREE PRESS is proud to place itself foursquare behind Jim’s efforts to get the word out. That’s why we’re hoping you’ll be planning to come to Washington—along with many other Americans from across the country—and to hear what Jim has to say. Spread the word through letters, cards, email and phone calls to all people you think would be interested. All people of good will are invited to attend. IDEA: Charter a bus and bring a group of patriots to D.C. from your home town!