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Folks at FireDogLake are fired up!

After reading the email that John Kerry sent out today on behalf of the DSCC, I no longer have any doubt that the DSCC and all Senate Democrats are shameless as.holes who will say anything to dig themselves out of the mess that they created for themselves politically.

Kerry’s email isn’t just bullsh.t. It’s offensive.

Electing Coakley “means standing up to the big insurance companies,” he writes, as if anyone could possibly be stupid enough to believe that after what Senate Democrats have done to ruin health care reform.

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Some themate for the fire

And then Carney went down the list of 22 members of the host committees – meaning they each raised $10,000 or more for Coakley

“Seventeen are federally registered lobbyists, 15 of whom have health-care clients,” Carney said.

“You see the names – Gerald Cassidy, David Castagnetti,, Tommy Boggs – those are all lobbyists I’ve highlighted there who have clients who are drug companies, health insurers, hospitals or all three,” Carney said. “AHIP, Phrma, Pfizer, Blue Cross – everybody is covered there. Aetna somehow isn’t. I don’t know how they got left out.”


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