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Beautiful Song from England Dedicated to Ron Paul

....you've got to watch/listen to this. What a motivator from across the ocean and what a beautiful video. I don't think it has been posted as it just came up 18 minutes ago, but 500 people have watched it.

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British Ron Paul Campaigner on Iranian TV Network

British Ron Paul Campaigner Gets Ron Paul's Message Through on Iranian TV Network

Thu Dec 20, 2007

Iranian TV Network invites John Mappin, Ron Paul supporter, media owner and songwriter, onto its international TV network to present the opportunity that the Ron Paul candidacy represents to the US and to play Inner Truth a newly released Song for Ron Paul from Camelot Castle.

(PRWEB) December 22, 2007 -- Yvonne Ridley who is one of the most respected mainstream journalists in the UK and who now hosts a TV show called "The Agenda" invited John Mappin, who last week announced his media group's support for Ron Paul in the US, to appear on a news show that was supposed to be discussing what Hilary Clinton's chances were in the election. Ron Paul however quickly became a predominant topic of discussion. As you will see when you watch the show at the link below, Ron Paul's ideas and his campaign quickly grabbed the interest and the attention of the panel of political and media experts who agreed that Ron Paul's nomination would indeed split the Democratic vote and it was clear that the amount of voter support for Ron Paul may well be underestimated.

The show can be viewed in its entirety at Press TV's web site:

Click this link below and then click the video link titled "Can Hillary Win."


Press TV also aired, in full, the song "Inner Truth" which is dedicated to Ron Paul and which shot to number one in the UK last week on Utube when it was released by John Mappin from Camelot Castle in England. The song and clip which can be seen on U Tube here are creating thousands of allies for Ron Paul.


John Mappin was delighted with the way that the program developed.

"It became quite clear to me that the mainstream media has really been caught off guard by Dr. Paul, even those who should be aware of what is occuring with US voters have no idea of the sheer size or the impact and power of the Ron Paul campaign," said Mappin.

"Interestingly Ron Paul's campaign for Freedom is not just a phenomenon that is limited to America. It's Global," said Mappin.

"I am certain that we will now see other Ron Paul like leaders emerging in other countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia for they have learned from the positive response to Dr Paul's wisdom and will now create political campaigns of their own along the same lines," he continued. "God knows, we need a Ron Paul in England immediately. Truth and wisdom cannot be stopped by even the thickest armour plate and whatever the mainstream media try to do to block Ron Paul's message, in the long run they will fail."

He added, "The fire of freedom is already well ablaze and will not be put out. It is somewhat ironic that an Iranian TV network based in a country that is often presented as a supposed threat to freedom is giving Dr. Paul the airtime that he deserves."

Yvonne Ridley has an extraordinary track record as a journalist of integrity and principle. Captured by the Taliban in 2001, she became a household name, as the world watched with bated breath as her imprisonment and release from captivity on the first day of bombing in Afghanistan grabbed the media's attention.

She has since continued on in her campaign to help diffuse inaccurate and bigoted misunderstandings between the West and Islamic cultures. She is the anchor and presenter of "The Agenda" and one of the most influential journalistic voices on the international mainstream media and political stage today.

"It is no surprise to me that Yvonne Ridley is one of the first mainstream journalists in Europe to give appropriate notice to Ron Paul's Campaign. Yvonne has a history of delivering in her role as a journalist of integrity and is second to none when it comes to searching out the truth and exposing it," said Mr. Mappin.

Please contact Press TV at theagenda @ presstv.com and let them know your views.


Camelot Castle
07770 671 650


Above piece online here


Jeder war ein großer Krieger
Hielten sich für Captain Kirk

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was glad to come
I'll be sad to go
So while I'm here
I'll have me a real good time

Jeder war ein großer Krieger
Hielten sich für Captain Kirk

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was glad to come
I'll be sad to go
So while I'm here
I'll have me a real good time


That is so beautiful! Thanks!



Well folks all your support on u tube has resulted me being invited onto UK TV to discuss RON PAUL tommorow.

Super News John (frm Camelot Castle)!

....hope you will be able to post a video of the interview. Will they play your video/song? Let us know what happens. Thank you!



Hi there yes its great the video clip will be played I am taking it along to the studio tomorrow.

I am being interviewd by YVONNE RIDLEY if you googele her you will see that she is most interesting she is one of the most well known anti war journalists on earth.

I do believe that this song represents a great oportunity to promote RON

I think it is important to understand that we may get more mainstream media out side the US and that media can be used to influence inside the US.

You can see Yvonnes email below



dear John,

Wonderful you can make tomorrow's show of The Agenda - I will need you here by 1pm latest with your three minute video of Ron Paul.

The studio is literally just off the Hanger Lane roundabout from the A40 and you can park in our car park. Just mention Press TV and my name.

thank you for coming in at such short notice - we have three other guests and are looking at the whole White House race and asking Can Hilary win it. You and at least one other will be saying no.

Looking forward to seeing you again - the full address is below.

Press TV is an international, english language news satellite station. very big in America.


The Agenda
Press TV
Westgate House
W5 1YY

A gentle reminder

that we have a mentally challenged thang in the whitehouse just drooling to press the big red button. It may take 50 years to undue all the damage done by the bushco warmongers. I hope we get the chance to try. With rigged election machines and a pathologically lying press this will be an uphill battle. And where will we go for election results? I can foresee the twisting and omission that is sure to come in the primary coverage. I have this sickening feeling that this is our last shot to save our nation and nothing short of a landslide will get past Diebold and Murdoch. Its time to pull out all the stops and give this campaign everything we have got.

America At The Crossroads

Friend, many people also have this same "sickening feeling". We really are at a crossroads in US history. There will either be liberty or subjugation. People all over the world have the same struggle. People are waking up, reading, thinking, and getting involved. My hope is in the united voice and energy of those Americans who choose liberty and are willing to stand up for it. Stand Up! Stand Up! STAND UP!

Well said!

It is so sad that so many Americans find it to time consuming to maintain their liberty.

So beautiful and touching...

...it moved me to get a bit teary eyed. Powerful stuff if you really listen to the words of the song.


Big Difference Between McGovern and Ron Paul

Not wanting so much to criticize a well-made film and the enthusiasm of a British supporter (as long as the supporter is no Hillary fan trying to split the US Republicans), I have to comment that we need to be very, very careful not to let Ron Paul be associated with:

That wimpy guy who ran against Bush in 1988

Although this film explains itself well at the end, it can remind Republicans of the one the left wingers used against Goldwater in 1964 (shots of exploding atom bombs don't argue for or against different foreign policies - to most Republican males, they mostly argue for attacking those who might be making them).

The RP Campaign has the intellectual upper-hand. The two enemy camps are the ones who generally appeal to emotion instead of logic. Democrats use "Save the planet from the evil white patriarchy" and Republicans use "Save the planet from the evil white sex offenders and Muslim males" (both US political parties hate men).

I found myself resisting emotional pressure with this film. Maybe if there was a shot of Reagan instead of MLK, who was no conservative, I would not have felt so much pressure to think differently than I am used to as a Republican. The Eisenhower comment was very necessary. Too bad it was at the very end.

I am, obviously, very much behind the Ron Paul campaign, but I know the way to win Republican males is to note that we no longer need huge bases in Korea and 300+ bases elsewhere in the world.

I think the best angle to fight the current over-extended foreign policy and the spreading of unwanted American ideals (Pakistan was forced to expel two obnoxious American feminists last week) is to suggest more that our troops have done a great job but now there needs to be a realignment of priorities or the country will go bankrupt.

Another effective way to turn Republican males off to global militarism is to loudly say that we don't need to be forcing Muslim societies to accept that their daughters should grow up to join Code Pink. We can say that we don't need American men to die so Pakistan's opposition parties can align with the US National Organization for Women (which is happening).

If we question what kind of results militarism is looking for, rather than the violence of military action itself, we can win over Republican males and get the nomination for Ron Paul. If we concentrate on violence as something the "evil white male patriarchy" does, Republican males will resist.

And, yes, Abraham Lincoln is looked on as a tyrant by a lot of Constitutionalists, but that is water under the bridge.


Loved it except for Abe.

Ha Ha, Wisen

....I wuz waiting for Abe's mug to morph into Ron's face. But it didn't. Cuz it couldn't. Hmmm. Guess I am glad it didn't. Not everyone knows Abe's history. Most people, however, associate Abe with Honest Abe. (I did NOT chop down that Cherry Tree may have been more like I did Not have sexual relations with that woman ). And we have Honest "For Real" Ron.


Abe morphing into Dr. Paul would be insanity

Abe wasn't honest. I know his history and the lies he told over and over again.

Great song

Beautiful song. Those nuclear war CGI clips are scary.

So where is the song?

Do you have a link to this?

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Love it, absolutely love it!

Thanks for sharing that. It just brings tears to my eyes.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Fabio...Tell Us The Story

....behind the song and who is singing it. I know Fabio from Europeans for Ron Paul had something to do with the video and getting it on UTube. It was performed or recorded at Camelot????

Fabio often visits. Perhaps he will tell us more. To me, it is unbelievably beautiful and even more so coming from some of our incredible overseas friends. Visit all the "It's A Small World/When There Is a Ron Paul" websites.
The support from all over the world is just one of the many things that makes this revolution truly unprecedented. All of the overseas sites are as excited about the TeaParty, the Blimp....but most of all the Hope and what it means as we are. There really are our brothers and sisters. We are one family that understands...despite our spats and different life experiences. For the first time in my life (and I am 59)...I can see that one day we will all live in peace. Amen....and thanks Dr. Paul and everyone working so hard to make Hope a Reality.



Hi Fonta,

actually, this time I`m only informed and not involved. Matt from Brits4RonPaul knows much more about it, as he`s in touch with the people who made this. I don`t know them yet, but I`ll tell you more as soon as I learn about it!
As for the rest you have written: I completely agree.

Best whishes


Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)

Hasta la libertad, siempre ;-)


Hi there its John here I am so glad that u folks like the song.

At Camelot Castle in England we support Ron Paul completely and we want to do everything possible to help get his message out there. I sensed that this song can help with that and if it does I will be delighted.

We know that he Ron is just the hope for the US but that he in fact represents a hope for all mankind. I believe that it is very important that the the full potential of the international community is fully utilised. If we all help we can win. and it is not just the US that has a vested interest in straigtening out US foreign policy.

Can you imagine what might happen when the Ron Paul message and ideas hits Chna and India and other international internet communities.

So please send all our love from Camelot Castle and the Freedom knights of England to fellow Ron Paul revolutionaries over there or where ever you are in the world.

We are with you all the way. We are going to do a meet up at the ROUND TABLE at Camelot to celebrate your tea party on the 16th. How about that a Brit celebrating the Boston Tea Party! Lets really give freedom a chance this time and let get Ron Paul into the whitehouse.

By the way a few moments ago the song has just gone to NUMBER ONE on the utube charts for the UK today!!!!!!

Also please advise on how non us citizens can donate.



Thanks England (Fabio & John)


Send pictures from the meet-up at the Round-Table. John, your music is as moving as the movement...a real fit. Thank you for dedicating it to Ron Paul, I found this about you and the song's background on the UTube site:

........ I wrote it just before the bombing of Afghanistan when I saw knee jerk foreign policy moves that Britain and the US made in response. The clip has just gone to number ONE on U TUBE UK today. I dedicate the song to Ron Paul because what he is doing is the most exciting an valuable thing I have ever seen in politics ever. The international community is just now beginning to get wind of Ron Paul. Do please foward the link to other revolutionaries.

Hope the Paul family and campaign office hear thi


How about the Ron Paul DVD bomb?

I believe you can donate to the Ron Paul DVD bomb. It is not affiliated with the campaign.

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

Non-US citizens can donate

I believe that non-US citizens can donate to anything that is not officially affiliated with the campaign. Things like the Blimp or any of the other independently run campaign boosts.
I hope I am right. I am sure someone else knows. We can certainly benefit from any help you can give in that area. The world can certainly benefit.
God Bless Ron Paul

Healthnuttie for Ron Paul


The lip of truth shall be established forever: but a lying tongue is but for a moment...Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are His delight. Prov 12:19,22

John! This song gives me the

This song gives me the goosebumps. I have heard it at least 10 times already. Even, thou there are countless beautiful songs dedicated to Ron Paul already, this one is The Anthem for me.
Lyrics! Music! Incredible. Thank You!

I have no idea...

How you can donate, but I sent an Estonian buddy a blue RP bumper sticker, and someone here might be willing to send one to you, too. Of course, it might be best for the back of the screen if you have a laptop (everyone with a laptop needs to do this!).

I don't know how Europeans will feel about seeing the name of a US politician (who probably isn't much-covered in your news media, either) suddenly appearing on the back ends of English (or Estonian) cars...