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Iowa Dispatch: Day 1 - Volunteers & the Iowa State Fair Parade Video

Here it is hot off my iBook. What a great time we had. We had the biggest convoy of any GOP Presidential candidate, and the supporters love and enthusiasm for Dr. Paul and his message really shines through. I hope you enjoy the video.


(I didn't know the code to embed this video on DP. Maybe some can post the video link here for me. Thanks. More coming soon. -Kevin)

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Iowans Ask Judge to Forbid Machines in Straw Poll

Hearing at 1:30 today. One of the complainers is Robert Schultz who head the organization WE THE PEOPLE that fights for constitutional rights!!




Great! Thanks. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Great Video, Kevin

Great video, Kevin. Thanks for sharing. I liked the monkey with the diapers. Maybe he needs a small Ron Paul t-shirt or something. Anyway, keep up the wonderful work. Go Granny Warriors!