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Final Copy of Ad to Appear in Saturday Ames Tribune

(click the image for a larger view)

Done by Lord Xar from the Ron Paul Forums, starring us! Absolutely amazing! Great job to everyone who made this possible. If it is true that the Ames Straw Poll is a test of each campaign's organizational skills then we have already won. I am so impressed.

Good night and good luck to Dr. Paul this Saturday!

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I am proud to be ..

..on President Ron Paul's earlobe!

I see me too! Can't wait for

I see me too!

Can't wait for my newspaper to arrive in Pennsylvania!

Good luck to Congressman Paul today and thank you to everyone else who helped make this possible.


god bless everyone in the picture!
and god bless you too lord xar for a truly beautiful creation!
and god bless dr. paul who is working for all of us!


Ron Paul is My President

So Exciting!!!

I see me!!! I am so proud of Dr. Paul!

Tolerance is the virtue of the man who no longer has anything to believe in....

All I can say is WOW! What a wonderful picture!

All I can say is after I wiped my tears away is, I believe unless I am completely mistaken. GOD AMES to put this man in the White House and I have HOPE and I PRAY that HE does.

30 years of NEO-CON madness for me but I have finally can see the light.

All Hail Lord Xar!

You have a goofy name but fantastic talent. The response has been overwhelming and it will resonate at the polls.

Man it's just great.

Best money I've spent in a long time!

Love it! So glad I could make a small contribution toward bringing this ad to the people! AWESOME job!!! Can't wait to hear how people respond to it, including how Ron feels that his supporters took the initiative to make this happen!

Ames Tribune

WOW! What a super ad! I think that ad will make a profound difference! I just ran across "Unity08" on the internet. Does anyone think it would be possible to have a Ron Paul/Mike Gravel ticket? Gravel is a Democrat but seems to have many similar beliefs as Dr Paul. Just a thought.

Ummm... Have you looked at

Ummm... Have you looked at the Gravel Issues page?

Iran: They're in league.

National Initiative for Democracy: Don't know enough details to comment. (The idea of introducing a fourth branch of government needs to be thought out and done very carefully, so I won't speak about it unless I know more.)

Fair Tax: http://www.googlesyndicatedsearch.com/u/Mises?hl=en&submit.x...

Global Warming: Gravel wants to end dependence on oil in a global effort involving China and India. He doesn't give a plan, but in theory it sounds cool. I can't really get on his case for that as he thinks it's a real threat. I'm in the the Manbearpig camp though ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manbearpig ).

Universal Health Care Vouchers: Senator Gravel advocates a universal health-care voucher program in which the federal government would issue annual health care vouchers to Americans based on their projected needs. Under the Senator's plan, all Americans would be fully covered and would be free to use their vouchers to choose their own health care professional. No one would ever be denied health insurance because of their health, wealth, or any other reason. A universal health-care voucher plan will also relieve American businesses of the financial responsibility of insuring their workers while ensuring that their workers get adequate care.

Last time I checked Dr. Paul was for a free market solution to health care, not a socialized one. Gravel's plan is to have the government (Everyone in the country through the "Fair Tax" as the government has no real money.) pay for all projected health needs of citizens. I recall Paul saying something along the line of, "If you subsidize it you get more of it." Goes something like this: http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/archives/2007/06/subsidize_...

Paul wants a transition that gets government out of health care and makes the world look more like this: http://www.mises.org/freemarket_detail.asp?control=279

Womens Rights(First off Paul only believes in individual rights): Gravel wants to keep abortion at a federal level using Roe v. Wade as legislature. Paul wants individuals to decide at a local (State) level as he believes the more complex an issue the more locally it should be dealt with.

Immigration: Gravel! Supports! Amnesty! Paul opposes it with a passion. Gravel states here he thinks N.A.F.T.A. isn't right, however he wants to reform it, Paul wants to abandon regulated trade.

Gay Rights(Again, individual rights with Paul): Paul pretty much beats everyone on rights, as his stance is: No one is allowed to have any rights others lack, or lack any rights others have(Doesn't get fairer than that.). Gravels support of hate crime legislation is against Paul's idea of rights. (It doesn't matter if you hurt someone because they're part of a group, it matters that you hurt an individual.)

Social Security: Gravel wants to finance and continue it. Paul wants to transition out of it using the trillion dollars we send overseas.

Veterans: I think they both believe in supporting veterans.

Education: Gravel wants federal government in. Paul wants the department of education abolished.

Prisons: Gravel = Your money goes to this through the inefficient Federal Government. Paul = State Issue. Though both favor ending the war on drugs.

Net Neutrality: Gravel is for government intervention in private networks. Paul is against government intervention in private networks. http://www.googlesyndicatedsearch.com/u/Mises?hl=en&submit.x...

2nd Amendment: Gravel thinks there should be some federal regulation on gun ownership, but supports the 2nd Amendment. Haven't personally heard this, but from what I know of him, Paul would say that kind of thing is a State Issue.

Casey Get Your Gun

Hello Casey, maybe I can help you with the 2nd amendment issue of gun ownership. I’m not putting words into Dr. Paul’s mouth but here is my understanding of his position with a few comments of my own.

Gun ownership is not a state issue as no state of the union may supersede the intent and limitations set by their US constitution and our Bill of Rights. Dr. Paul is of the old school of gun ownership within the context intended by our founding fathers.

Many of today’s politicians want to minimize our right by leading us to believe that gun ownership has something to do with hunting. It has nothing to do with hunting at least not defenseless animals. Or that maybe we aren’t mature enough to own guns carefully; also not true.

Our right of gun ownership is our right of self defense. This right is twofold.

1.. We have a right to defend ourselves, our families, our property, and our communities from direct hostility by anyone whether a common thief or a band of thieves.

2.. We have a right to defend ourselves from the hostility of a government that oversteps its authority and intentionally and maliciously violates our rights. This was the real concern of our founding fathers as they had just fought a long and bloody war and wanted to insure a peaceful but not defenseless society.

Our government is not concerned that we may intentionally or unintentionally harm ourselves or others because we own guns; that is just a ruse. Their real concern is that we may actually try to defend ourselves against the government. A citizenry unarmed is a citizenry controlled.

I think the wording of the 2nd Amendment is pretty clear in its intent: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Hopes this helps,

National Referenda, anyone?


There will not and cannot be a Paul/Gravel alliance. They may agree on some issues, but for fundamentally and ideologically opposed reasons. Paul supports the rule of law and the principles of Republicanism. Gravel's ideas are democratic (in the negative way that Aristotle perceived it).

The government is the enemy. If the people become the government, that doesn't change. This is the difference between Gravel and Paul.

enough with the Democrats already

Stop pushing Democrat VP suggestions at Ron Paul. This is the REPUBLICAN!!! primary. You're doing no good at all with such talk. Perhaps another cycle in the future that sort of thing may work, but we are still aiming for millions of existing GOP voters who haven't yet broken out of the D vs. R mindset. Let's get this REPUBLICAN! primary won before we start talking about other parties, especially that one.

4 years of Ron Paul will help reduce the rancor.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

It's because

Unity08 is for, by, and of Independent voters, which had no intention of going Republican or Democrat, but wanted to help independent candidates. They found Ron Paul and Kucinich and Gravel had wide online support and ziltch in MSM. I was rather surprized when they came out with the Ron Paul and Gravel ticket. This happened when Ron Paul was asked if he would run as an Independent if he lost the GOP bid. The Libertarian Party makes it nominations before the primary, so if they choose Kubby or someone else, Ron Paul would not get that opportunity to run under their ticket. Many Ron paul supporters, which are independents don't want to lose Ron Paul or the momenteum "the collective" support of GOP, Indy's and Dems have gained with him, and why those who hope for a GOP nomination, but realize, he may not get it, want a second chance with Unity08, because there are many democrats who don't want Hillary, and they are in the same boat so to speak. So why not talk about it...it's UNITING Americans despite the MSM and major parties.

Linda Cross's picture

mosacic ad

Awesome! Can I buy this in the form of a tee shirt? I donated, and I'm proud of what you did with it!

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

Just Ordered Two Copies

...wouldn't it be great if the newspaper saw their first "SOLD OUT" in a long time and had to reprint to fill all the out of town orders?!

Also, I think we all hope to hear a reaction from the Paul family. It's sorta' an early birthday present for him from all of us. I am hoping many people who would not otherwise have voted in Ames will see the ad and feel "compelled" to back this very unusual man. Ad team...... What you did!


Absolutely breathtaking

This ad, and for that matter, the entire grassroots Ron Paul campaign, is a magnificent testament to the power of the free market. Whereas all other campaigns are centrally managed, Dr. Paul's campaign has exploded seemingly out of nowhere because of an enormously committed and spontaneous outpouring of support from common everyday people - the "great unwashed". So many wonderful ideas could not possibly have been implemented by a top down structure, especially in so short a time.

What I like best about Dr. Paul is that he realizes that this movement is bigger than him. One of his best lines is when he says "Thank you for inviting me to the rEVOLution". What a wonderful spokesman for the cause of Freedom.


I take my marching orders from the Constitution!

Great Work

That is an outstanding piece of work. I would like to purchase a poster size.

I added it to my site:



Freedom - Peace - Prosperity


Have a print shop ready to generate prints, yard signs, etc. If you prepare an edited version for nationwide use, I will help get them distributed in the San Francisco/Sanjose area. . I also have access to a 25 foot box truck that we will be turning into a Ron Paul rally on wheels ! Could possibly incorporate this graffic into the artwork we will be doing to the truck. Is the artwork protected and if it is not- is there a higher resolution version avalible. Shop needs 300 DPI at 3 foot by 4 foot, or 4 foot by 8 foot.
Outstanding woork-

Jeff Lostrie

The Image Is Public Domain for Pro Ron Paul Use

There is a 140dpi version available at RonPaulMosaic.com, just click the copy of the ad to get to the bigger version.
The 300dpi version that was used for the newspaper ad is in a 100meg file.
I think Xar is at work at the moment, and he has that copy. We will try to get it uploaded to the mosaic site later today.
It will be in the http://RonPaulMosaic.com/ad folder when uploaded.


An Idea

Xar, if you removed the line about the Ames poll and made the line about restoring the Republic bigger, you could offer the design to the Paul campaign to sell as prints. I'd pay a $100 donation for a print of that.

Great idea!

I think Nathan has a great idea--remove the Ames and make it available online.
In addition to hi-quality prints that could be sold to raise money, I'd like to see from free posters of this available online--they would excellent for Ron Paul activism.

Michael Nystrom's picture


Thank you Lord Xar. I am proud to be a tiny part of this wonderful production.

I got one thing to say:

I got one thing to say:
LORD XAR for VicePresident!
Thank You LordXar. You are Great!

Nice Looking But...

Due to the recent modifications to the original image I am now cut out of it. I was near the center almost all the way down and since the new image is mainly concentrated around the center I am left out. =(

You mean you were actually

You mean you were actually able to find yourself at all? That beats me, but I'm pretty sure I'm in-there-somewhere. And I can't find me anymore in the online version, either, or find my Dad! :) These are GOOD problems to have...

Take this to Mass Production Overdrive

What a nice piece! Let's adopt this as the official campain poster and mass produce it for Nationwide circulation. Even yard signs. It says it all..........and the other candidates can only sit back and wish they had it! Here's to an Iowa Victory!

alan laney

Completely Cool!

What an absolutely beautiful and well done poster!

Good work, o mighty lord Xar!

flyers for the poll

What about another quick fundraiser to print about 10,000 of these as flyers to hand out at the straw poll? Is there enough time to get them printed?



I am utterly awestruck.


Thanks to all involved.


Is there anyway to have a poster made of this? I would love to have it as memorabilia as my grandson is in it.

In Iowa? Want $$??

If anyone's in Iowa, I'll bet there's a market here just for that newspaper. I'd sure pay a few bucks. But the poster sounds cool, too.

Pre-Ordering Info for the Newspaper

You can order a copy of Saturday's paper directly from the Ames Tribune for $4 including shipping.
There is info here:
They have already received about 2000 pre-orders for the newspaper!
If you want a printable copy (140dpi) visit RonPaulMosaic.com and click on the version on the front page for the larger copy.


Ordinary Americans ...and Belgians

I just saw my picture slipped in there as well! (a few weeks ago I submitted my picture to the picture-initiative) . I hope this shows that Ron Paul is inspiring people all over the world :-)




I am deeply impressed. It just shows to show that committed volunteers can put something together in 1 1/2 days on a shoestring budget. Compared to the embarrasingly aweful TV ad that the campaign put together, this goes to show that grassroots support from creative and committed volunteers is the way to go!


The subject heading says it all. Thanks for the initiative and much appreciation to all who helped.

As fonta has suggested, let us all dwell on the symbolic power of this image as we go through the countdown to the Ames Straw Poll and continue to hold it in mind throughout Saturday. There is so much meaning that is condensed in it, and this is a testament to its creativity. This image unifies and releases powerful energy.

Collage Ad

Absolutely exceptional ad and a great job. They need to make the maker part of the official campaign! We'll await the feedback after it appears in the paper. Was wondering if Ron sees this stuff or too busy making speeches and doing his part. Either way, he should be proud.

By the way oh outsanding people of the revolution: Please, please go to the online rally and post a pic and profile. I'd like to see about 25 million on there before the election. How else are we going to stop "them" from cheating at the voting booths?....from the straw polls to the real thing. And based on everything I've seen, there is little doubt that it will happen. This whole coverup thing is absolutely beyond belief. Let's see if the Iowan's can start setting it straight. We Floridians will be ready when our day comes.

If we have enough people on the online rally and RP does not get the votes, we may have to have about 25 million of us march to Washington and ask for whoever's resignation. This Country cannot take ANY more of the same old song!

Bob W., Naples, FL

Bob W., Naples, FL

Raw Image Source

In case your trying to find yourself in the ad, the mosaic picture has been uploaded to the front of RonPaulMosaic.com
It contains 1579 unique images and its big enough that you should be able to easily spot your picture.
Expect long load times if your not on DSL or higher.

Thanks to everyone who put this together, and I can't wait for the next 36 hour short notice project. I think we do our best work under pressure.

Lord Xar, you kick ass!!!


All images on the site are copyleft, use them freely to promote Ron Paul in any way you like.

Bigger ad image uploaded

A much bigger version of the ad image has been uploaded.
It can be accessed by clicking the smaller ad image on the front of the mosaic site at http://RonPaulMosaic.com

If your going to Ames print some of these out!


Not to nitpick, and most

Not to nitpick, and most people probably wouldn't even notice, but in the last line, the word "candidates" should have an apostrophe - as in, "Not associated with any candidate's committee."

Oops in the midst of my

Oops in the midst of my grammar-Nazi moment, forgot to say - it's a fantastic looking ad! Major props to all those involved.

This ad says it all in very few words, absolutely inspiring.

What a great job and what a great ad.

Classy and Professional

Thanks for your hard work!

nuf said

Best RP Positive Energy of the Day!

Not only is it going to have an impact on people in Iowa, but it also it going to have an impact on all of us, including our soon to be added numbers. To me, this is the total story-why we are doing it-and why it is just gaining momentum every day. The Big Picture: Our Constitution, Our Rights with Ron Paul at the helm-and picture/description of who We The People are and why the union of us is so powerful!

Hope all of us who are not in Iowa will remember this image over the weekend and send all that combined energy and conviction to Iowa!


Touching and good

I tried to find my picture in the collage. Not sure if I did, but who cares? This is a great ad and can only have a positive effect on many Iowans.

So here's hopin' !

now that is a great add.

now that is a great add.

makes me want to donate money (if I had some to donate)


This is greater than I expected.

Great Image - Convert to billboard campaign?

In some areas I believe billboards only cost $300/month. So...convert this thing to a billboard layout and you are off and running.... Just a thought. :-) Maybe some Meetup groups can sponsor some billboards or just distribute a modified version of this that isn't specifically targeted to Iowa in paper form. I'd like to put one of these up in my office at work if the image is modified to target everyone in the country instead of just Iowa. Thanks for all your hard work you guys!