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Freedom Fighter Michael Schmidt Found Not Guilty on all 19 Counts

Michael Schmidt, Ontario dairy farmer, has won a 16 year fight with the governments of Ontario and Canada. It is still illegal to sell or give away (yes, you read that correctly) raw milk in Canada, but Michael's victory paves the way for the possibility of changing the law.

For those of you who don't know what the fuss is about, this is about liberty at its most fundamental level. Shall the state tell us what to eat?

Justice Kowarsky asked, "Are the cow-share members bound to accept the protection offered by the legislation or they free to reject that protection?"


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The Rothschild's are going to

The Rothschild's are going to be very unhappy with this decision. If stuff like this keeps happening, how are they ever going to get their Codex Alimentarius plans working properly? First Climategate with the loss of their carbon tax, now this. The Rothschild's must be so fuming right now, I hope they don't go and start another war.

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19 Counts! Thank goodness he had

a good attorney (and of course reason and morality) on his side.
I belong to a goat-share group for the same reason.