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Red X inside my mailbox...am I to be executed?

Hey everyone, a few months ago, I was reading some website that mentioned people having blue, pink, and red dots in, or on their mailboxes. Of course it seemed a bit weird, but being the kind of guy I am I checked. Low and behold....no dots. Anyway, as I said, that was months ago. Today however, I went out to get the mail, and I found a red/pink X inside my mailbox lid. No one at the house knew about it, and I asked everyone. Has anyone heard about this kinda thing? Is it a fluke, or something I don't know about?

In the article, and forum I was reading, they said something that the dots were for the government to decide who was to be executed, sent to FEMA camps, and those who were okay.

I know this all sounds weird, but trust me, I have a red X, and I have no idea what it means....maybe nothing, but maybe something bad. Please if anyone knows anything about this sort of thing, let me know, as it is a bit spooky after having read those articles.

Here are some links to similar stuff I read, and a video.....




I hope I am just being a bit paranoid, and there is no worries. Maybe if any of you work for the USPS you can give me some insight?

Thank you all, and God bless!!!

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I have an idea!

I am going to start selling mailboxes with X's and dots inside them in all the colors of the rainbow!

What you need to do is ...

What you need to do is trade out your mail box for one of your neighbors down the street. If you are extra paranoid you might have realized by now that the reason you have the red x is because somebody already switched your mail box for theirs. Watch out for ufos they are in on it also.


You're as good as gone

Might as well send me all your cash and valuables now. My mailbox has a big skull and crossbones sticker that says "Get This One Good!", should I be concerned?

Live Free or Die....

Is what I'd say, and then stop worrying about it.



"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

HAHAHA, okay, thanks for the jokes and all, but seriously...

Thanks everyone for posting, I got a kick out of the funny comments, and I appreciate the one or two helpful ones.

Yeah, I am not a newbie here, and I do not fall for all the crazy conspiracy stuff, I was simply asking if anyone has heard anything about this, or what it is. I also read the comments where this topic was talked about. Well, I have not been online for quite a few months, I have been active taking care of my family, spreading the good word of freedom, and sending letters to my representatives when I can.

So you could say I have been out of the loop here at DP. The thing I think that I find disturbing is the way someone like me who has a new 7 mo old baby, asks his peers, and fellow freedom minded folks a question, yeah I admit an odd question, but a question nonetheless....and all I get is made fun of, and ridiculed. Is this the image we want to portray? Do we want flame wars and name calling amongst our own? Do we want to make fun of those who ask questions no matter what they are? I was once told there was no such thing as a stupid question...only stupid answers....I guess who ever told me that was right.

So to those of you who this comment offends, I am sorry, to those who understand, and are helpful....thank you! To those who like to make jokes on others questions...grow up, and understand that sometimes people ask things to learn, and they ask things to become aware.

I wasn't asking these things to be mocked...and while I admit, I did laugh at a few of the jokes, we must understand that no one person knows it all, and everyone ask questions. You I am sure have asked a question many people would think was ridiculous, but to you, it was just a question to clarify something, or learn how to do something.

I want you to know my intentions in the questions I posed. Like I said, I have a 7 mo old baby, and a loving and dear wife, they mean everything to me, and if I even thought that they may be in danger because of some stupid markings on my mailbox, I have to ask about it. I cannot let my lack of knowledge be my downfall. So that is why I asked you all, because I respect the opinions, and information many DP'ers have. What if, I mean what IF the mailbox thing was a real deal, and I didn't know about it, but did nothing? Wouldn't I feel horrible had I sat and done nothing to prevent that? Put yourselves in my shoes, and walk a mile, maybe then you will understand....until then, let us all try to help each other, and not ridicule others for asking something.

I am not a tinfoil hat wearing, conspiracy nut....I am an American who cares, and has concerns, I am an American who loves my family and will stop at nothing to protect them, I am an American who will do my best to answer anyone's questions regardless of what they may be.

So remember this lesson, and be wise in helping others. Think before you answer, and try to understand the motives for such answers. There is a time to joke, and there is a time for laughs, but please don't do it at the expense of others who are trying to learn something.

I have no hate for any of you, in fact I will defend all of you if I can...Just remember who we are, and how we should conduct ourselves. How we act reflects upon who we are, and who we are is what the world sees us as.

I thank you all for everything, and I hope DP can become the place it once was, a place for information, a place to get together, a place where I felt I fit in due to my passion of freedom, and the upholding of the constitution.

If you read this comment this far, thanks.

God bless you ALL, and I hope I didn't offend anyone, but I do hope I have woke up a few of you to the power we all have in helping each other, or the negative effects we have in ridicule. Please choose to help if given an option to do so.


"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools" (Romans 1:22)

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Americandodo, I am the lucky recipient

of a sticker with a bar code plastered on the front of my mailbox. It made me quite uneasy when I first saw it, so I understand your concern.
I asked my mail carrier (it's a good idea to be friendly with your mail carrier) and she explained it's to time the route carrier; she has a little device that zaps the bar code when she arrives, perhaps feed the location into her zappper?
It still left me uneasy (Why MY mailbox?,) but I choose to believe her explanation rather than be stressed.
I think you'll feel better if you talk with your mail carrier directly and assess his/her answer.

Hey man don't stress

Most of them thought you were joking!and misunderstood,But so you know, you inadvertently raised the spirits of everyone here.Good post!Thanks.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

I made a joke before I saw this

Sorry about that.
If that happened to me, I'd be freaked out too honestly. I think I'd get a new mailbox and maybe peek in my neighbor's box to see if theirs has the same mark. I'd also call the local police and ask if they would leave such a mark after a search for eggs in mailboxes or something like that. (the sheriff and I had a discussion about the 4th amendment one day when they were looking for broken eggs in mailboxes)
It's probably nothing, but a new mailbox is cheap.
Oh, did you ever request no free papers? Maybe its code fr that??



I would remove it,

and replace it with a yellow "Y".
Then they will be confused, and won't know what to do.
It doesn't take much to confuse the gov't.
If it isn't mentioned on their training sheet, they go into vapor-lock and stare blankly at computer monitors until it's time to go home.

Please get back to something

Please get back to something more serious. Really.

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Have you ask your Post Office about it?

them post what they say.

get rid of your mailbox and

get rid of your mailbox and get a private mail box, there maybe steps involved in taking the mailbox down because its not yours and it makes you live in the federal zone.

this topic was actually touched upon

at the march on dc by 1 or 2 speakers.

i think even wolf, thought she was being targeted.

this is bizarre, but the newspaper/junk mail explanation, below, sounds legit.

thanks for sharing, though.

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I would pull out the mailbox and dig below it

maybe there is buried treasure under it.



You just made my day Mike!!


If you found a red X on your mailbox indicating you were to be executed, I would put it in your neighbor's mailbox. That should throw them off.

In Oswego, NY

Red X's indicate how many times the mailbox has been taken out by the snowplow.

That's weird

I would think they'd stencil a little silhouette of a mailbox on the snow plow itself (think WWII fighter planes).


each stencil was microscopic, the snowplow would be totally covered after the first snowstorm.

dots and X's

Dots are from newspaper carriers.
The red X is for someone who really bitched about getting junk mail. They
now have finally been heard and the letter carrier has to waste time taking out flyers and other junk.
If you look for conspiracies everywhere
you'll go nuts!

A red "X" means you have to report to Carousel.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

I'm in stitches!

If I saw a red x in my mailbox I would think the same darn thing!!!! LOL I would have fun with that and put another sticker there to really confuse them, like a peace sign or the masonic all seeing eye on the pyramid

Wow, paranoia strikes deep around here!

Hey friend, I don't know what the x is for, but I do know (from delivering newspapers briefly) that the different color dots are to help the delivery person know what days someone gets the paper and if they get special sections or the Wall Street Journal etc. It is most likely a reference for the mail carrier and nothing more. I wouldn't worry about it.

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!


I guess it's time to send out that email to the enemies of freedom that they can get themselves taken off the junk mail list if they put a red dot on their mailbox.


Red Xs Are Scheduled For...

execution on Feb 11th (satanic new world order "special" number) they also like number 3,6,7,9,22 and sometimes 4 but only on leap years. Now if it's pink you are really in trouble especially if you are a male because you are scheduled for a sex change and will be used as a "comfort girl" for the troops at the FEMA camps. Hope this helps....

Thomas ! good one ! HAHAHA



you should write.



"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels