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Radio host takes on Debra, Debra destroys him!

Debra came under fire from a Perry apologist radio host on Thursday, but she was totally unfazed by the tough questioning and clearly came out on top!


I love how Debra calls out Perry for the political opportunist he is. The host doesn't see Perry for what he is however, and goes on to bash Debra after the interview for not committing to endorse RINO's Rick or Kay should they win the nomination. The audio stops at this point but supposedly the host also said he believed Debra is a "plant" candidate for the purpose of "sticking a shiv" in Rick Perry, LOL. That is according to an account someone provided in the comments on Debra's Facebook page; I didn't personally hear him say that myself.
UPDATE: Below is the contact info provided by Jdayh if you would like to give some feedback on the interview. The host of the show is Robert Pratt; his show airs on KFYO 790 AM in Lubbock.

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Its time for a radio talk show bomb!

Heres the situation folks we just dont have the finances yet to overtake perchky and hutch.So were going to have to wage a guarella hit and run campaign. I have a list of local talk radio stations {DFW} area that you can call. If you have the time lets saturate the local radio stations with Debra Medina.WBAP Marc Davis { yea he s the guy that sits in for Hush bimbo and Derek has had some run ins with him}call 830 t0 1130 am . 800-288- 9227 or 214-787-1820. Jeff Boltin 530 am to 930 am { he really got aboard the Medina bandwagon lately really surprising.And John Wells 400 pm to 700 pm first to interview Medina thank him and tell him how much you appreciate him for doing so. Both numbers are KLIF 214-787-1570 or 800- 583 1570. And then of course theres Glenn Beck . Ill let you find his # If you are in Texas please use this thread to post more talk show radio programs through out the state.

Excellent suggestion...

This "guerrilla" type of advertising, (if done right) can be as influential as millions of dollars of advertising.

I have been beating the, call the "Brian and the Judge Show", twist Judge Naps. arm, get him to twist Becks arm, drum for a week or so now.

This type of effort is a very worthwhile cause. I would advise against it, if you don't feel you could properly represent Medina, and her/our platform. It could backfire, but it could also win voters over.

If Texas ever got an enema

it would be a hard choice of where to stick it.

Amarillo or Lubbock.

Both are dismal eyesores of places. Amarillo is a amphetamine ridden, boring lifeless place. Many of the people are friendly, but heavily fluoridated.

I know....I grew up in Amarillo. Thank goodness I escaped to Austin.

This radio "personality", is obviously in Perry's back pocket. How can one dismiss his ACTUAL record?

What a punk for taking cheap shots like that, after she gets off of the air with him.

The sad part, is that many of these fluoridated simpletons will let this jerk do their thinking for them.

Wasnt as bad as i expected

This radio host did challenge her and did sound like a Rick Perry guy but so what? She needs to be challenged this way because there are many many voters out there that she still needs to convinced.

He put her on his show. This doesnt happen 1 month ago so give him a little respect for that. Also his one liner at the end of the segment will be a tough one for Debra to counter and she needs to work on a simple response. She also needs to be more clear that she understands the Governors role in Texas. I know she does but she is campaigning on such a large platform that it may end up scaring some people off.

I know Debra and I like her, support her and campaign for her, but we must continue to work on running a better campaign everyday!

How about this as a response.

A persons vote for representation is one of his/her most personal things and should not be compromised for anything. If Texas wants someone who will just vote on party line then Debra Medina is not for them, however if Texas wants someone who votes on principles then they have got their women.

not bad

I like the theme but we need to find a way to spin that idea so that it wont come of as negative or confrontational.

Debra IS for everyone and will represent them better than anyone else.

I got on the program afterwards...

... and made the point that he does not allow people to vote their conscience. I also stressed that Perry and Hutchinson would have given him the same answer if they had been behind in the polls... not that anything of this penetrated... but I tried...

Plano TX

This is the direct link to

This is the direct link to the .mp3 audio...


Everyone should listen to this.

My Letter

Mr. Pratt,

I would like to add my two cents to your opinion about Debra Medina. You asked Mrs. Medina if she would support the Republican that was selected by the people to be the Republican nominee. In the end you likened Mrs. Medina to a despot that would rule the state by edicts.

First, you must realize that the two party system is broken. You are asking members of parties to endorse an individual that is selected by uninformed people of that party post-primary vote.

Now lets take a recent election in another state. In this State, the GOP Candidate ran on a platform of being opposed to "Health Care Reform" when in fact, he is for a National Health Care plan as he stated 5 minutes into his CSPAN briefing.
http://c-span.org/Watch/Media/2010/01/20/HP/R/28644/Republic... . I'll bet that the other Republicans that were running for the seat were told or asked to throw their support behind "Brown" also. The question: Would you have given your support to him if you knew he would renege of his campaign platform against Health Care Reform? It's the proverbial "Middle Finger" to you republicans of Massachusetts . Thanks for electing me but "piss off" the campaign is over now.

Should we expect the same from Kay and Rick? Look at both of their election websites
( http://www.rickperry.org/blog/congrats-senator-elect-scott-b... ,
http://texans.forkay.com/Jeff/2010/01/19/hutchison-statement... , these two are happy to endorse him even after this press conference. I think its poor leadership to have endorsed Brown and even worse too still have accolades on both of their websites for his election.

Seeing that the Current Governor of Texas has sold roads we already paid for to foreign countries, attempted to force out daughters to be inoculated and is talking-up secession due to the 10th amendment violations, it is clear that we are already being governed by "EDICT". If it wasn't for the emergency session, our daughters would be "under force of executive order" getting stuck with a needle. States rights Mr. Perry, how about NDIVIDUAL rights?

Kay Hutchison? How about a letter I personally received from her office boasting about spending "BILLIONS" of dollars for HIV/AIDS aid to Africa. How about her bail-out vote when over 80% of us "peasants" were against it. She tells us that we have the right as a state to control education because of the 10th amendment, but not to do what we want when it comes to abortion in our state. So much for 10th amendment rights, eyy Kay?

We should support them because we know were they stand. Yes, we know were they both stand. They both stand for Federalism, Spending, Supreme Authority by the State, Globalism, democracy and ever changing values. We don't want what Medina is offering; accountability, liberty, states rights, limited government, individual rights, nullification, limited taxation, and a true representative Republic. No, God forbid we elect someone who is bound by the Texas Constitution and will not reach outside those limitations.

You might want to rethink your concept of a "Constitutional Republic" because you appear to support "democracy".

Got to love these Ron Paul people...

Pratt is getting an education... thank you!

Plano TX

I will assume that this is a

I will assume that this is a compliment.. thank you

Sent Mr. Pratt an e-mail. His

Sent Mr. Pratt an e-mail. His response is below.

Mr Pratt,
Thanks for interviewing Debra Medina. Very enlightening. I could tell that you are an apologist for Gov Perry, which is fine, we all support who we think would be best for our Governor. Please keep your mind open, listen to what each candidate has to say and when you walk into that voting booth select the candidate that will best represent Life, Liberty and Property for We Texans.

Glen Shipley
Smith County GOP Precinct 26 Chairman

---------------- Reply

Doesn't sound pro-Liberty to me. She is advocating an imperial governor and much of what she advocates is unconstitutional according the Texas Constitution. Not a pro-constitution position. Many of the Federal programs we have were opted into by the Legislature (even some she mentioned) and while I oppose those, the governor does not have the authority to override the Leg.

Robert W. Pratt
Pratt on Texas
E-Mail: pratt790@prattontexas.com (place the word "Texas" in the subject line to avoid auto-deletion)
Listen weekday afternoons from 5 to 7 p.m. on AM 790

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds”
-Sam Adams

How funny!

I got the same reply! Cut and paste! I told him to read my email again, because the response seemed to have no bearing on what I wrote.

Plano TX

pratt is a fool

he reminds me of my hardheaded uncles back in west Texas.

he seems like the type that say's how bad drug legalization would be and then takes a shot of whiskey with a beer chaser, total hypocrite.

Official Daily Paul BTC address: 16oZXSGAcDrSbZeBnSu84w5UWwbLtZsBms
Rand Paul 2016

I really enjoy her

I really enjoy her interviews. She has facts and handles fast ball questions well. Even when guys like this try to malign her, I think her sincerity and logic shine through and she will win listeners over to vote for her.

She utterly destroyed him on

She utterly destroyed him on every accusation he made, so the weasel took some whacks at her after she signed off.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Dear Mr. Pratt...

Mr. Pratt,

Rick Perry is a pharmaceutical salesman for Merck. By imperial order he wanted to foist cervical cancer vaccination on our daughters. Do not be blind to the faults of Perry. How can freedom loving Texans vote for Perry? He is as phony as $21 bill. He is a former Democrat who likens himself to Reagan. "I knew Reagan" and Perry's is no Reagan, not by a long shot. Perry is a Bush-crony, who supported the bail-out and then lied about it in the debate. He is a big corporatist, bankrolled by their money and "we the people" are not even on his agenda. Don't believe a word he says. He is a political opportunist of the first order. You ought to be able to have figured that out by now. Why does the GOP continue to give us the Bob Doles, John McCains and Rick Perrys to vote for? Because they know that people like you, will try and convince us to vote for the lesser of two evils.

I should include Kay Hutchison in this group, but I want to add that she is in favor of abortion up to 22 weeks. She believes a woman has the right to choose abortion until about six months into pregnancy and then she tells us in the debate, with that innocent look on her face, that she is pro life. Yes, she would not abort her own child, but that makes her as pro-life as Bob Dole and nothing more. She said that she was proud to vote for the bill to send $16 billion to Africa over a six year period to help fight AIDS. What's conservative about that? Why should my taxes go to Africa? What Constitutional basis is there for such actions? Actually, it is not our taxes, because we don't have the money, we are borrowing the money to sent it to Africa - poor people in rich countries sending money to rich people in poor countries.

You ought to expose these professional politicians and embrace true conservatives like Debra Medina. She made it very clear that all her actions would be done through the right channels, the House or the State Attorney's office, but you twisted her words to make it sound that she would rule like an emperor. As noted above, if you are looking for an emperor, look no further than Perry.

Thank you for giving Debra Medina an opportunity to state her case, even though you tried your best to discredit her. That is you prerogative. If Medina were leading in the polls, Perry would have given you the same answer as Medina gave you, but not as eloquently and truthfully. Don't give these professional politician more credit than they deserve. George Bush campaigned for Arnold Spector against a pro-life conservative candidate. (Spector is now a Democrat!) Do you think if the conservative candidate had won the primary that Bush would have campaigned for him? Of course not. Come November, Perry and Hutchison will not vote for Medina and you know that. I don't believe you would either, but the rest of Texas will and for the first time in a many years, we will have a true conservative, a true Constitutionalist in office - pharmaceutical companies be damned.


Plano TX

Worth saving!

@sleuth51 excellent rant, make copies,

we have work to do =)

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!


great letter.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


That sure is some thoughtful feedback. Way to go! I always enjoy reading emails people send, especially ones like that. I hope you put the word "Texas" in the subject line so he gets it ;-)

As you enjoyed that one...

... this was the e-mail I sent to Belo Inc.

The cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is closing in on $1 trillion. This is the cost of making these countries so-called “safe for democracy.” What about the cost in terms of counting casualties, including the wounded? Let’s not forget the high human toll suffered by the indigenous people in these countries.

How hypocritical of Belo Corp. to host a debate in which one candidate in the gubernatorial primary in Texas, Debra Medina, will not be invited. There is no excuse for such behavior, regardless of who sponsors the debate. Belo Corp. is party to an agreement that prevents the public from obtaining proper exposure to a broad spectrum of views, thereby maintaining the status quo, which has turned our country into a one party state. Look no further than President Obama’s about turn on the Bush/Cheney nation building wars. We do not have democracy at home, but think nothing of spending a trillion dollars to democratize other nations.

Please include Debra Medina in the debate scheduled for January 29, 2009. We are sick and tired of political retreads who are put up on pedestals when they deserve nothing more than a thorough public drubbing in a free and fair debate.

Debra Medina is a credible candidate. You are not offering the public any value when you put Perry and Hutchison against each other in a debate. We need another contrarian voice to challenge these ossified politicians who have nothing to offer other than the same failed policies.

I'd wager a sum on the GOP overriding your best intentions to broaden the debate. However, this is Belo’s opportunity to show the public that it cares more about informing the public than about quantitative measures, such us, dubiously constructed polls. How else will she get reliable poll numbers if forums like public debates won't give her, or any other aspiring politician, an opportunity to influence the electorate? We need new ideas and new faces. Anybody tuning in for a debate between only Perry and Hutchinson is brain dead. We know exactly what they stand for, the GOP’s bankrupt agenda. We want to see how they respond to new ideas and challenges from people who are not card-carrying statists.


Plano TX

Sleuth e-mails ,letters , and phone calls

DO make a difference weve seen what happens when we all get behind our candidates. We got Debra in the debates . Keep up the good work.

sleuth51 I'm Glad I Saw This...

but I think you should be writing professionally for the entire list of candidates in this movement for their campaigns.
I am in awe...

The one by you above is better though:

Thanks, Thomas...

... but I just write these responses on the fly... kind of hit and miss, but I like to add my pennyworth when asked to do so by our fearless leaders here on Daily Paul. What a great site to rally us into action.

Plano TX


I did, thanks.

Plano TX

the next Ron Paul, if she

the next Ron Paul, if she stays strong, but does she know much about banking?

Yes she does

She has spoken at several End the Fed rallies and understands Austrian Economics, as do those on her Economics Team.

wow. she's pretty good at

wow. she's pretty good at more aggressive speak. she should continue destroying in that way.

Just talked to a cleaning lady today.

She just happened to bring up the fact that she was a real Sarah Palin fan.She was just an average blue collar working girl. And instead of trying to convince her about how Sarah was'nt the real deal I just told her that I knew who the next Sarah Palin was. Her eyes lit up and she her ears perked. I told her it was Texas next governor Debra Medina.She was very interested and will probalbly vote for her Lets hijack the Reublican party.

Mr. Cool

Very smart.