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We need a new language to unify

There is one enemy and a thousand distractions. If you are looking for ways to really unify with your neighbors, you must stop looking for reasons to condemn them. You must learn to forgive their mistakes, even the ones they are about to make. You must learn to stop speaking the language of division.
This is just a start, just a suggestions, just the ramblings of an old woman... or it is the start of better communication - your call.
Abortion: If my baby is hungry, or needs its diaper changed, or needs clothes, are you responsible to come care for my baby? Of course not. I am responsible for my children. You are responsible for yours. Why do you think that you are responsible for my “unborn” children? You have fallen for a divide and conquer tactic if you believe you have some responsibility for or right over me or my unborn children. It is no coincidence that every time Libertarians and Conservatives begin to unite, “abortion” is trotted out to split them. It is probably impossible, I know I have tried to explain this over and over and have not gotten anywhere. If this issue can keep “right” and “more right” split, how will we ever find unity with the “left?” Yes, unity with the “left” means we have finally conquered ignorance, and identified who our neighbors are and who our enemies are. AFTER we kick the banksters out of our lives, you may resume hassling your neighbors if you feel you must, but for now, we REALLY need to let this go.

Beliefs: They are fine, but they are opinions. No matter how hard you believe, no matter how many people believe the same thing you do, and no matter how much you want me to believe, you have no right or responsibility to put the force of law against me if I do not share your beliefs.

Constitution: Ours is flawed. They are all flawed. Pretending any document that men wrote was actually written by a god is engaging in dangerous fantasy. When we declare something “holy” we doom ourselves to ever reaching a deeper understanding than the man or men who wrote the document.

Drugs: Another divide and conquer tactic. The “worst” drugs are kept illegal so that mothers and wives do not engage in home healing. If you had a coca bush, a pot plant, a few good poppies, and knew how to make colloidal silver, you would probably never go to a doctor again for anything other than serious trauma. Nobody would be taking a host of prescription drugs for the rest of their lives, either. So, with all those pharmaceutical companies standing between you and your ability to heal, why do you allow the prisons to be filled with potheads while the PHARMA CEO's and Donald Rumsfeld-types live a life of ease? What did the potheads do that actually harmed you? Or even the crack-heads? And if you want to go after the dealers, please start with the CIA.

Emotions: They are good things. They are part of being human. The entire “mental health care” industry is a game of making emotions diseases. There are a few serious mind-illnesses, but being depressed or anxious or having PMS are temporary states, even if recurrent, they are not diseases. In this pressure-cooker society people's emotions get pushed to extremes, but they are still emotions and not diseases. If we treated each other like we were hurting, and not “mentally ill” we would be a much healthier society.

Faith: That which is worthy of faith has no fear of facts. If someone insists you must take something on faith it is wise to suspect they are hiding something. Be a curious little cat and seek to find what they are trying to hide.

God: God is a non-specific noun, even when capitalized. People who practice occult arts will get you to pray to their god without your conscious knowledge. The most obvious example is “the dollar.” Their god adorns the namesake bill of the currency we use.

Individuals: That is where Sovereignty begins. Individuals bear the consequences for their decisions, individuals hold the rights that are earned by that responsibility. Many individuals have been tricked into the illusion of handing over their responsibility and have managed to force me to endure the accompanying loss of rights. These people are the victims of my enemy, not my enemy.

Jesus: Jesus sought to liberate the people from the slavery of the priests who enslaved their minds who happened to also serve as the bankers of the day. Jesus threw the banksters out of the Temple, so they put him on a cross and left him there for about 2 thousand years and counting. They mocked his teachings with a “religion” that he never wanted. Think I am wrong? Look who adorns our fiat currency – the men who fought the banksters. OK, maybe I am wrong. Please see “Beliefs” and let it go at that. I like Jesus, but if you end a prayer with “in Jesus' name WE pray” and I am in the room, you lied. Please consider going with “in Jesus' name I pray” and allow everyone to pray in their own way.

Kings: We are all kings. Do what a wise king would do: Obtain things to ensure the health and prosperity of your kingdom, and the military might to defend it. Treat every other human you meet as a King. If the other Kings make no threat against you or your Kingdom, they are your ally. Demand your servant government treat you like the King you are.

Liberty: It flows from truth, and half truths are as much use as being half liberated. Truth is not some ethereal thing that cannot be known, nor is it arrived at by consensus. There are things that are true, they are facts, and the knowledge of facts is the rock upon which a liberated men can stand together. It begins by correctly sorting things in our own mind, what do we believe and what do we know. We have been conditioned to place what we believe above what we know, and that is not the path to unity.

Money: The history of money is a fact which is hidden from the masses. Discussion of it is fraught with emotional reactions from victims of the banksters via their control of the propaganda machine we call “the media.” Do not be among those casting stones at the few willing to brave the slings and arrows of the media to speak of little known and unpopular facts. And always do your own homework, just because it is the first time you heard something does not mean it is not correct.

Negotiations: This is a nice word for choosing “the lesser of two evils,” more popularly passed off as “the greater good.” If liberty is what you seek, there is no compromise. If we are negotiating the terms for peaceful surrender of the banksters, it is time to negotiate, but not one minute before.

Oppression: It starts at home... Are you hassling an ally about things which cause you no personal harm? It is a tiny act of tyranny, and by removing it from our behavior, we make the world a little nicer place to be a slave... ;)

Peace: Most of us KNOW how to get along, we have just been raised in a “compete or die” mindset. That happens to be very profitable for our those who love to wage war, and expensive for those who don't love peace enough to demand it.

Quit: Whenever and as often as you need to. I had to quit smoking for about twenty years before I finally got it right. This battle is a life-long one, and allowing yourself room to “quit” is what gives you the perspective to understand you can never quit.

Resist: Whenever and wherever you can. There is no battle front, and there will likely be no mass awakening or nation wide protest. This is a war of inches, and when the battle comes to you, fight it with all the courage and dignity it deserves. It may be nothing but beating a parking ticket, but it is a victory if you take the time to make it one.

Support: Those who resist will have every mistake they ever made in life brought before you. Support them anyway. Leave their judgment to the Judge, and forgive them for being human and support them when they need it most: When the media tells you to hate them and it is “advatageous” to distance yourself from them.

Truth: It is a good thing, and the very word has been vilified. Do not be among those who resist truth. Embrace it, champion it, cherish it for it is much maligned and needs people who love it.
Taxation: Taxes are always theft. There is no cause so fine that it gives any man the right to take the fruits of another man's labor. This is where the kindness of liberals has led them astray. They feel they must use law to make greedy people be more kind or generous, and it will never work. It will burden the hard workers, and embolden the scoundrels to invent new ways around the cost of caring for people they do not care about. If people are permitted to keep all that they earn, they will be generous if they are generous, and greedy if they are greedy. Those with generous hearts still far outnumber the greedy, but putting the government in the middle guarantees a cut from everyone that goes to the greedy.

Unity: The ultimate weapon We The People can have, and we really must learn to wield it.

Violence: Never called for. Self defense is not violence.

War: Before committing to any battle, look to find who will be the winner. You can tell before any blood is shed. It is not the conquering nation, they will end up deeply in debt and mothers will lose their children. It is not the conquered nation, they end up deeply in debt and mothers will lose their children. It is the people financing the military operations of both nations that win. Any excuse that you are given to coerce you into believing your nation needs a war must be seen for what it is: An attempt to get you to justify murdering for some bankster's benefit. Now that we know who wins every war, perhaps we ought to stop killing each other. There are too many voices saying there will always be war. They know that men can achieve space travel, nano-technology, micro-surgery, but peace is beyond their capacity to even imagine. At the least they suffer from lack of imagination, but I suspect these people profit from war. It would behoove us, as a species, to make peace profitable. The first step is to stop allowing war to be profitable.

Xenophobia: The King in the Kingdom next door may believe things very different from you, may act in ways that seem very strange to you, may choose to do things with and to their body that you find repugnant, but you must not let your fear of what is foreign lead you to a place where you stand in judgment of these things. If a King commits an act of aggression against you or your Kingdom, by all means take matters before a Judge, but do not attempt to be King and Judge.

Youth: It has its charms, but we were all young once and know that. It is time we remember how to honor the aged again. It may have lost its beauty and its charm, but it gained wisdom and we are fools if we shut our elders out of our lives.

Zionism: Learn what it is and what it is not. Be able to hear it and everything the speaker says after it before you decide anything. Learn to say it without shame and be prepared to educate any who may erroneously call you a derogatory term. The Zionists have deliberately blurred lines to evoke undeserved sympathy for themselves at the expense of people who have suffered enough already. Truth is what will liberate us all from the lies around this destructive force in the world.

You and I - "U-N-I" - uni: a prefix meaning ONE

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Bump for my sixth anniversary

I guess this is me in a "nut" shell... LOL!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

LittleWing's picture

Happy 6th fishy!

Welcome back, your voice here has been missed and very much appreciated over the years!

Love and Peace

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

Thank you, sweetie!

I missed the company of my dear friends here, like you. I am very glad to be back.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

U-N-I is No Substitute for T-R-I Unity

The reason why we have a difficult time unifying on anything is because we all begin with different worldviews about life and the values in life. Our foundations are always in conflict with each other, and because of that, we contradict each other on a multitude of issues.

If we truly wish to have unity, then we must first submit to the Trinity, that is, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as revealed in Holy Scripture. God is the foundation and model for achieving unity of truth, soundness of morals, and liberty of the mind. When God is discarded or ignored and man seeks to take His place as the sovereign of all things, unity becomes impossible. Remember the Tower of Babel.

Are You A Comedian Theonomist?

I guess you mean unity like this...

How many different types of Christianity are there?


According to the World Christian Encyclopedia (year 2000 version), global Christianity had 33,820 denominations with 3,445,000 congregations/churches composed of 1,888 million affiliated Christians.


Here are only a few offshoots of Christianity:

Religion # of members

Catholic 1,050,000,000 Orthodox/Eastern Christian 240,000,000 African indigenous sects (AICs) 110,000,000 Pentecostal 105,000,000 Reformed/Presbyterian/Congregational/United 75,000,000 Anglican 73,000,000 Baptist 70,000,000 Methodist 70,000,000 Lutheran 64,000,000 Jehovah's Witnesses 14,800,000 Adventist 12,000,000 Latter Day Saints 12,500,000 Apostolic/New Apostolic 10,000,000 Stone-Campbell ("Restoration Movement") 5,400,000 New Thought (Unity, Christian Science, etc.) 1,500,000 Brethren (incl. Plymouth) 1,500,000 Mennonite 1,250,000 Friends (Quakers) 300,000


There are really too many to count because even for the main groups there are smaller offshoots but some of the major ones:

Catholic Orthodox Lutheran Baptist Charismatic Episcopal Mormon Jehovah Witnesses Protestants

This is a complex question. There are several Groups of Christians with many sub groups, and denominations.

The primary classes of Christians are:

* Churches without sacramental Ordination
* ** Protestant
o *** Lutheran (Minor Exception)
+ Presbyterian
+ Methodist
o Anabaptist
o *** Baptists
+ Pentecostals
+ Brethren
+ Amish
o Non-Trinitarians
o *** Universalists
+ Unitarians
+ Quakers
* Restorationists
* ** Church of Jesus christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons)
o Jehovahs Witnesses
o Charismatics
o Christadelphians
* Episcopalian
* ** Anglicans, Episcopal churches, etc
* Catholic
* ** "Roman" Catholic (Western Rite Catholicism)
o *** Sedevacantists
+ Those who follow Anti-popes
+ Old Catholics
+ Catholics who Follow the Pope
o Eastern Orthodox (under the Patriarch of constantinople)
o *** Greek Orthodox
+ Russian Orthodox
+ Serbian Orthodox
+ et cetera
o Coptic (Under pope
* Gnostic or Esoteric Christianity

The differences between these groups are vast, and the list of denominations that I have provided is by no means complete. There were at one time believed to be near 100,000 different denominations of Christianity, each of which fell mostly into one of these groups.

Don't Miss the Foundation

The root of all those denominations (with the exception of the non-Christian ones listed there) is still constant--Jesus Christ is God, Lord, Savior, King, and the only Mediator to a right relationship to the Father by the Holy Spirit. The "branches" may be spread abroad, but the message is still the same, and thus, there is a catholicity (or unity) amongst those denominations.

I Happen To Think...

that you are a believer in fairy tales...Your Jesus has been debunked...get over it and stand on your own 2 feet and deal with god one on one the way it's meant to be once the lies are peeled away...There is no unity in Christianity because it is based on the lie of someone who never existed.

"Jesus Christ"= pure nonsense since this mythological person never existed and there no solid historical proof he was ever born.

But there is proof that he was concocted by the Roman Emperors...

Our understanding of Jewish and Christian history has changed dramatically with the publication of Caesar's Messiah by Joseph Atwill (Ulysses Press), which had previously been privately published under the title The Roman Origins of Christianity. According to Atwill, the Gospels are not accounts of the ministry of a historical Jewish Jesus compiled by his followers sixty years after his death. They are texts deliberately created to trick Messianic Jews into worshipping the Roman Emperor 'in disguise'. The essence of Atwill's discovery is that the majority of the key events in the life of Jesus are in fact satirical: each is an elegant literary play on a military battle in which the Jewish armies had been defeated by the Romans. This is an extraordinary claim-but supported by all the necessary evidence.

Why would the Romans go to the trouble of writing and disseminating such a text? The Jewish War, culminating in the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 CE, had devastated the Mediterranean economy, and the Romans were anxious to prevent another messianic outbreak, which could easily lead to another 500,000 deaths-as the Bar Kochba revolt would demonstrate a generation later. In order to make any reconstruction of the country lasting, the Romans needed to offer the Jews alternative stories that would distract them from the messianic messages inherent in the Torah, and persuade them to accept Roman values.


Are you refusing to allow non-Christians to be your ally?

Because that is what it sounds like.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Opposities Do Not Always Attract

There is something you need to realize. There are two basic groups in this world: the sheep and the goats. If you're not working for God's kingdom and glory, then you're working against it. There is no neutrality, after all. To be frank with you, non-Christians are never an ally because they inherently undermine God by claiming their own autonomy against Him. Their worldview is diametrically opposed to Christians, ultimately leading to the belief that man is God. History has shown where that kind of thinking leads to (i.e. communistic tyranny, social oppression of the weak by means of evolutionary dogma, etc.).

Unity simply cannot be achieved when two worldviews are at war with each other. We may all use the same terms to describe what the purest end should be (liberty, private property, respect for life, etc.), but only one worldview can adequately justify those ends as righteous, necessary, and beneficial to all of mankind in a consistent and absolute manner. It does not come from a non-Christian paradigm.

Eat the apple and judge as the gods, good and evil. Been warned.


Free includes debt-free!

"non-Christians are never an ally"

"... that kind of thinking leads to (i.e. communistic tyranny, social oppression of the weak by means of evolutionary dogma, etc.)."

So, non-Christian Daily Paulers are really communists just bursting to set up central committees?

I find that interesting since it's obvious you are a collectivist.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

IamVoting4RonPaul I Think The Correct Term For Theonomist

to put him in a group is a "Theocratic Collectivist" ; )

"Gathering up all those Christians to control the GOP"
Were the ones God fights for to bring you Liberty

(crap Beck will probably snipe this and you'll hear it in the background while he's waving a flag with a tear running down his fat little cheek)

I think the correct term

for this divisive "guest" begins with an "a" and ends in "hole"

I'm quite sure Dr. Paul doesn't think of his non-Christian supporters as the enemy.

Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Wow, one of certainly does serve the forces of division

And in the name of God, to boot.
You have a very sad view of non-Christians.
Hey, you do realize Jesus was not a Christian, right?

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Truth Always Divides

You cannot have unity without truth. If people do not like or agree with the truth, then the problem lies with them, not the truth itself. Their responsibility is to either submit to it, or reject it at their own folly and destruction.

Jesus Christ is Truth Himself, the very embodiment of truth (John 14:6). Without a relationship to Him, one will never abide in the truth, being left to his own sinful ways and debased mind. Jesus Christ is also the Word (John 1), and therefore, His very oracles establish knowledge and give wisdom. Since He is the Author of words (to put it that way), He gets to define what their meaning should entail for all of mankind, not you. Therefore, I reject your post in trying to define terms in order to establish some kind of unity amongst us all, based on your own subjective understanding.

"Truth always divides. You cannot have unity without truth."

Are you aware that you are speaking jibberish now?
"Truth" is what is factual. It unites because people CAN agree on truth. Beliefs are opinions, they tend to be divisive and so for unity we must respect each King's right to their own beliefs. Wait a minute... I went over this once...

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

The " Truth" Sure Divided Your Church Theonomist

because all I observe is a raped ravaged shell of a "bride" that wouldn't be worth returning for, even by a mythical entity...


Finally, the Bible now makes sense
As a lifelong "never-believer" that was raised catholic, I always had firm non-belief regarding the Bible and all of its puzzling weirdness. I could not accept that a divine super-being would have nothing more useful to reveal to us (in writing no less) and would instead resort to revealing a few "magic tricks" to a small number of individuals in the middle east. To me the Bible did more to cast doubt on the existence of a God and the worthiness of Mankind than anything else.

So like anyone who simply cannot accept the ridiculous "cover story" that is standard fare for the origin of Christianity, and as one seeks the real truth, I self-studied the New Testament and the written history of the Romans in Judea. I therefore learned of their century-long travails with the Messianic Jews and I came to the same conclusions that dozens of others have about Christianity, that it is a Roman invention.

But I had no proof.....until now. Thank you Joseph Atwill.

My quest led me to learn of Josephus Flavius and his work and that led me to this book.

Joseph Atwill meticulously and expertly unravels the mysterious and perverse oddities that you will find if you actually read the New Testament without the fog of belief. The New Testament is filled with on-purpose contradictions and seemingly comical duplications of names, mis-naming, and useless parables and events.

This book by Joseph Atwill answers these questions and makes clear what is, for those like me, a really odd conundrum.

I strongly recommend this book for everyone as a MUST-READ especially for so-called "believers."

Read this book and YOU will KNOW Jesus.


Caesar's Messiah: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus by Anonymous

Reader Rating:5 Stars

February 27, 2007: As A former Roman Catholic, I have read most of the currently available Jesus-debunking books out there but while all have had interesting speculations and plausible theories, therehave been none which have so utterly and completely destroyed the myth of Jesus and exposed the fraudulent origins of Christianity! Atwill's nearly-indisputable thesis is presented in such utterly-stunning simplicity and clarity that it has predictably spawned the most histrionic and hysterical rebuttals from believers--and let this fact alone be reason for you to read this, the most important book to be published in 2000 years! For me, the most unsettling part of the experience of reading this book was to realize how through over 2000 years of Christianity, how many have been tortured, burned at the stake, broken and beheaded throughout history for what was and what is in fact, a deliberately propogated lie. An absolutely stunning, vitally necessary book. My advice--buy two read one and give one to your friend or neighbor. This ought to be a required read in schools across the world, it's that good, that important! A must-read!!

A thoughtful post. Thanks.


Free includes debt-free!

5 stars

one of the best posts ever on DP in my opinion -
loved this part quote -
"Unity: The ultimate weapon We The People can have, and we really must learn to wield it."

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15



Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Good Post paul4won

And some information about colloid silver. It takes a little times to read.It seems that even most company's producing it do not know what they are doing.

Here is the only one I trust.


And here's why.



After reading this I would never consider making this myself irregardless of the method or purity of the silver leads (wires) used.

It's not cheap but can be bought by the gallon and one could always form a co-op to buy in this quantity.

Thanks - I will look that over

You say "never..." I do buy mine for quality control, but I also encourage everyone to know how to make it. If NO antibiotics were around, and I needed antibiotics, I would make and take my own brew.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

In A Pinch It Would Be Okay...

to make your own I guess if this was not available on the market. Never say never, you got me there. But look at their particulate size comparison and the charge is important too. Soveriegn's 10PPM would make one think that the content is low but in this case more is better does not hold. I would use Sovereign Silver in a red hot minute in a nebulizer if I ever get the flu again.

I take this brand everyday myself.

40.00 Nebulizer

I did check it out, thanks again

I will be showing the family RN when he gets home, and he may dig a bit more but I suspect we will be changing brands. Thanks!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.