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Whacko Obama nominee for TSA

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You know, what he said was:

"Most of the domestic groups we have to pay attention to here are white supremacists... [they]Claim to be antigovernment, and Christian identity oriented."

You're distorting what he's saying if you're in anyway trying to imply that what he said was Anti-Christian; it was anti-white supremacist. He very clearly stated that it was people who claimed they were Christian identity oriented, not actual Christians, who were a threat. Just because some white supremacists claim to be 'Christian,' doesn't make them Christian.

Find a reason to dislike him that has some substance before you waste your time and effort opposing his appointment.

PS. I think he withdrew from the appointment process.

But we know who the real terrorists are...

Isn't that reason enough to dislike his profiling, and shifting the blame?

I think all supremacy groups have the tendency to be violent. But as he adds "anti-government groups" to his rant, that statement right there, discredits him entirely. We are entitled to freely state our grievances against our elected officials (reasonably), without being called a terrorist. Even if he is no longer in the running for the TSA position, the next nominee could come along and say the same thing.

+...Pray for Your Enemies and Moral Courage for Righteous Leaders, so that Justice Will Be Delivered to the Innocent...+

You're making the same mistake the other guys were making...

He says: "Most of the domestic groups that we have to pay attention to here are white supremacist groups. They are anti-government."

The "they" refers to the "white supremacist groups." He is just describing them as "anti-government." That doesn't mean that all "anti-government groups" need to be watched, and are full of white supremacists. It simply means that the white supremacist groups that need to be watched are anti-government.

And you do realize that a huge portion of the "left" put Dr Paul

in the "white supremacist" category? Essentially, if it's not communist, its white supremacist. Ameriaana's right. It's us.

Words have meanings...

the words which that man spoke do not mean what people are alleging them to mean. Unless you can provide more context to those statements, they are innocuous.

It does not matter what " a huge portion of the 'left'" thinks, what matters is what the individual speaking thinks.

If you put words into an individuals mouth simply because you perceive them to be associated with the "left", then are you no better than the wack-jobs who think that Ron Paul is a white supremacist because David Duke stood next to him, took a picture, and donated to him.

Even with the best of intentions discused by others .

This is still race baiting period. An attempt to colorize and divide. They came for the white supremacist but I was not white. And on and on by the way how ironic that the globalist are the worlds worst WHITE SUPREMACIST. MAKING MUCH OF THEIR WEALTH IN THE SLAVE TRADE. I would say 90 % of the accepted White Supremacy movement is government promoted.HAL TURNER paid FBI!


I thought he was out.
Or is that already the second choice whacko?

The guy looks like one of

The guy looks like one of those dogs with wrinkles.

I posted this , this morning

Nobody even watched it or left feedback,,,,shame we have become numb.