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speeding ticket in CA

I recently had a speeding ticket in CA.
I am going to court on the 1st of Feb to fight this.

The CHP was coming in the opposite direction from me; said they clocked me at 72 in the 55. Needless to say the ticket was for $380.

The officer asked if I knew how fast I was going, and I said between 60 and 65 from my speedo, since my truck is low geared. I never even do 70mph on the I-5 freeway since it burns too much gas and my RPM's approach 2,500 rpm. at 60-65, I'm around 2000 rpms. When the officer also pulled me over, I was right at my destination. He flipped a u-turn on the freeway to come back to give me a ticket. I had just passed another car in front of me doing around 55 which is why I sped up, also there was another car about 200' in front of me. So I know I wasn't going 72, and he never showed me the radar gun. He had an attitude and was smirking at me. It probably does not help that i have a Ron Paul 2012 sticker on my truck, and a state of jefferson sticker too.

I was speeding by 5-10mph, but not 17mph. So how should I fight this?

I have to travel 50 miles to the town of willows from Chico and be there at 8am in the county of Glenn, CA.

From the research i've done radar is only truly accurate when it's stationary.

Probably screwed, but this just seems like an absolute gouging.

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Here is a link in the DP that has lots of info for you.
I liked the idea of not going to court and winning from
Good luck,

A little trick

from a Commercial truck fleet mechanic,Check to see what the"Factory"Diameter the tires should be for your pickup,If they are not the"Factory" diameter then your speedo is off,this can be certified by a tire store or repair shop.This will help your case very much,The average citizen is not expected to know the difference in tire height.
Heres a link that may help.

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