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We Shouldn't Forget August 9

This is a very sad anniversary. One we should remember as we listen to all the rhetoric about who should and shouldn't have nuclear power.
I can't entrust foreign policy to anyone but Ron Paul. This appeared on Lew's site and is worth a read today.

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Christianity does not make stupidity compulsive

Not that I disagree with everything written in this article, but this seems to be a truly naive approach to everything regarding the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki, and I hope to God that Ron Paul doesn't share this view. I don't care if Nagasaki was somehow important to Japanese Christianity at one point, nothing changes the fact that Japan engaged in sub-human behavior on a scale that not even Germany or China could rival. Entire metropolises arming themselves down to the last child for the sake of some false idol (in this case, an emperor) is not Christianity, and Nagasaki was no exception. This all could've have been prevented had Japan not decided that anything outside their race was the cross-bred offspring of pigs and dogs. You reap what you sow.

Jesus was a non-violent radical, absolutely. This just in: none of us here are Jesus, and none of us could even hope to aspire to the level of good the man exhibited in his own life. That said, Jesus's message of nonviolent resistance does not mandate you to sit by idly and watch your way of life destroyed by pure evil.


Jerry Garcia died August 9th 1995, and since then, August 9th has always been a very sad date for me. Now even more so. Thanks for being you Fonta. I'm glad I'm with you and Dr Ron Paul's team.

Thanks for Posting This

A very moving article. And a great reminder of why we support Ron Paul.

It sure amazes me that all the other Republican candidates openly talk about using nuclear weapons again against civilian targets in this War on Terror. Makes me wonder that the real terrorists are are the domestic ones, so eager to use weapons of mass destruction against mostly innocent people. Amazing!

wow, i didn't even realize

wow, i didn't even realize that happened today. my grandma is japanese and lived there at the time of the attacks. her family disowned her when they found out she fell in love with an american soldier so this is really something that defines my family and myself.. my grandma has never been back to japan and never will be

i recently went to nagasaki. my mom and us met up with some relatives who she hadn't seen in 40 something years. it's very heartbreaking how war can tear so many people apart.

I'm Glad I Posted It Then

as it was personally meaningful to you. Until your comment, I was thinking maybe I should not have posted it as it moved the ad down to place two.

Now I'm thinking, it was a very good thing that happened. Perhaps we need to remember some history of which we can never be proud in order to truly appreciate what it would be like to be proud to be an American. (I used to hate that song.) So here we have a chunk of our history politically and militarily that we are not so proud of...and a great ad/image of who we are now...and where we are going.
Dr. Paul isn't a "dove"...he knows we live in a dangerous world. I know that he would with great sadness do what he had to do to protect our country, but in the event of war, people would know "why" we were fighting and a legitimate Congress would declare war if it was necessary. Our armed forces would be re-trained through a different kind of war school, well equipped, morally ready, and respected.

Somehow I imagine Ron Paul across from an Amahdinijad (...shoot spellcheck can't do any better than armadillo) or Castro. With his honesty and integrity and genuineness, I believe he could solve more diplomatically than we could imagine. In a sense he is We The People-original in that he is our role model. How many of us really understood what We The People could mean until we got on the Ron Paul train.I for one wouldn't feel this way if it weren't for Ron Paul supplying a glimmer of hope, and somehow it feels more honorable than being a skeptic, a cynic. I like it.

BTW: We are going to Tokyo in October as "paid for" guests of someone who likes my husband's music. We are really looking forward to the opportunity. Japanese people are very gracious. They must also be very forgiving. What a Ron Paul could do for "All The People"...everywhere.