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Chains we can believe in

Home-run record holder Mark McGwire finally came clean on his steroid use in 1998, the year he broke the record. People were shocked; Sammy Sosa’s face turned white as a sheet when he heard.

When Alex Rodriguez admitted to taking steroids, he was seeing Madonna. She has always had a thing for baseball players. I am told she even has an on-deck circle in her bedroom. When the news broke, she was irate. (You can always tell when Madonna is mad because her fake British accent disappears.)

So, let’s sum up the past decade: We have had three presidents; started a war based on faulty intelligence; run up another $6 trillion in federal debt; socialized much of our economy; believed Obama’s promise of “change”—and the only ones who told us the truth were Jose Canseco and candidate Ron Paul.

When Haiti suffered a massive and tragic earthquake, our politicians ran to the microphones to make speeches and promises. That’s what they do.


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Hoax and Chains

*read that today somewhere