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"China teen seen as hero for killing local official"

Let's put a smile on that face!

BEIJING – When Li Shiming was stabbed through the heart by a hired assassin, few of his fellow villagers mourned the local Communist Party official many say made their lives hell by seizing land, extorting money and bullying people for years.

Instead, villagers in the northern town of Xiashuixi have made Li's teenage killer something of a local hero. More than 20,000 people from the coal-mining area petitioned a court for a lenient sentence.

"I didn't feel surprised at all when I heard Li Shiming was killed, because people wanted to kill him a long time ago," said villager Xin Xiaomei, who says her husband was harassed for years by Li after the two men had a personal dispute. "I wanted to kill Li myself, but I was too weak."

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The truth is, the PEOPLE are the highest court in the LAND as per the Constitution etc

For all the flag waving and protesting, the mountain of ex-military, ex-police, it is far beyond my understanding why small groups haven't ONE BY ONE grabbed the criminals off the streets.


That's why they call it, citizens arrest.

Carl rove is still walking around ? Brezinski ? Kissinger ? Bush ?

Stop you mouth moving and your high and mighty talk of liberty. You don't really want it. You want someone else to give it to you.

Every opportunity exists, every LEGAL recourse and remedy, and yet I see people typing out fantasy.



.Oh the courts wont do anything. They're captured etc

YOU are the court. YOU give it authority. It comes from YOU.

Set up your own.

Grand Juries ? You need 23 people. Where are they ?

A Small ex-military force could easily arrest these criminals.

The world you have is the one you want.

I NO LONGER pity those in the pits being shoveled in by bulldozer. They knew what was going on. They allowed it to happen. Life was not important enough to do something about it.

This Chinese man is a hero. But it should have been done by the village. In plain view. Through their court.

Now he takes on the brunt. What cowards.

This woman has courage. Where is her support ? Where are the men ?


The REAL reason it continues.



The elected officials had their chance in China AND America...
"China's leaders have identified corruption as a threat to the country's progress, but an opaque political system dominated by the ruling Communist Party — which brooks no dissent — and the lack of an independent judiciary contribute to the problem."


Transcript of the closed "trial" of Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu

Military base Tirgoviste - December 25th 1989


They were both taken out the back and shot. Justice served. Legally.

what would happen in America if the natives rose up....???

an excerpt from the article

Zhang Xuping is guilty. His biggest crime is that he dared to resist a bandit-like official, and refused to be obedient and to be a slave," Yan wrote.

Well, the LAST time Americans rose up against

oppressive governance was the Revolutionary War. As I recall the results were pretty darned good for awhile.