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Invest in Paul-ladium, it´s the wise thing to do!

Palladium is a currency, ISO code XPD 964 listed on the currency exchange. In the earth's crust palladium is 1.8 times rarer than gold. Palladium is useful in fuel cell technology and useful for solving environmental problems. Where is the world attention right now? On the environment and where the government is pumping billions of dollars.
In an average year 54,880,000 ounces of gold are produced.
Meaning at today's price it takes $57,733,760,000 dollars to buy up all the gold produced in one year.
In an average year 940,800 ounces of palladium are produced.
Meaning it would take $305,760,000 dollars to buy up all the palladium produced in one year.
The number of ounces of palladium produced in a year does not match the number of people who support Ron Paul.
Do you think it would be easier to convince every Ron Paul supporter to buy an ounce of palladium or 54 ounces of gold?
In other words spend your gold money and buy palladium.