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Media Spin - Scott Brown Win is a Victory for Bush's Foreigh Policy, Defeat for Ron Paul's Isolationism

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In campaigning with Brown in the final days, Rudy Giuliani mapped out the battle lines: “This election will send a signal, and a very dramatic one, that we are going in the wrong direction on terrorism, and we need to change it, and change it now.” Giuliani added: Scott’s background in the military speaks volumes about his understanding of what we face. And frankly his opponent’s ignorance about the issues facing us is astounding.”

From the start candidate Brown was unequivocal on defense matters. A 30-year Veteran of the National Guard, still serving as a lt. colonel, Brown unashamedly backed the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s notable that not once did he seek to separate himself from the Bush foreign policy agenda.

He repeatedly criticized his opponent, an attorney general, for her support of Obama’s policy of trying Khalid Sheikh Muhammed in a civilian trial in New York City.

Scott Brown refusted to back away from allowing the CIA and the Military to use strong interrogation techniques, including water-boarding, after being accused of supporting “torture” by Coakley and her supporters.

In contrast, candidate Coakley took a Ron Paul almost isolationist view on foreign policy.

The spin continues...
More: http://biggovernment.com/2010/01/24/scott-brown-win-is-a-vic...

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Wow, that was interesting.

Wow, that was interesting. Couldn't figure out if it was for real or some CoOps website. Since I came more from the Independent Anti-War Left I was never really exposed to Neo-Cons.