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Mormons knocking Doors for Ron Paul

This was on Lew Rockwell's blog this morning:

Please note that there is a chip-in for these guys. I'm not posting this here to take away from any of the other good fundraisers that are going on, but I can tell you this: These guys that have been Mormon missionaries are extremely valuable for their door knocking experience. In the commercial world, I have seen some of them earn six figures over four months in the summer by selling services such as alarms and pest control (and for the companies that use them, they are worth every penny.) In fact, I manage a the largest residential pest control company in New Mexico that was built by hiring these guys to go door to for 4 months. So if you do have the extra cash to throw these guys' way, I promise you, you will get an amazing return on that money.

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Do they have some sort of training manual?

Or is it just all the practice of knocking on doors for a religion? If they do have a manual and we can somehow get a copy of the good parts, it might have some useful ideas for non-Mormons doing the same thing.

And I agree, we should have 100% of the Amish vote (if the Amish actually vote! And I'm not trying to make a joke, I truly don't know!!).

i dont know

i and i dont care what religion you are but i wouldnt contibute to this because for 2 reasons, 1) the fact that romneys numbers are crashing because of his mormon faith (alot of people are not voting for him on that reason alone) and 2) ron paul said that people should not vote based on religion beliefs but on the issues they defend. so throwing any religious or non religious (atheist) into the mix of politics is poison for a candidate and would do no good. they can do all the doorknocking for us they want if they believe his message but leave any religious beliefs at home no matter what religion you belong to. ive got nothing against religion, i believe in god myself, but in politics its a turnoff.

They are going to promote Ron Paul....

and the freedom message, not to share their religion.

thats great!

if that is the mission,then thats great but leave the religious stuff out and i'm all for it. we need the experienced people like that. you have my blessing, carry on.

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Outstanding...we need to keep bumping this...

I'd love a "Mormons for Ron Paul" flank to the army

May many more of their pals be so inspired

This spiritual understanding of limited government and freedom has many Latter-day Saints flocking to Ron Paul's constitution-based presidential campaign.

It is especially important

It is especially important because Romney is running this year. It's personally important for me to get the word out that most Mormons have more respect for the constitution than Mr. Romney.

5% of people make things happen
10% of people watch things happen
85% say "What happened?"

I never thought about the

I never thought about the connection with the lds crowd, but I was thinking the other day how similar Dr Paul’s views are to what I know about the Quakers, whom I've always admired.

Also the Amish

Through following Ron Paul, I recently learned that after a long fought battle with the Feds, the Amish gained an exemption from paying or receiving social security because it infringes upon their religion which teaches them it is THEIR responsibility to take care of their own elderly and disabled.

5% of people make things happen
10% of people watch things happen
85% say "What happened?"