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Ron Paul on Glenn Beck Radio to Discuss the CIA! - 10:30am ET

Part 1:


Part 2 below:


Dr. Paul will be on Glenn Beck's radio show around 10:30 am ET to discuss the CIA.

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Glen Beck

He is helping bring people to a Libertarian perspective. But I am convinced he is controlled opposition at best or Judas goat at worst. Don't trust him. However lets use him for now. Just watch for the betrayal.

If he's "controlled opposition"

they're not controlling him very well.

Is there a video where he

Is there a video where he makes more commentary after the doctor hangs up? Beck probably had something to say about that discussion afterwards and I am interested to see if anything got into his skull.

Hot Air proving it IS FULL OF IT

Something for you to chew on against the Neocons...



For The Power of The Republic!

Let em.....

Let the Hot Air folks waste their time responding to Allahpundit's continued attacks on Ron Paul.

While they're calling us "Paultards" and trying to link Ron Paul to conspiracy theories (which is a conspiracy theory itself), we're out converting People one at a time to Ron Paul's message of TRUE liberty, exposing the neo-conseratives, neo-liberals and socialists for who they really are.

I thought about posting a reply on Hot Air (I'm a member - and commented there during the 2008 election), but instead I'll finish my next article getting the message out to more who are looking for answers.

And to think "Michele Malkin" is listed as a sponsor/supporter on one of the Tea Party sites...

What a joke...

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eh i don't know

i think some of you are just biased emotionally against him because of the 911 issue. he's actually no slower learner than anyone you can compare against in the mainstream media. some of you really need to watch your actions and words, it's unnecessary to turn people away when we're in such need to grow. there's not much time left before the next crisis and i think you should get the priorities of the issues straight. health care, war, gun rights, the fed are at the frontline of all issues, everything else should be secondary at this point. if you disagree i hope you at least then know you are on your own agenda and perhaps you shouldn't do so in the names of the liberty movement every time you decide to alienate people, especially valuable allies.


Glenn Beck is free advertisement for the revolution. I don't care what he thinks, as long as people hear about freedom. I swear, we argue over the dumbest stuff. I'm cool with him being a jackass, but who gives a rats ass. FREE advertisement is what I see. We bitch about no exposure and when we finally get a little bit we rip it apart.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Question: How does Glenn Beck know Ron Paul supporters

don't like him?

Answer: He reads it on the Daily Paul.

Don't you, Glenn?

He's the man.

I know he is too.

Mr.Nystrom,as I have said I think he gets his content from your site.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

That's hardly speaking for all Ron Paul supporters.

I like him.

It's counter-productive to bash one of the few people on television promoting ideas that are the most similar to Dr. Paul's. He's even promoting non-interventionism now. I appreciate what he's doing. Judge Napolitano (I'm mentioning because so many people here like him) has also expressed appreciation of what Beck is doing.

hey glen

no amount of money will buy you a cooler spot in hell

Where else would he know it from?

Maybe he has had a few emails sent to him though too ;)

I still remember Beck railing about

why Ron Paul would choose November 5th as a money bomb day.
That Guy Fawkes Day was related to modern day terror, blah, blah, blah.

Beck either was ignorant of the facts, (that the 5th of November was an outside fundraiser with absolutely no input from Ron Paul himself or the campaign) or Beck was deliberately attempting to paint the good doctor as something he is clearly not.
Either way, it doesn't bode well for the credibility of Mr. Beck.

I am open to forgiveness, but Mr. Beck should first ask for it.
Perhaps he has asked for it, I wouldn't know since i don't listen or watch his shows....just what gets linked here.

As a recent world leader once stated...
"Fool me once, uh hmm uh shame on you,
Fool me..uh...hmm..We won't get fooled again!"

no time for that

it's not like we don't have a ticking economic time bomb. we need all the help we can get, it's actually us who are in need at this point, if the movement is serious about saving the country. by the way plenty of interviewers likely thought the same when they interviewed ron paul but they didn't have the guts to say it outright, i don't see how glenn receives special attention for speaking his mind. he's not that different from any other mainstream anchor other than he's more outspoken and thus offending more frequently than others.

No time to apologize?

That would take a whole 5-7 seconds of Beck's precious airtime, awww.

nicely misread

there's no time for 'us' to deny all free advertisement by disconnecting 100% from glenn until he makes his unlikely apology. no time for 'us'. accepting his free help by his weekly some 10 20 million audience while giving up on the unrealistic expectation that he'll ever apologize is what a true entrepreneur would do to have something desirable accomplished instead of just being sarcastic on the side line. it's not hard.

That Beck is such a tool

He is really trying to use Dr. Paul. Bringing up dead man talking and trying to scare his audience about another 9-11. If there is another 9-11 the first place we should check for terrorist is the CIA.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Dr. Paul...

Is just too smart to be used.

Becks millions of followers are following his lead on agreeing with more of Dr. Pauls positions today.

The revolution will grow if we let them slowly come to us without scaring them off....it took me years to get to where I am today.

We have just months till the primaries, and we need Becks audience supporting candidates like Medina, Kokesh, and Dennis then. To win in 2012, we'll need all of them dragged along to our way of thinking....Heavy doses of guests like Ron Paul and others such as Tom Woods will do the trick....

We can help - by flooding him with email asking for real constitutional patriot guests like Medina, Rhodes, Badnarik and Kokesh.

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OK.... I know, I know, I know....

I think we can all agree that Glenn is at best - not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and at worst - a clever, scheming manipulator.

BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..... his FANS get to hear him agreeing with Dr. Paul on PULLING OUT OF OTHER NATIONS, of a SMALLER FOREIGN POLICY, of the EVIL nature of the FED, etc. and it is the POPULACE that we are trying to win!

I just got done with a visit from an Aunt who made sure that while she was on vacation she was recording three weeks of Glenn Beck!!!! SHE is a normal, brainless, non-thinking member of the populace. When SHE hears Glenn agreeing with Ron Paul... SHE WILL AGREE TOO.... because GLENN SAID SO!! And frankly I DONT CARE if she is totally grounded in a freedom philosophy yet. I just want the war-mongering, Fed loving populace to change their (very shallow) opinion on these issues.

We've got to count our blessing more folks. This is GREAT!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

"Beck, we need you to find out how much Ron Paul knows"


"Sure boss. Can I have ice cream later?"

"You're such a tool"


Leon: And try and get Paul to Ok a first strike,,,, if we invent evidence of involvement around the world. And drop that line about were you differ with Paul. He is always right and you end up groveling like a tongue-tied retard. SORRY SARAH

I hope Dr.Paul can speak openly on this subject

on MSNBC, CNN & other media outlets.

Way to go!

Im starting to think Glenn is beginning to come around! Give the guy a break! Hes the best thing we have in the mainstream and he little by little, opening his mind and seeing the truth. You have to give him credit for not having his head so far up his own ass that he can never see light... Thats seems to not be the case as much. Credit when credit is due.

Ron Paul 2012

Michael Nystrom's picture

Roman Circus

I don't know how you can talk about a self described rodeo clown 'coming around.'


I don't know what said clown would be 'coming around' to -- new and advanced clowning techniques, maybe?

That being said, this is a good interview and worth listening to, simply because it is Dr. Paul -- even though he is speaking with a rodeo clown.

He's the man.

Date rape

Glenn was so nice and charming, said all the right things, even got misty eyed once or twice as he nodded agreement. So the Ron Paul supporters got in the car with him, and he continued to nod and say nice things and seem like a swell guy even as he slowed, killed the headlights and turned down a black, unpaved road. The casual, sincere banter never stopped as he parked in the shadows, turned off the motor, looked you in the eye and began sliding across the seat into your personal space. He told you that you had agreed to this, it was implied by the way you acted, everyone saw you were into him and saw you leave with him, and they all assumed this was going to happen and you better understand that nobody will listen for a moment if you try to say different.

And the next day you're bleeding and crying in the bottom of your shower stall and Glenn is back jabbering his pseudo-sincere, misleading nonsense as if none of it ever happened.

The important thing...

Is that the hard core Beck fans heard this from Dr. Paul - Those of us here are not going to become mindwarped by Beck by listening to him now and then.

Paul and Napolitano may have real influence on Becks audience - which numbers in the millions.

You won't get raped if you carry the best weapons available - In this case - Knowledge.

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I have noticed that the

I have noticed that the rather than thinking critically about Beck's doublespeak on liberty issues, 9/12ers have adopted the practice of double-think. Example: The New World Order wants to take away our liberties and controls both parties, therefore we must support Sarah Palin for President.

Ventura 2012

With the 9/12ers...

That I know personally...Palin is not as popular as she once was...She will be stumping for McCain over the more conservative candidates in his Senate race...that should wake a few more of them up....

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I hope you are right. I have

I hope you are right. I have had the opposite experience, although I have mostly been dealing with them online, where most of them are probably on the GOP payroll.

Ventura 2012

If you are feeling brave...

Join your local 9/12 meetup group and go to their meetings....they need your intellectual help!

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