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"Ron Paul is the most dangerous man in America"

...according to Peter Morici, a prominent hack economist-for-hire from the University of Maryland, on the POTUS Sirius station regarding the re-nomination of Bernanke. Morici claimed that Ron Paul is "the most dangerous man in America" due to his effort to abolish the Fed, which would "put the printing press in Congress' incompetent hands". Of course the stooge interviewing Morici doesn't challenge anything he says and lets him go merrily on his way. The POTUS channel is statist crap.

Well, some would say that any press is good press. Ron Paul is gaining such prominence now that he's even getting play on POTUS.

You've seen this huckster Morici on the various MSM networks and here's a good article and Youtube of him vs. Schiff, also pointing out how Morici called for a 4Q 2009 recovery (whoops).