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Man almost gets thrown out at C4L event for filming a uninvited crasher!

LCL report filmed an uninvited crasher being thrown out by Campaign for Liberty security. Instead of worrying about the crasher, the secuirty then comes after me and demands that I shut off my camera. They then come over and grab my camera and point it away to keep me filming what is going on. Am I overreacting to being censored? Watch this footage and you decide.

7:11 minutes

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What I said...

You had to ask if you were wrong?

Guys like you will have the government registering video cameras.

In this revolution the camera is the weapon. And just like a gun the user needs to respect it.

Who's side are you on?

You were told respectfully to stop making a private conversation public. And you disrespected the people who were charged with security for the event.
What would you have done if someone intruded on your privacy with a camera and security didn't do their job for YOU?

They had the right (private property) to call police and have you arrested. But I bet you already considered that angle, so then you could get some real drama going.

You're overreacting IMHO

The "man with the briefcase"... was obviously agitated, he said he had "classified information" and was rambling-on about "Zionists". Is this how you want the C4L (or the Liberty Movement in general)portrayed? Attempting to "crash the party" in this manner- does "the man with the briefcase" add or subtract credibility to our movement? He may be a genius, who knows. But he came-off as a wingnut and potentially unstable. Can you imagine how many nut-cases follow Ron Paul around these days? Can you imagine how many people are trying to stage Ron Paul "gotcha moments"?

It's fairly common-knowledge that once something's been filmed, no matter how right, wrong, or out of context it may be, it'll probably end-up on Youtube- just like YOU did. The C4L security guys knew that and were trying to maintain some decorum and a positive image for the organization and the event. They asked you many times in a gentlemanly manner, not to film this altercation with the "whack-job with a briefcase". Does your film bring anything to the cause of the Liberty Movement- other than a non-existent paranoid and delusional "conspiracy"? No- it's just a self-serving, "dig-me" seven minutes of sought-after fame.

But hey... congrats on pumping your Youtube hit-count. Mission Accomplished!

hmmm . . .

I think the security people were over-reacting--

people get a little authority, and it goes to *their* heads.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


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