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DP is Crawling like a snail

Just FYI to webmaster on DP.

DP is Crawling like a snail. In my browser it is taking like 5 minutes for some offsite images or links to load from the following urls:


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This morning my Kaspersky

This morning my Kaspersky anti-virus was going crazy ever time I visited this site! It kept telling me a trojan is trying to be downloaded...I was wondering what the deal was?

Very slow

for me today, as well. I still cannot access the Daily Paul at least once per day. Today it was several hours I could not access this site...

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took me over 20 min just to post a reply!!!

and another 20+ to post a thread...

it seems like a bandwidth issue...

there were/are about 100 people logged on and over 380 guests when this happened..

if it is a bandwidth issue.. it must be the server...as all other websites seem to work ok ...except DP...

anyone know ???

ok for me

no problem at all from France

It was for me too...

but now it's fast again.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~