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MO Constitution Party radio commercial

Missouri's Constitution Party State Chairman, Donna Ivanovich, reports that the new Constitution Party radio commercial featuring the party's communication director, Mary Starrett, which played twice on the popular Randy Tobler radio program in St. Louis Saturday morning, has received much attention, rave reviews and is already producing solid results in the bringing new recruits into the party!
30 second commercial
60 second commercial

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This is where

campaign donations need to be concentrated: media spots, ala Jesse Ventura's gubernatorial campaign. A very good use of CP funds, in my opinion, emphasizing positive action and principle.

Phil. 4:13

Too bad the Constitution

Too bad the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party cannot find a way to work together. They are both good, but remain weaker because they are divided.


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I think that

would be good

Nice commercial

Hope it works, I like the music.

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