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Is it time to sink Benedict Beck???

Beck is a fake revolutionary who has hijacked the freedom movement and is being used to lead conservatives and libertarians down the rabbit hole

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Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Glenn Beck is being characterized by the establishment as the leader of the freedom movement and yet a closer analysis of his ideology reveals that Beck is nothing more than a fake revolutionary who has supported and is pushing policies that are diametrically opposed to those embraced by true constitutionalists.

Beck and Fox News have hijacked the patriot movement and are leading conservatives and libertarians down a meaningless partisan rabbit hole in a clear attempt to neutralize genuine opposition to the big government agenda of the Obama administration.

It is important to stress that we are not picking a fight with Glenn Beck or Fox News in general as a crude effort to garner attention. Glenn Beck routinely attacks real libertarians, Ron Paul supporters, and those who would define themselves as constitutionalists. We are constantly forced to rebut his smears against people in the freedom movement while Beck claims to be one of us.

Indeed, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who also appears on Fox News, is an example of a real constitutionalist and we are in full agreement with his views.

As the video below illustrates, despite the fact that Beck claims to be “a Libertarian at heart,” he has publicly supported programs and legislation that are universally abhorred by the vast majority of libertarians, such as the banker bailout and the USA Patriot Act.

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I mean just look at the guy and his mannerisms - lol

I wouldn't trust the guy in my house ;)

How can anyone take this guy seriously - yes he has been a bit more professional lately but he seems to be Olbermann's sidekick - those two should be in a comedy together.

Beck and Olbermann = Abbott and Costello


Beck is getting educated

I am not a habitual Beck watcher, but will watch his show on youtube from time to time and did listen to his interview with Ron Paul yesterday. The video on this post is from 2-3 years ago and nothing current. If you compare the message that Beck is sending his viewers today vs. two years ago it is quite different. Two years ago Beck said that Ron Paul had kooky ideas...yesterday he complimented him by saying he is much like the Founding Fathers and the only one in politics that stands behind the founding principles and the Constitution. We are all at this point questioning his intent as we are still recovering from his attacks on Ron Paul's campaign in 2008. Many of us are in defense mode and waiting to be stabbed in the back. He has apologized for the attacks on Ron Paul and openly admitted he was wrong. Not many people would do that and for this he deserves credit.

Today, Beck is trying to help get the message out that what the U.S. has been doing is wrong and what Ron Paul has been saying is right all along. On the radio show yesterday, he did Ron Paul a favor by allowing him to clarify his statement made about the CIA as there were people that were initially shell-shocked and interpreted Paul's statement as getting rid of all U.S. intelligence. We that follow Ron Paul knew that this is not where he was coming from, but others that do not follow him as closely did not. I think that Glen Beck probably knew where Ron Paul was coming from before he interviewed him too, but understands that his listeners might not of and that is why he raised the questions. When Paul explained what he meant about the statement he made about the CIA, Beck did not disagree and was actually agreed with everything RP said. I don't know if you see it, but by Glen Beck agreeing with RP he is pulling listeners to support Ron Paul.

Many still have a bitter taste in your mouth from the Glen Beck attacks during the campaign, but right now he is helping Ron Paul....Glen Beck has a lot of viewers and their support is needed.

Some may argue that Beck interviewed Palin to gain support. I doubt that Beck could walk away from that interview with a straight face thinking that Palin is president material. Let me tell you, I have talked to hardcore Palin supporters after that interview and that interview did her more harm than good...her support of Perry and McCain is driving the nail in her coffin even deeper. She is demonstrating that she does not stand behind principle and allows herself to be manipulated like clay by the neo-cons.

As for Glen Beck, time will tell if his efforts to help are real and hopefully he isn't a turncoat when it gets closer to 2012. For the time being, I think that he is helping to educate his viewers about what is wrong with the U.S. and trying to teach them that going back to founding principles and the U.S. Constitution is helping Ron Paul gain the support of his viewers. You can disagree, but this is the way I see it.

If I've learned anything form Dr. Paul it's this.

It's the message of freedom and not the man that matters. In addition, there are no leaders (other than the people)in the campaign for liberty.

This is the trap, they want us to maintain the Left vs. Right paradigm. That's Beck's job, to secure the Neocon Right and keep them on the Party path; while baiting the Independents and Libertarians along the way.

Remember the story of the scorpion and the frog? In the end, Beck will do what he's paid to do. He'll sell out the Liberty movement and side with the status quo. Why? Because he's a scorpion and that's what scorpions do.

Here is my question to my fellow freedom lovers, what should we do about Beck?

Do we become proactive or reactive? Or, do nothing at all and go about business as usual?

Because honestly, my jury is still out.


...we cannot do ANYTHING about Beck...just watch him, and make commentary on him...and expose his double-speak on You Tube...

If anything, he has a HUGE segment of older American traditionalists eating out of his hand...living in retirement homes & communities, on "fixed incomes"; who honestly want a better America for their children and grandchildren..but have been conditioned that the left/right paradigm is ALL that exists in America.

Either way...we are the "revolutionaries"...we KNOW we cannot blame the older generation for letting our nation's posterity get sold to foreign interests and our enemies, in as much as we CANNOT refuse to FIGHT and in essence, "kick the can down to road" to the next generation that is still being brainwashed in our public schools to go along with global governance...

Glenn Beck is a paid entertainer, and as long as he brings in the viewership(which includes us!!!); he will remain a highly paid political celebrity - but WATCH what advertisers are presented during his show, and ask yourself to WHAT audience are they advertising to - not us who KNOW the game...

Let's Just KEEP Beck Honest!

...I received a call yesterday, this letter to the editor will be published in our local paper in Southeast Michigan...

"The Republicans, and the Tea Party Movement in 2010!

There still exists a very palatable divide between GOP Party loyalists, and the “traditional conservatives” showing up in droves at the Tea Parties. Abandoning, and still avoiding the “lesser-of-two-evils” Republican Party is hard work, given that “change” has NOT arrived in America.

With America in economic free-fall, I set out to self-study the traditional conservative policy positions of the Grand Old Party; because the fruit of decades of creeping socialism has taken up residence in my own home.

Along with the Tea Party attendees(which include many JFK Democrats), I too have concluded that the status-quo of the “right” is still run by big government moderates, who vote like Democrats.

RINO’s(Republicans in Name Only), are MOSTLY at fault for creating this movement.

It was not a conservative, or pro-Liberty thing to do in signing the Patriot Act, creating the Department of Homeland Security; let alone giving out bail-out’s, “stimulating” the economy, or drafting a take-over of Health Care in America. The EXPENSE of all of this is simply not consistent with our nation’s founding principles.

The bigger this government gets, the more vocal “We The People” must become. Tyranny, in all its current forms, has all been accomplished with the help of RINO’s. Government interference, in wages, choosing winners and losers in the marketplace; controls individuals by landing them on some sort of welfare or subsidy.

It is the intention of the Tea Party Movement to keep our media supporters HONEST; by rejecting their double-speak when they pepper it into their commentaries, or advance it within seemingly GOOD public policy recommendations.

We who have been rudely awakened into political activism, are doing our homework daily on the internet. We have developed a great many networks that we use to teach concerned voters how to discern when we are being played.

Even though the popular and seemingly dominant “right” media purport that they are as concerned about Liberty as much as we are; we still suspect them as being just gatekeepers for RINO supporters of bigger government.

Republicans, and all politicians who wish to cement a career as tax-payer funded intellectuals now make themselves obvious. Saying that Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts was a victory for the Tea party movement is the most obvious demonstration of their hoax to get more RINO’s in office this November; and one they will not get away with!"

CASE & POINT(Double Speak): Mark Levin YESTERDAY talking about certain callers, and other "brainwashed lefties" who look to the government for solutions to EVERYTHING...then went on to say the REPUBLICANS need to come up with better solutions!!!

Gee, Mark - isn't that still encouraging people to keep LOOKING to the GOVERNMENT for solutions, just one with a Republican Party majority?

We KNOW that ALL conservative/Christian media is pro-RINO...so, we'll have to "attack" them until they get with the program that we KNOW about the left/right paradigm, and the divide and conquer game...they have A LOT of $$$$, so we tend to "fear" them because of their ability to influence...while they are attacking Democrats(which is EASY); we need to be attacking RINO's and educating the masses to our nation's founding principles...the Heritage Foundation says Scott Brown's victory in Mass. was a "REMARKABLE" victory...but we KNOW different...don't let the "right"-leaning media get away with it!

Sarah Palin will endorse pro-Liberty, common-folk, traditional conservatives who run for public office; Glenn Beck will support RINO's like Mark Kirk who will most likely go after Roland Burris' Senate Seat(formerly Obama's)...if we reach Ross Perot popularity with our arguments...Obama wins in 2012 with 40% of the vote...remember that!

We have a lot of work to do...this is a WAR for the hearts and minds of the Voting public..."they" have television & radio to perpetuate the "lesser of two evils" game; we need "ground forces"...clean up our own backyard as Ron Paul told us to...run people for city council, school board, and mayor; nothing beats the face-to-face conversation with our neighbors!

Sarah Palin will endorse pro

Sarah Palin will endorse pro liberty conservatives??? Then how is it she is going to Texas to campaign for Governor Perry when one of his opponents is a true pro liberty conservative, Debra Medina?



I am thinking....

...of her supporting first-time conservatives for public office in SMALLER races...she probably owes many favors to the Republican "council of governors" that we don't know about...

Obviously, I am speculating that her theatrics won't be so much pro-Republican Party(all or nothing) as it will be just enough pro-Republican Party to assist helping maintain the status-quo...she does seem to scare the hell out of the Democrats though...yet in endorsing Perry, she is on the side of the World-Government takeover of our nation...

I am bothered by a Rick Perry endorsement too, the thing is..."We The People" must stick our "Camel's Nose" in the tent and start getting some of our people elected, riding on her efforts(and Glenn Beck's) when they claim to agree with 90% of what we are saying!!!

We don't need her, we need to use her; and we need to criticize her BAD endorsements and expose the records of those she stumps for...

Am I making sense? I am trying to analyze the divide and conquer strategy...because Beck and "them" haven't YET conquered, co-opted, or taken over the Tea party Movement...so the Ross Perot WARNING still applies...and such a "prediction" causes us to either go back to the GOP & support them(and they will once again kick us all to the curb AFTER the elections); or, concentrate on SMALLER races and seats of public office(cleaning up our own backyards), and using our resources LOCALLY instead of nationally where we cannot compete in many cases!

Oh man

Palin makes me ill. I would be willing to bet not one of her supporters can give an answer to what her stance is on economic or foreign policy. Not one!

"Sarah Palin will endorse

"Sarah Palin will endorse pro-liberty"

" No third parties"

this is propaganda.

Ventura 2012

Hey guys

could you please tell me how many other MSM hosts who have an audience of 3 million plus Americans gave the good Doctor respect and a platform today to explain his non-interventionism policy and his concerns about the CIA. Glen Beck has to increase his learning curve for our movement but I bet 80% of die hard Ron Paul fans were clueless a few years ago. I know I was. Lets not throw out the baby with with the bathwater on this one. I am not saying we should have a love fest with the guy but lets move forward in a guarded fashion and see what the next months bring with Beck and the real Freedom and Liberty movement. A guy like Beck can turn the tide real quick for us. I say we do a book bomb and bomb his office with hundreds of copies of The Revolution, A Manifesto with a request that he reads it.

It appears he has never read it.

E Pluribus Unum

Larry King, Wolf Blitzer,

Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, Dylan Ratigan, Morning Joe....

Ventura 2012

Benedict Arnold had opportunities...

...to come down on the right side of history but never did so. Beck has had ample time and opportunity to change his tactics. Beck just up until recently has continued to shield his audience from the revolution and lace the truth with cyanide.

Fear not, all his misdeeds are being cataloged for all to see and he will be sunk by the end of next month.

Watch the film "THX1138" online for a glimpse into the future.

Amen epluribusunum

Let's be cautious with Beck, but we should also be accepting of people who are truly, if slowly, coming around. If people here believe Beck is a shill directly planted by the NWO with intent to hand the tea party movement over the NWO...well I have to seriously question your judgment.

Beck will never be Judge Napolitano, but he has the possibility I believe to steer people in the right direction, and with an audience of 3 million I'm not going to complain.

The guy is accusing families

The guy is accusing families of 9/11 victims of being terrorists because they don't believe the official myth. He is a dirt bag!

"Human beings with love and compassion are some of the most beautiful creatures in the universe... Those without are a plague on us all."


I lived 17 miles from ground zero. Lost many friends that day like many people from the NorthEast. For six years I thought anyone who questioned 911 was nuts. AFter I finally looked at the information and watched many documentaries I am now a huge supporter of re-opening the 911 investigation. Many unanswered questions indeed! Beck, like many, have not looked at the data objectively. The guy will flip to our side once he is able to take a closer look at the information. I think it is a matter of time. I hope! Peace

PS: At this point we have enough people against us, let's not make Beck and his millions join their ranks.

E Pluribus Unum

Beck may be getting the message

Seems as if all the sudden he is warming up to Ron. Beck may have gotten the message that we are out to fully document his activities to hijack the revolution with his false 9/12 project.

Watch the film "THX1138" online for a glimpse into the future.

I Agree

Beck is slowly working his way through a horrible "Neocon hangover".

I think we would all agree, Judge Napolitano is the "real deal". Why then would Beck give up his "off days" to the Judge, providing him with a highly-coveted platform if he wasn't starting to come-around? He's waking up.

Beck's a "work in progress". He does far more good than harm. Now... if we can get him off Sarah Palin!

Anyone in New York?

Just one copy of Ron Pauls book would work if someone could put it in his hands....

and we could flood his emails with requests for guests like Debra Medina, Staurt Rhodes, Michael Badnarik (how is he doing anyway?) John Dennis and Adam Kokesh....heavy doses of liberty messengers is just what his audience needs.

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It's time to USE Beck - Ron Paul showed us how easy that is to do today.

Napolitano should have his own prime time show, but Becks audience won't automatically follow - Paul and Napolitano are leading by example on how to drag hosts (and more importantly their audiences) like Beck along - I don't expect anyone here to start watching Beck, and we don't need to! We just more guests like Tom Woods and Ron Paul on his show for Beck to nod his head in agreement with and his tag along audience will follow in the head nodding. It's already happening.

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He Is Getting Bigger by the Day

His popularity is on a exponential growth right now - Your point to use him makes more sense than attacking him.

I think he is short lived - There seems to be no deep substance to the show. (or he is going to have to change content) I can still listen to rush after 20 years and feel like I got something out of it. - Beck seems shallow.

Beck is a whore ....

If you want to know why I think so ...

read this thread.



What do you do with a whore? USE her.!