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In Need of a creative pro-freedom pro-constitutionalist person

Dear Patriots,
I am looking for a little help, not money, to spread the message to potential followers. Thank you for your support.

I am a student at a university in South Florida. I scrowndged together some money and purchased a page of my college's yearbook. It will be own/viewed by at least 500 persons and maybe upwords of 1000. Not to mention the families of the grad students looking through it. Anyway I wanted to make the page awesome, I really wanted it to reflect the freedom message. I have tried to get the campaign for liberty to send me some ideas but they have bigger fish to fry. If you could put out a thread or if you know of anyone who has any ideas. The news paper add that the one guy did in Iowa was amazing. It doesn't have to be that fantastic but I loved seeing it on that new documentary For Liberty. Thank you for your time.

Kenneth D. Hughes
PharmD Candidate 2011
President, Class of 2011
Nova Southeastern University College of Pharmacy

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