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My new web project and a call for help

Hi there everyone, Recently I started a new blog at the following link: http://www.StallScribble.com

Essentially it is a blog system similar to failblog and other sites with rating functionality. The inspiration came to me one day when I was taking the browns to the superbowl and I read something hilarious on the wall. At this point I need to find pictures to use on the site.. I was wondering if you guys knew of any that are funny that I can put up to get the ball rolling a bit. Eventually I'd like to add user submission functionality but for now I'll have to manually add each picture. Anyways, Check it out to get an idea of what I'm looking for, theres a few pictures already there.

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Highly intelligent

It reminds me of Washington DC

Haha. You can't always be

Haha. You can't always be serious :P