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Does this make anyone else here at the Daily Paul angry?

Pirates hijack Ron Paul's popularity and message.
"Tea Party Disputes"
American Liberty Alliance? Nice name! I wonder where they came up with that?
It was hard to stomach Mike Huckabee mimicking Ron Paul's positions in the debates but now to see the message completely hijacked is really disturbing.
I guess it really shouldn't surprise anyone. Politics has always been a dirty business and in the end we are talking about trillons of dollars and control of the most powerful nation on earth.
As a grass roots movement, we may have some small advantage with our numbers but the other sides have nearly unlimited funds, media, and cadres of smart professionals handling their marketing, promotion, and planning.
Is there any hope for the real Liberty movement?
Should we be satisfied with the gains and influence that we have made or should we be doing something more to promote and defend Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty message?

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We just have to stay the course.

This is an absolutely predictable direction, and nobody should be surprised by it. But remember, George W. Bush ran on essentially the identical platform that Ron Paul is running on, and now that everybody else is taking up the cause, it really comes down to credibility. Who can you believe? Once the record is checked, it becomes quite simple. When promoting Ron Paul I like to emphasize not only what he says, but how long he has said it and how he has always acted accordingly by always voting the way he speaks.

Yes there is hope!

It is ultimately in the hands of God, but we participate in the work. I made a post concerning this a while back, pointing out that everything from the MSM memes to DIEBOLD needs to be dealt with. Most people deal with politics as the typical church member deals with theology: I listen to my (pastor) favorite news station and it (him) I believe. (I am a Christian, myself, so mean no offense by this analogy, simply stating the problem is similar) So we need to find common ground with people, and then point out Ron's consistent agreement with their position.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
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