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AIPAC: Israel exempted from Obama's across the board spending cuts

No surprise here. Spend, spend, spend, but not at home, oh no, no way, we American tax payers have to suffer while Obama gives our hard earned money to overseas interests.


I knew, as soon as I heard that President Obama was proposing an across-the-board spending cut, that it would apply exclusively to domestic programs and not to any programs overseas.

That is not only because of the wars we are waging in Iraq or Afghanistan and certainly not because of humanitarian concern for poor Africans or Asians or even Haitians. It is because the biggest foreign aid recipient, by far, is Israel.

The fact is that historically all proposals for across-the-board cuts have carefully exempted the Israel aid package to ensure that that AIPAC will not lobby against them. The pattern is decades old. No matter who (except Ron Paul) proposes the sledgehammer cuts, he is careful to exempt Israel.

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Truly Sickening

But not surprising.

Yes this is diobolical.

But it isn't the puppet Obama doing this. This is the FED, central banks, New World Order, Bilderburg, whatever.
But the Americans are caughtup in a football game of jackasses and elephants. And the zookeeper owns all the animals. Dems and Reps are both in cages.
Look at the the big picture.

No free pass for the puppets.

Probably safe to say that George W. Bush wasn't the brains of the operation when he was in office, but that doesn't let him off the hook. Same applies to Obama.