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Tea Party Lists Enemies of Liberty?

Tea Party Lists Enemies of Liberty?
Group Plans Multi-Million Dollar Nationwide War Chest

Washington - FreedomWorks, the conservative political action committee that is one of the major players with close ties to the Tea Party movement, released its list of 2010 target Senate races and congressional districts today. In the Florida Senatorial race, the group supports conservative Marco Rubio over current Republican Governor Charlie Crist, conservative Pat Toomey over Senator Arlen Specter (D) in Pennsylvania, Rand Paul (R), son of 2008 Presidential Candidate Ron Paul, for the open Senate seat in Kentucky and among those listed as an ‘Enemy of Liberty’, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) of Nevada. The group has not yet picked a Republican to back in Nevada, they just want Reid ousted.

On the House side they will work to topple Parker Griffith, the recently converted Democrat in Alabama, as well as Alan Grayson, the outspoken Florida Democrat who said the Republican Health Care plan amounted to telling people “hurry up and die.”

These races are just a drop in the bucket however, the group plans to monitor dozens of races and jump in with both feet when its ready.

FreedomWorks claims a half million members and has ambitious plans on the fundraising front. Rob Jordan, FreedomWorks’ Vice President of Federal and State Campaigns looks at the successes of moveon.org as an example. “They raised around 31 million dollars in 2003. We ‘re not sure we can raise that much, but think we can be in the multi-millions and be a major player in 2010.”

FreedomWorks also brought together dozens of conservative activists today and put them in a room full of reporters, hoping to let the grass roots speak to the Washington establishment. They came from as far away as California, Arkansas, Ohio, and Florida.

“It’s hot in Florida, Charlie Crist is on the run” says Thomas Gaiten, a Florida Field Coordinator for Freedom Works, “I’m arranging an event on February 10 for the one year anniversary of ‘The Stimulus Hug.’

Gaiten is referring to a hug between President Obama and Florida Governor Charlie Crist last year. Crist was an exuberant host and endorsed the President’s stimulus package, for which Crist is now under fire.


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An "Enemies List"?? Really?

That's where we are huh? Sad. Maybe "Key Races", or "Districts to Win", but "Enemies of Liberty??
This stupid hijacked teaparty crap is going to be the death of a movement.

I have been following....

I have been following FreedomWorks since their inception in the few months after Ron Paul's rise from anonymity during his 2008 campaign.

The Republican Party during the decades prior to Bush Jr's presidency was an uneasy alliance and truce between:

1) the so-called "internationalist/liberal republicans" - (Nixon, Kissinger, Bush Sr.)
2) the Barry Goldwater conservative-libertarian fusionists of which Reagan used to rise to power. (Ron Paul was one of these during his congressional terms in the 70's)
3) the Neocons (the neocons were democrats who moved to the republican party after the Scoop Jackson presidential campaign in the 70's -- essentially neocons are socialist big govt war-mongers hiding behind the conservative label)

As early as the late 1990's the rumblings of unease in the Republican ranks was beginning to be noticed. It was apparent at that time to many within the Party that the Neocons were on the verge of a full-fledged coup.

Up until that time the Neocons had been mostly just tolerated. The Neocons under Reagan made several attempts to provoke him into all out war with the Soviet Union as a preventative measure (sound familiar?).

Reagan angrily rejected the idea and proceeded with his chosen course of attempting to coerce the Soviet Union into a military spending war needed to support their empire in the hopes that it would bankrupt them. (traditional pre-WW2 conservatism held the tenet that one of the most deadly aspects of fighting wars is that it historically ends in bankruptcy -- both Ron Paul and the Founding Fathers hold this belief and is one of central reasonings in support of "non-interventionism")

Bush Jr's selection as the Republican's presidential candidate, which was engineered by the neocons, was the proverbial "writing-on-the-wall" for the loose coalition of "Reagan Republicans", jeffersonian republicans and liberty-minded christian republicans that they were no longer welcome and that something was seriously wrong.

Examples of this group are Chuck Baldwin, any of the contributors at www.newswithviews.com , Pat Buchanan, Paul Craig Roberts ("the father of Reagonomics"), Birchers, Goldwater types and Ron Paul himself.

Getting back to FreedomWorks, both the status-quo republicans, many of whom hide behind the words of Reagan, and the neocons have been aware of the disenfranchisement of the small govt/jeffersonian/non-interventionist republicans all along. Bush Jr's goons put pressure on them early in his first term and drove them out of both Congress and from positions of power in D.C..

As they have been pushed out a large percentage of them have ended up in the ranks of Ron Paul supporters and the others in the Tea Party movement.

Look at FreedomWorks issues page:


Where is the concern for or even the hint that the wars are wrong morally or are bankrupting us? Or the current expansion of the wars? Where is it even mentioned or hinted at?

Where is the cry out against the Federal Reserve?

Where is the mention of the $1 quadrillion derivates ponzi scheme engineered by the Wall Street banks in collusion with Congress that is going to leave millions more homeless and without retirement funds?

Where is the warning of impending financial collapse?

Where is the complaint about the absurdity of 700+ military bases in 140+ countries?

Where is the call to put a stop to the power of the CIA by legalizing drugs thereby ending the CIA control and profiting from the global drug?

The main six topics of concern on that page are:

Lowering taxes on communications and technology
lawsuit reforms
allowing personal social security savings acounts
making the tax system "simpler"
school choice
having to work for welfare money

????????????? :|

My opinion is that some status-quo republicans saw the split in the party and Ron Paul's grassroots movement and that FreedomWorks is an attempt to hijack his success and lead people back to supporting the mainstream Republican party. If not, where's the beef?

FreedomWorks "issues" page looks basically like the standard talking-points of the mainstream Republican party. "Let's reduce spending a little bit but the main problem is Republicans should be in charge instead of Democrats"

Just my opinion...


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

I doubt Grayson is on the list,

he a Democrat yes, but he's better than most republicans in the house.

I want John McCain on the list and Lindsay Graham for sure. To get ahead of the 2012 Presidential curve we need to have Mitt Romney, Guilliani, Tim Pawlenty,Bobby Jindahl and a few others that should be added.

I would give

Greyson a pass for his efforts with HR1207. He stepped up more than many and he did good work on legislation for High School Students required to read the constitution (co-sponsored with Dr. Paul, I believe).

I would be guarded with anything that comes from these people (Freedom Works). Why are they NOT supporting Debra Medina in Texas and I am not sure they are on the same page as we are. Closer than most on the surface but beware of wolfes in rented sheep costumes..... The people are genuine, it is their leadership that I have an eye on.

We must promote The Revolution, A manifesto. We need to develop a 5 minute or shorter U-Tude video version of the book that communicates the message and get it viral... Informative, cool, hip and high impact version of the book hitting all of Ron's talking point
1) Foreign Policy
2) Linmiteed gov't
3) Civil Livberties
4) War on terror
5) War on Drugs
Etc Etc Etc.
Where are the video producers and directors of the Ron Paul revolution???????

E Pluribus Unum


"Enemies List" just sounds hopelessly totalitarian. Go ahead and have one if you must, but for god's sake don't call it that and don't brag about it.

Lots of others who deserve to be targeted before Grayson.