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Move Your Money: Where Populist Fervor Meets Friendly Faces

Huge bonuses to bank executives, casino-style financial practices and millions of unreturned stimulus dollars have made many consumers angry at the nation's biggest banks and looking for a way out.
Daniel Mica knows just where they should go. The president and CEO of the Credit Union National Association said in an interview with the Huffington Post that he hopes "the cold shock-wave" of populist fervor sweeps the financial system and leads customers to credit unions.
And consumers will find that switching won't just be an effective protest, it will also be a change for the better, he says. "At a credit union they treat [you] like a person, not a number," Mica said, because smaller financial institutions don't have the "dismissive arrogance" of the largest banks.

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Due your dillegence before moving

True, they are generally more sound than banks and are "owned" by the account owners, there was nothing stopping credit unions from making bad investments in the derivatives and real estate markets, and some of them have.

One of the best reasons to join a credit union, and my favorite: the banks HATE credit unions!



Some of the major banks are about to fail and you don't want to be a part of that (C, BAC, etc.)


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